La’el Collins for Karl Joseph Trade to the Dallas Cowboys | Law vs Law

La’el Collins for  Karl Joseph Trade to the Dallas Cowboys | Law vs Law

Right It’s gonna see what no one’s about Yeah, when everybody trying to get rid of Jeff Heath For this call jobs of the kids. Yes, indeed. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pull up stats for When Carlos started in 2016 so what I’m gonna do is gonna pay off some stats from 2016 Most are from there. Hmm Yeah, it is what it is at this point Both have over 130 tackles assistant Cantos they have more assists Yeah three forced fumbles by Jeff heave One bobble was followed by Josie fine, I Tease with Jeff. Yeah, Jeff he for polishes for called Jill. No, they just making a riverbank I understand but make it out of the den from these parameters. Yeah, it’s not that favorable for and Jeff he was only two years older They called Joseph Jeff he played seven more games between that time span. So my point is Karl chose of his faculty Mayfield go stuff no matter how field goals I But even if you pull up the numbers for George Iloka their doors to this day Georgetown local number since 2016 he had what floor? ints between a time span and One forced fumble remember Jeff you had three of them So they’re giving this more soul of a re safety also a Position right now So Jacobs, do you want to trade away lineup Calabar? Yeah, you gotta get rid of like I’m gonna get something to return So if you want to get Karl but in my opinion, right? I think that Chris Rashard to probably and the role of hundreds of the guys keep keep light out Why get rid of life? Because you say there’s no return everybody to notice that Everybody needs to know there Lyle Collins does another time We know the end of the way, we know that I’ll make dog We know that I like when Bob Jones trying to play safe now the same situation. He’s actually actually a Cornerback, but that’s the story of a different day Whatever Look you Know he said everybody wants to give up players. It is just the natural flow of cowboys I mean, all we want to do is just give it a player. You really don’t want to to ride You always say that you didn’t win since 1995 But It’s this is the great talk to me. Keep my eye out cop you keep Play out his contract. That’s what you signed up. Let the man play out is going to get something to return for them let’s see how this thing roll around because at the end of the day Me deficits everything you don’t give better your depths as soon as you get it You gotta give some returns and oh look Call it just because this is the thing you are going to go what you say. No, you already understand ways, right? Now on Collins is a guard on time Philip to play right time now in my opinion I Understand what you feel it. Would you put the lie of Collins again? And return me is what I would do What would you do? What I would do what would you do back inside? Wolf Connor what one over right time don’t wanna move back 19 kind is better It’s more finesse in that position, but you see its own wait and see think now if it’s kind of gay. No they wait so So we so right now you’re trying to tell me that Connors Disaster reduction rappy really hate you Collins disaster. So so the argument is because that just go ahead and try to get Rid of a player and get something to return. There you go. You gotta give something. That’ll get nothing back true There you go. But now you think it would be right Gotta get really I don’t understand right? But you gotta look at it from this way you got to you gotta look at it for this way we Work we know that We know that look We just need that for that position It’s been a while since the Cowboys had depth in all positions And and right now is the time to really strike by the higher time on that time We’re right. Now this way you can’t hold. All right, but Joe Smith at Prescott Then you tend what my figures you got at least have some type of weapons for him. Look Let me just break this down last year. You got to understand that they During his time. Nash’s there was no heart It was no friend of cop Experience appears. Mr Bunker leadership of his team was actually a cold Beason at this point. All reliable was need meter Didn’t think about that The vocal leader of the offensive against office of receivers as Colby’s me Time, I’d never heard of it. Just not getting off the plane Michael Carroll Just not trying to figure out what number used in your boil it up. Give the guy a time and well They don’t say about dad. Would you gotta say it much right here? Workout warrior Yeah Yeah. Yeah you right now we’ve found a green or something But they don’t want to challenge it but this is the thing. There’s only fourth year is my hey We know the power of four towards everything Too close to them. Yeah. Yeah powerful it just Relax, that’s why I’ve been doing all this time. That’s relaxing. Yeah, it is what we all been doing. Okay lacks is okay Alright, so yeah, yeah Let’s make this Thing happen. Listen, let’s make it happen. Okay Alright, so now you’re gonna kick Connor Go we’re gonna dive into your world. Get get rid of Connor. You’re gonna come. Yeah be my world We need before you pitch. We will dive into your world Okay data, too So let’s say let’s say that this thing happened Let’s say the Cowboys trained for Carl chosen We give the Raiders light up Collins and you kick Connor 1.0 as the right tap Don’t you think there’s gonna be growing pains? It may be so many but you have another say at this point. Everything will be okay Thinkin is gonna be grow up. I used to Connor 2.0. Don’t you trust Christmas on you Dickie? It’s going to be some growing pains with that Right. It’s doing more things, but Come on Wow watch why don’t Why would you want to risk all that? Let’s just do this. Let’s just let this thing go like it is right now Yeah, don’t work that way don’t It don’t work that way. You still got a back pressed cottage. Okay, whatever. You still got that Prescott, and you still got JC everyone Until you wash do you got all your players in this leather? Let’s let this that just pop the brakes right now. Hey, hey You’re what are you thinking? I’m okay. Alright, what do you think you want? The righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil man Goodwill Shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness don’t you know who I’m told? Yeah. Yeah. I know you talked about CPU yeah, I know hates dogs Thank You Elliot up with that press Katherine’s going to be a little bit more seasoned actually securely which other Knows off of that these right receivers is not working out the dak Prescott right now before we don’t admission man mister you wanna miss 18 a baby one way or another I Gonna be right back into this thing This is it this guy still even if that Prescott like oh Whatever all obscene, you know, I feel what I’m saying you guys Y’all need to feel with us all we gotta do feel what I’m Satine you to take this thing one day at a time What movement at a time and your state would happen trust me? Well, why is he’s gone? You guys yall already know man, y’all are Y’all already know look this is the thing and Water for this team to succeed. We have to be able to be consistent and my thing is with this Oh a Quarterback needs to have a whole bunch of work on and then on top of that we need some help at safety Get the young fish in here Kick, Lyle Collins. He’s been a bus so far trying to play that top what right tackle when you know for sure He’s in left guard. Let’s go ahead and remove that asset They’ll be quick enough to move to God that you draft and you’ve draft capital for move him back back to the right tackle as Connor 1.0 as he said and then on top of that you also have the Connor McGovern Er that you drafted in the third round to play your left. What wouldn’t you enough guard? easy peasy Peace I’m out man, I’m out stuff

