Learn English: THE SUPER BOWL –America Calls this Sport Football–

Learn English: THE SUPER BOWL  –America Calls this Sport Football–

hello everybody it is David Claussen with English-quickly.com and today we’re gonna learn about this thing called the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl has to deal with this sport in America we call football because in America we call this game or most people’s game, football we call it soccer and they use of roman numerals so this is going to be 40 eight and it is between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos and Seattle is right here in the state of Washington and Denver is here in my state of Colorado in fact I live about 14 miles from here in golden and the Denver Broncos play here which is about 20 kilometres from my house and this is the stadium where the Broncos this is a bronco, a horse where they play and this is the team right here the Broncos and their star is called Peyton manning and it’s a big deal in America cause about 111,000,000 so over 100 1,000,000 people in America in the U.S. and the world will be watching it about 47% of every television in the U.S. will be watching the Super Bowl and so commercials or ads we call them, this is an ad or an advertisement you know what for product, here’s Doritos or Pepsi cost four million dollars for a 30-second spot so for 30 seconds an advertiser must pay four million dollars some advertisers will pay $10,000,000 for a 1 minute commercial so I’m gonna be watching and many people the country, for the Denver Broncos, my favorite team, and I hope they win if they win I will be seeing orange their color for a very long time so that’s our English lesson for today the Super Bowl for many more free lessons go to English-quickly.com and sign up for my free newsletter and I’ll tell you when I make more lessons so thanks for your time and happy learning go Broncos bye bye

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  1. CNN says the Seattle Seahawks routed the Denver Broncos 43-8 in one of the most one-sided contests in Super Bowl history. Ha.

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