100 thoughts on “Learn 5 INSANE Panna Skills – HUMILIATING Nutmegs!

  1. I pass the ball to an opponent that is close to me, then pull his pants off and take the ball from them again. Trust me guys that does humiliate your friends.

  2. These skills actually don't work in the real game.This will sound funny but when I was trying the old school Panna #trick 2 the defender actually did not wait for me to complete the trick !!!
    You should have mentioned it in the video that these skills don't work with strangers and the opponent should be your friend who doesn't close their legs until the trick is done !!!

  3. This video is useful thx! But I think I will only use the fake panna and no.4move it's seems more quick and easy to me and I wanna see some nice panna dribbling 1v1 next time

  4. the defender aint stay and watch you doing notmeg on them like what u did on this video 😑 He just kick your feet offff

  5. I made up my own panda move.
    The roulette panna.
    1,you do the roulette to the left side
    2, Fake going to the right
    3,opponent will follow you
    And you just get him through the legs

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