Learn 5 Cool Brazilian Football Skills

Learn 5 Cool Brazilian Football Skills

today we’re gonna teach you the top five cheekiest most naughty coolest-looking brazilian football skills that you can use in a match to utterly humiliate your opponent and help me out I once again brought the guy behind the camera let’s call him Nate now Nate has a clear very obvious priscilly inheritant so obviously he isn’t very fond of the Danish winter cold and because of that he isn’t gonna say much today instead he’s gonna let his feet do the talking number five the Ronaldinho first of all make sure the ball is not moving now take a step in front of the ball with your weak foot from this position do the other behind your standing leg inside outside this should be done in one fluid motion number four via Triano 360 speed this trick is a bit like flipping a coin wait for the defendant to get close to you then do a ruling while spinning 360 degrees and pray that the ball will make that sweet number three the soul roll jump tap step over the ball with your weak foot do a soul roll while jumping in order to tap the ball with the other foot you can either go for the Panna or send the ball around the defender the choice is yours number two there Roberto Carlos I wouldn’t recommend doing this in a match unless you like living on the edge get the ball in the air and from here take a step over the ball you should do the step with your strong foot as this is absolutely key now lean forward and here the ball with your strong foot this takes a lot of practice to be consistent with so be patient number one the net mass special this trick will only work from a pass swing your foot around the ball and let it hit your standing leg now tap it gently with the outside of your foot while leaning away from the ball quickly tap it again but this time with the inside of your foot run around the defender and you’re now officially the most skillful player on the team so there you go my friends the top five best looking most cheeky naughty wicked samba like Brazilian skill moves that you can use in a match to absolutely destroy your opponent basically like I got humiliated by the Danish Nate mop did you get it Nate my name anyways if you want to learn some actual nail art skills that you can use in a match you can go and do so by clicking the video right down here if you want to learn even more wicked skills you can use some of the pitch use gosh it’s quite by clicking the green bubble right over my head leave us a like if you had a good time with that set signing off

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  1. E bine ceea ce faceti, sunt fotbalist junior si ma ajuta la antrenamente…Succes mai departe, vă salut din Republica Moldova☺💪👍

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