LEARN MODRIC FOOTBALL SKILLS | How to play like Luka Modric

LEARN MODRIC FOOTBALL SKILLS | How to play like Luka Modric

today I should have worn a wig as we’re basically going to show you five of some of the coolest skills that Luka Modric has done on the pitch now he might not be a Neymar cr7 step over flashy type of guy but you actually piece of ply seeing how many players Luka Modric actually roasts per match and in that regard I’m not even fifty lace his food but still abroad and Fred once again from our social media team to do a bit of barbecuing myself number five is this single step over which is a very efficient trick and something good Oh Luca does all the flipping time because it just works now approaching the defendant you basically do a small body feint and while you do that you do a step over with your strong foot and once the defender is off balance you basically go around him with the other foot simple effective and very moderate [Music] number four is the drag bag poke which is a move that’s pretty effective if you’re running and you’ve got a defender in the back but basically you want to turn and actually go the other way and what you do here is you start off by turning your upper body in the direction you actually want to go then you drag the ball back with your strong foot and ask to defend the lunges you basically just postpone forward and run around him just make sure that you know you can actually beat it with the speed because otherwise you better look pretty silly [Music] [Music] [Music] number three is the outside step over Panna which is a move that’s brilliant if you’re being shut down on the flames just like local was when he performs this move now with the pole coming to watch you basically perform an outside step over with your strong foot and kind of like across the room motion and then you basically use the outside of your strong foot to perform a Panna on the onrushing defensive smiling all the way home [Music] in second place we’ve got something I call the Cape running flake now it’s something that you’ll probably rarely get to do but when the chance is there you see absolutely see sit with the pole coming toward you and a defender rushing you need to close you down you basically use the tip of your foot to gently tap the ball straight up into the air but try and create a little bit of backspin because if you get it right and you time it right the defender will basically keep on running or you will keep on winning [Music] the last and final trick is what I call the motor each rat man which is a trick of absolute a musical proportions now what you want to do is that with a defender in your back and you receive the ball towards your strong foot you basically want to receive it with the sole of your foot and once you do you simply want to drag it back towards your weak foot and then in the same fluid motion use the inside of your weak foot to push it forward now it could be between the legs of the defendant you can use it as a path for a teammate or simply just put it forward and chase after the pool yourself but no matter what if you can execute this trick well you my friend would be a mythical proportions yourself just like Luke [Music] so they adore my friends five wicked skills that are usually done on the pitch by Luka Modric himself and while these tricks were just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of motor skills it’s still pretty wicked to have in your locker but the big question is who should we do next well as always you should let me know in the comment section right down below now if you sat out there thinking I really want to give up like Jay and the magician more to reach himself in the vapor 12 elite you can actually go and fight them if you click the link to unisport or come right over there of course also if you want to make sure that you don’t miss a single of our videos everything we do you go subscribe to our channel by clicking the green bubble somewhere over my head and of course also click on the bill notification button to see everything the second you drop by later if you want to learn new skills you can click the players right down there that’s it guys stay awesome signing off

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  3. Its jusy about time 1 year people barely knew looka modric and now he is the best player and in fame…hard work pays off…@unisport

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