61 thoughts on “La’el Collins for Karl Joseph Trade to the Dallas Cowboys | Law vs Law

  1. I went and watched some Karl Joseph on the Raiders. I did not see much in done in the passing game which is a concern for me considering this is the pass happy league. If you get Karl Joseph he would be a upgrade over Iloka it looks like. If you want to trade a guy for Joseph trade Suโ€™afilo.

  2. Jospeh will not be a upgrade over Jeff. Let give Jeff one more year under a NEW SYSTEM letโ€™s not forget that. And why give alway apart of ur O-Line for growing pains. Letโ€™s let Collins finish this year out the and we can get a pick back for him in F.A. If this is the year that we push for the S.B we Donโ€™t Need to be playing with the protection of 4 and 21

  3. Law and evil Law part 2. Although I don't think Karl Joseph is really an Upgrade. Conner Williams will not have as much growing pains as a OT as he had as OG. He was a RT his Fr. year and a LT his So. and Jr. year. He was an Fr. All American that year and a 1st team All American as a So. The man is a tackle period. The man put on 10 pounds of muscle so far this off season. Love these arguing with yourself videos Law.

  4. Collins is not a very good tackle, hell he isnt much more than avg as a guard… but he dont wanna play guard.. so move on, u drafted a rookie guard and connor williams IS a tackle, he played tackle in college…. OL need to be LT Smith, LG Looney โ€œor the rookie u draftedโ€ C Frederick RG Martin RT Williams

  5. We dont want to change the offensive line , bad move trading leal collins . If Prescott starts getting sacked cause we changed one Tacke or gaurd , we will be in trouble

  6. I wouldnโ€™t get rid of Laโ€™el just to test the Williams theory at RT. The position switch could blow up in your face fast

  7. Awesome Law, great argument with yourself, and yes, Heath and Woods need to swap positions then watch our safeties ball out even more.

