I’m missy and welcome to Miss trendy treats. So the other day I had made these cute little football marshmallow jerseys, and I ended up with some extra football gummies And I really wanted to do something with them. So what I’ve decided is I’m going to make this quick tutorial I’m going to show you how to make these cute little cupcakes that have the footballs on them So for a little lot of fun. I put some my balls on some of them, but without further ado let’s get started Decorate the outside of your cupcake just grab your liner and drop your cupcake into liner [I’m] using this to match the bangles colors. I am using tip number 233 of Waltons It’s got little holes at the top and it gives like a grass effect when you go to pipe out and then inside my decorating Bag I have green frosting I’m going to draw a little spots of grass all the way around the outside Border of my cupcake that way, I don’t miss any spots of the grass hanging down along the sides of my cupcake Now go ahead and fill in all the center spots and then place your football gummy right in the center Now go behind the football drop a few layers of grafts But because the Dallas Cowboys don’t have orange in there in colors I’m going to remove the cupcake from the liner that it was baked in and then just drop it into my liner that I want To decorate with I’m going around and I’m going to do the same thing I’m dropping. My grass if somebody edge of my cupcake and then again going in the middle and filling it in This time I’m going to add some my bowls to my football So I’m just going to take some of my grief Frosting put a little dab on the back of one of the eyeballs and then place it directly over the top of the stitches Now the stitches have become a [monk] place it on top of your cupcake and drop some more blades of grass behind it for support So here are our gummy football cupcakes that we made today There’s such a quick snack that you can make a ton of these in a short amount of time I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and we’ll be posting pictures of these on my Instagram Twitter and Facebook pages and don’t forget to subscribe to [my] channel So you’ll be kept up to date on my weekly, Wednesday tutorials. Thank you for watching Mr.. Any treats Oh, hi guys, so without further ado. Let’s get started what I do is. I just piped out some pumpkins um Very quickly and get them down in and out football and I ended up with some extra of marshmallow and For a little out of fun. I put on some my bones, but footballs candies Gummies Cute little marshmallows [you] [cheat] cheats cheats all Jersey Football Marshmallow Jersey


  1. Very cool, thanks for sharing! We have to do these for the Superbowl!… love the blooper reel! Great quality video. I am impressed!

  2. ☆★☆ ░G░R░E░A░T░ ۞ ░V░I░D░E░O░☆★☆
    ░H░A░P░P░Y░ ✿ ░W░E░E░K░E░N░D

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