100 thoughts on “LEARN ADVANCED 1 VS 1 FOOTBALL SKILLS | play like a pro

  1. Always links back to the street. The majority of skillful players hail there, Marcelo recently said this also too. As a coach I see that street football is often over looked. It's a great tool to help develop players.

    Nice video guys!


  2. Unisport I like your channel because your channel shows very nice and beautiful skill. Anyone can teach me skill. I live in India and my age is 12

  3. That footballer really encourage players to try and display their skills during a real match even though they are afraid to do it

  4. Does anyone else try to learn all these skills and then during a game, completely forgets all but two or three skills?😂😂😂

  5. Hello Unisport.
    What's up Jollter and Allan Saint-Maximun.Cool flashy skill and I know Stepover and Akka(A.K.A Elastico) so I can do this Skill and "There are many young kids watching this video…."Here is one.#notificationssquad.
    Muhammed Afnan Anas.
    11 years old.

  6. Driblling and skills are the most effective when you need to make space for your teammates.You should use your skill to lose your marker.After you got of your marker,there should come another man defender.That means one of your teammates is free. You can pass the ball and create a very big chance of scoring.That's what I do mostly of the time.

  7. Can you do a video about cdm positioning or just tips because i play cdm and can and sometimes find myself getting passed around or picked off thank you

  8. I am a defender and the only way i can improve is by looking at the skills players do to take over the defender.I believe it makes me better.

  9. Bro I love your channel so much .I also want to be a footballere and when I will became I will tell everyone that 85 percent trick I have learned from this channel

  10. Unisport thanks for this video. I actually am a young futbol player that just started out playing competevly a couple of weeks ago and your videos have helped me learn alot of new skills a didnt know existed and that I can actually use in a match. You guys have helped me gain confidence on Man on mans and taking the ball myself and going up against the defenders and doing skill moves. Thank you very much for these videos and my favorite is the one on how to play like pogba.❤️

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