LEARN 3 FLICK UPS FAST – 3 simple football skills

LEARN 3 FLICK UPS FAST – 3 simple football skills

what is up guys pwg here and today i’m live in London for the Puma future event and I’m gonna show you guys three simple flick ups flick up so cool because there’s always a ball laying around and you want to be the guy who does the cool flick up and shows off to all your friends [Music] this flicker was made famous by Ronaldinho and all you have to do is take the ball with your strong foot roll it forward catch it with your weak foot with crossed legs drag it back and lift it up with the same foot [Music] for this flick up all you need to use is one foot you start off with one foot on the ball in front of you roll it back to a crossover motion and at the same time as you lift the ball up smack it to the ground and catch it [Music] and for the last one the spin magic lift is one of my favorites for this one all you have to do is take one foot put it slightly in front of the ball and take your other foot and kick the other side of the ball together together I spin like a tornado [Music] hope you guys enjoyed the video let me know in the comments section what kind of trick or flick up do you want to see me teach next time also remember to subscribe and like for more awesome content I will see you guys next time [Music]

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  1. I am you biggest fan I have watch all of your video and like them Make a video to how to protect the ball or how to be a good defender plzplzplz u make the video because your good and plz do it fast

  2. No one has mentioned this in a while, but the editing unisport does is top notch. It has been for a long, long time

  3. Use the inside of an orange peel to get rid of blisters it will sting for a bit but the citrus helps the blister fade away (random tip)

  4. (For your Q&A) #BOOTBAG if you were to merge two shoes into one boot, which would the two shoes be and why? They can be casual sneakers too.

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