today we’re gonna teach you five football skills that I usually done by Killian and buppie and actually I was supposed to teach you but since Nate who’s usually behind the camera is such a big fan of the Ninja Turtles and loves Donatello he kinda insisted on doing it so instead I’m gonna put on this evil mask and be shredder a cruel centre-back number five at the tap and – this move is for all you speedsters out there and the most commonly used by amp up a run towards your opponent and slow down just before you reach him open up your body and tap the ball past him with an explosive acceleration [Music] [Music] number four this ziggy-zag use this to dazzle defenders with quick changes of direction facing the defender make a quick sharp touch to one side and use the momentum off the defender as he lunges for you to make another sharp touch in the opposite direction to leave him utterly in the dust just make sure that you don’t confuse yourself too much in the process [Music] number three the drag backs which this move is particularly good for getting out of tight situations fool your opponent by tapping the pole in one direction and then drag it back in a 90 degree B movement to move away in the other direction and if you time this right you leave the defender wondering just where the hell you went number two the one leg step over our second-favorite and pop a trick is useful for when you’re directly facing the defendant the police off move the ball forward with your strong foot and just before the defender launches step over the pole where you waetford and go the other way to really sell this trick remember to shift your entire body weight [Music] [Applause] [Music] number one the fake rabona this trick is probably more of a crowd-pleaser than straight up effectively but if you do it right it looks absolutely sick roll the ball in front of your weak foot and get ready to do a rabona by doing a kicking motion with your strong foot behind your standing leg instead of following through though you jump and tap the ball to trick your opponent and move away two standing ovations [Music] so there you go my friends five skill moves done by Killian and poppy and if you want to learn even more skill news perhaps a bit more flashy ones you can go and check out Neymar skills by clicking the video right down here also we do a lot of other cool stuff reviews play test even more cool football skill moves if you want to see more goals you can subscribe to our channel by hitting the green bubble right up there with that said we’re signing off cheerio [Music]


  1. thanke you so much thank you
    i realy realy learned from you guys i learned all the important skills
    and i am a big fan of mbappe
    i hope you, guys upload more skills of mbappe

  2. I've always liked your videos but I don't appreciate your semi racial and disrespectful comment about Ninja turtle obviously using him as a technical reference to the Ninja turtles😒

  3. which kind of football are best for practise? please suggest me the price ( low price in T.K) will cost for suggested football

  4. Unisport am from the Caribbean Trinidad to be exact I always follow up on your videos there really useful as well I would like to see an arjen robben video o e of these days thank you

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