today we’re gonna teach you five wicked skill moves that I usually turn on the pitch I ESCO himself you guys have been requesting this and today we’re gonna deliver and when I say we I’m joined by the Finnish mountain the defensive master my colleague team one he’s agreed to let me roast him through the day you might be wondering who’s doing the skill set well since cisco has a bid and I have a bid what’s basically identical twins so I’m gonna do the teaching today number five and the wig foot step over which is a simple but very effective move that my boy years ago has been doing a lot when facing a lonely defendant approaching your opponent at high speed slow down just enough so you’re still running pretty fast but that you still have full control over the ball and what you’re doing and then you make the move by doing a step over and a body frame with your weak foot and then in the same fluid motion you tap the ball away from your opponent with your strong foot and hopefully you screwed up his momentum enough to make waltz in past him a piece of cake rule number four is the Isco the drag back and here you wait until the defender is straight in front of you block in the direction you want to go say for instance I want to go to my right what you want to do here is actually fake going slightly to the left taking a small touch and then quickly throw the ball back with the sole of your foot and in the same motion roll it forward again in the direction you want to go to move away from him and send it back to his mama [Music] [Music] number three is the Marseille tournament I know I really tried finding another cool trick that we haven’t done a thousand times before but honestly it’s go does this all the flippin time now the Marseille turn is actually a very simple but extremely deadly trick if you have two right feet now what you want to do with the defender approaching you from either side and the ball a little bit ahead of you you want to take your strong foot and drag it back towards you recruit then also at the same time you want to twist your body in the direction you want to go and using the momentum off the spin you really drag the ball back and then you drag it away again with your weak foot to land the move a bit like this [Music] number two them is what I call this is called mesmerizer which is a brilliant move if you’re pinned down with your back to the sidelines and a defender getting close now as he lunges and goes through the ball use the heel of your strong foot to tap it against your weak foot and then quickly in the same motion use the inside of your weak foot to move it behind your strong foot and away from the defendant better as you probably trained it quite a lot before you try it in a match though because as you can see [Music] number one is the drag pack croqueta now ESCO does the normal croqueta quite a lot but then he actually often uses it to mix it up with this because instead of just doing the normal croqueta where you shift the ball in a quick fluid motion to go past your opponent what you can do here is actually drag the ball back with the sole of your strong foot around the opponent and then shift it out with the inside of your weak foot a bit like a quick the motion and it might not look as smooth or as cool as the og croqueta which is one of the coolest moves ever but I promise you it’s very very effective [Music] [Applause] so there you go guys five wicked skill moves that I usually done by Isco himself but who should we do next she let us know in the comment section right down below now also pick up tickles the overs apparently he doesn’t like to get players going by him now if you want to be like Teemo and improve your defending you can go watch that video by clicking right down here also don’t forget that if you want to gear up for the World Cup with the latest boots and the coolest shirt you can go grab everything over at unis pool store or come by clicking the link right over there finally also don’t forget to join the u.s. born life family go subscribe to our channel with the notifications on of course see all the new videos at some of the first when they drop and well that’s it guys I’ll see you next time signing off cheerio


  1. I like the drag back croqueta, I actually prefer a move i call the double drag (only cause i don't know of another name), it's like the la croqueta but you drag the ball back across your body with your strong foot and then drag it forward with your weak foot. It's very fluid and if timed right, you're by the defender before they know what happened.

  2. Nice video. However I have two things to point out:
    No 1: the fourth move (NO 4) is amateurly executed. He does NOT run with the ball, he stands STILL and waits for the defender to dive in. Thus he uses the defender's momentum against him. He also uses the inside part of his foot for the second touch.
    No 2: The second move (NO 2) is extremely complicated the way you portray it. It only consists of a side drag( f.e. to the left ) towards one direction and another one towards the other, by using the inside part of your foot first and then the bottom of it.
    The reason I pointed those out is because the difficulty of your execution is extremely high during the game. Especially if the pitch is wet.

    And ,by the way, it's called the "roulette" or the "maradona", not marseille turn…

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