  8. Let em play out his contract at gaurd and take the comp pick when we dont resign him. I'm trying to move Conner Williams to T. That comp pick is better than that particular safety.

  9. We have depth,
    But lack of quality depth at 2 valuable positions :
    QB & safety …..
    Lael & Heath are out of position & Lael was playing hurt
    So this means we still replace Heath
    Not saying cut but replace with a truer box safety
    Keep Lael & sign another FA safety
    ๐Ÿ˜…You str8 dope Law Nation๐Ÿ˜„

  10. I know this is about the Cowboy's and the game of football but dam Law this act goes deeper than that. Hypothetically speaking this is exactly what goes on in our heads in everyday life. It's interesting to watch it from a physical standpoint. Granted they've made a few movies like this but this is still pretty bad ass! Great work Law. Keep it up. ๐Ÿค˜

  11. Collins needs to be put back at left guard and move Connor to right tackle. Zeke had a field day his rookie year because Collins was the guard he ran behind.

  12. I rather keep Laโ€™el…out him inside, and move Connor 2.0 outside to tackle (he was a great tackle at Texas) plus he bilked up! Has great feet, and drive! Love this format, see both sides of your opinions! Love this Law! Keep up the good works! Mahalo n aloha from Hawaii, your brother from another, yong

  13. I'm not understanding why everyone wants to get rid of L. Collins. Put the man in his natural position and let him flourish there. I know we like to have flex players but he's a better guard than tackle…I don't like flexing but thats what we do. Trade him for Joseph I don't agree with though. Lets just wait and see if any quality safety's get released than we can get something for Collins after the season.

  14. How did the Karl Joseph for La'el Collins thing get started? Is this wishful jibberish started by the 80%? I'd like to point out that I'm a member of the 80%, but I guess I missed the memo:)

  15. And im going to call your ass out again.. you colab with voch alot and voch is o line guy.. collins guard tape is just as bad as his tackle tape.. he is not a guard hes a tackle and its time to ship him because we arent paying him big money which he is going to get.. so ship him for a fucking need before we dont get anything.

  16. Just Sitting down and Crunch'in the Number's and Stat's of Safety Karl Joseph from Oakland for La'el Collins from my Cowboys wouldn't Really make Any kinda Sense at All after You Sit-down and think about it All the Way Through ! ๐Ÿ’ก๐Ÿ…ฐ๐Ÿ…ฑ๐Ÿ…พUโ™ˆ Iโ™ˆ & then โœ… thang's Outโ™ˆ 4 Y'all-selve's…. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Š & โœ‹๐Ÿ‘‰

  17. Heath is a Baller just go look at his highlights b4 we just kick Heath to the curve he made alot of big time plays for our Dallas Cowboys… He is our interception leader on our Defense.

  18. Think it was collins rookie year, I seen him get a good block on someone and then pulled out in front of zeke and big guy had speed and pancaked a dude. It was nasty and vicious. I thought to my self well we found a stud and he will be around for a long time and be a beast. Looked to me like he would be the best left guard dallas has had since Larry allen. He went and got pancakes on his shoes cause he was laying them out and he was being known for it. Then the move to right tackle changed everything…… move big nasty back to left guard.

  19. I would not trade for Joseph and here is why. If we were shopping a free safety this would be a different conversation. We're really talking about a SS with box safety traits that we're evaluating. Heath's weaknesses are not in the box. They're in coverage. Joseph probably has the same weaknesses. We also just took a guy from Texas A&M who is physical and could compete with Heath. I do think we should try to get something for Lael but if you ask me, our asking price should be a lot higher than a guy who probably doesn't upgrade us much if any and will ride the bench if he's not traded.

  20. White hooded Law show up on regular broadcast , I know he's going to be talking crazy ๐Ÿ˜‚

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