Learn 3 amazing beginner football skills | cool street flick ups

Learn 3 amazing beginner football skills | cool street flick ups

Today we will teach you guys some very cool skills But before the teaching begins we decided to swing by the harbour in Marseille for the launch of the new Marseille home Jersey now sadly I can’t go so I decided to send my good friend name, but it just so happens that yesterday Nate swallowed a fly so he can’t really speak and therefore I will be doing the commentary a little bit like Sir, David Attenborough narrating a nature film Anyways, ashin Oneg is the guy behind the camera. So nadir pick up the camera and get going Okay, Nate great job man What a Jersey fade to black and let’s kill it up number three then next all Start with a pool on foot stall and lift it up in the air slightly above your head as the pool is on its way Down and forward and catch it on your neck Remember to look up in order to lock the ball in place and when you bend forward try to follow the pace of the ball Number two the Kachin turn for this move We will need to rely on our surroundings chip the pool against the wall and when it bounces back catch it between your legs Now drop it down and catch it between your ankles twist your body while sliding the ball up your calf and catch it When you turn do a small jump? And number one the curb catch Find a small curb or something else to bounce the ball Against through a sole roll step in front of the ball and catch it with your hamstring Make sure to stretch out the ankle in order to lock the ball in it’s all about finding the right speed to land the move So good luck And we go back to this studio Hey that that’s me Hello, mr. J Mike. Hello? Good to see you you too, I guess Okay, that was a little bit weird. But anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed next little field trip to Marseilles But the big question is where should we go next and teach you some skills Usually let us know in the comment section right down below now. Don’t remember of course Don’t remember don’t forget, of course That if you want the new Marseille shirt if you want to gear up in the latest comer projects You should go to your sport store. I’ll come by clicking the link right over there You can also of course go and learn some more skills by clicking the video right down here And then finally, don’t forget to go subscribe to our channel with the Nullification zone Of course to join the unisport like family and see all my latest videos and boots player interviews Of course learned some very cool skills. And well, that’s a guy’s name now signing off Kenny

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