LEARN EL TORNADO – the famous CR7 football skill from FIFA 18

LEARN EL TORNADO – the famous CR7 football skill from FIFA 18

what’s up everyone pwg here and today i’m going to teach you guys el Toronado or commonly known as el tornado in english you probably know this move from FIFA 18 but I’m gonna teach you guys how to do it in real life so get off your gaming chair and go out and train well it might not be the most effective skill moves to use on a pitch it sure as hell looks cool so I’m gonna break it down to four steps just to make it easier for you guys step one the flick up this is the most crucial part of this move because you need to get the angle right the positioning right and the height right so start with your foot on the ball roll it back slowly and extend your leg and pop it up step to the turn so now that you’ve got the flick unlock you need to focus on the turn after the flick up follow through with the motion and rotate 180 degrees to get ready for the volley the best way to do this is to jump during the turn step3 the volley now that you’re in mid rotation keep your eyes on the ball and in order to not embarrass yourself and keep the ball out of the stadium shift your body into a horizontal position extend your leg and shoot fourth and final step now you take the previous three steps and do it while running so good luck with that obviously I’m joking what you need to think about is to get the pace and the timing right and I can’t teach you that because you have to figure that out for yourself here are a few pointers that will help you get alternative the right way first don’t do a scoop flick up like this because it will take too long while dribbling second make sure to turn the right way and lastly don’t shoot with the same foot as you’re doing the flick up [Music] thank you guys for watching and hopefully now you can do this skill without a controller so go outside and take your opponents by storm remember to leave a like comment and subscribe and also check out the playlist down below for some more skill tutorials and until next time see you

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  1. Hey I can see you guys have many football equipment . Can you donate me a football shoe and the football you just used in the video . My address is Mirpur 2 , Barabag , Road no 2 , House no 17 , Dhaka 1216 , Bangladesh

  2. The way I do mine is to roll the ball twice with either your strong or weak foot–whichever works for you, then take it up in the second roll and use the other leg to fire it off while the ball is in the air. I fell in love with it when I saw the skill on an ad for the first time on YouTube last year and learnt it almost immediately. Its pretty simple but you have to be very precise about how you do it.

  3. I Aldo try it in a match France vs Portugal un m'y city football lègue . i use it ans win by rive goals France win. France 5-0 Portugal

  4. No way this is my first time watching that this is an actual move. Once I was just playing soccer by myself And I thought of this new way of kicking the ball and it is the exact same trick and people don't use this trick so I basically made it. I'm proud of myself

  5. Unisport…… There is no football coaching in my area…. So you are my coach…… Thank you for all you have given to me….. Thank you very much….

  6. Who is here because he wants to try El Tornado crosses from Fifa 19 in real life with his friends?

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