LA Rams Training Camp with Scott Eastwood | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Ep 11 | Laugh Out Loud Network

LA Rams Training Camp with Scott Eastwood | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Ep 11 | Laugh Out Loud Network

-( upbeat music ) -Woo. Another amazing day,
which means it’s time for another episode
of “What The Fit”. As usual, I’m not by myself,
I’m with my friends. I’d like to say
good friends, though. Scott Eastwood,
ladies and gentlemen. Scott, what up?
-Hey, partner. -How are you?
-Good. -Kevin: We’re actually gonna do
a workout with the Rams. So, we’re about to come,
we’re about to get a real football workout
in today. Are you ready?
-I’m ready. -Don’t go out here
and get hurt, man. -Whoa, whoa.
-Kevin: It ain’t about us. -Scott: I’m just saying
you’re a little–
-It’s about them. -Scott: –you know,
you’re smaller than me. -That’s true.
-Scott: I’ll look out for you. -Oh, just go–good luck.
-Scott: Yeah. -Okay? Embrace it,
embrace it. -( upbeat music ) -Sean:
Now, on to today, we’ve got
a couple visitors, couple guests
that wanna show you guys how they say
it’s supposed to be done. We got our guy,
Kevin “Hot Feet” Hart in the house
with Scott Eastwood. Give those guys
a hand, man. -( applause ) -( upbeat music ) -Kevin: Thank you, Coach.
-Sean: Thank you. -Kevin: All right, fellas,
let me get your attention. I want you
to listen up. Word of the day
is execution, gentlemen. If you don’t know
what that word is, I’ll put it
on the board for you because I want you
to remember it. Scott, I told you
to erase this shit before I came in here. Okay. This is all stupid stuff,
this is nonsense. This is why– this is why we
are where we are, okay? Execution, gentlemen. Ex, ex– shit, hold on. Ex… You put X–
-Man: E–no. -Kevin: –O-Q tion. Let’s spell it that way. Okay? I wanna see you execute. I’m not here to play games, today I came to play football. As a matter of fact, all the
kickers and punters, stand up. If you’re a kicker
or a punter, stand up. And get the (bleep) out.
Get out! Get out! Get out! Because I’m talking
about football today. Scott, I know you wanted
to say a couple things as well. -I did. I did.
-Make these men
respect you, Scott. -Scott: I prepared
a little original speech. I look around and I see
all these young faces. -Kevin: Uh-hmm. -Scott: And I think, hell, I made every mistake a middle-aged man could make. -Man: Yeah, yeah.
-What? Scott, that’s not you…
-Scott: I chased off–shh– everyone who ever loved me. -Kevin: Scott, this is
not an original speech, this is… -Life, life is just
a game of inches. -All right, Scott,
that’s enough. -Scott: And so is…
-Scott, That’s–
it’s Any Given–stop it. -That’s Any Given Sunday,
-What are you talking– -that’s my speech
-Because Scott’s an actor. Scott’s an actor
and he prepared to monologue. Well, guess what, I’m not. I’m a (bleep) man. And today you gonna see
this man go to work. I want all the drills
done the way they supposed to be done and I want respect. Rams has a new meaning, respect, admiration, miles, system. -( laughter ) -Take it, coach.
I’ll see you in a second. Let’s hit the field. ( applause ) -Sean: All right, so, those guys
will be around today, let’s make sure we cap off
the week the right way. Get ready to roll, offense,
defense, break it up, man. -( upbeat music ) -Kevin: Looking for my locker.
-Scott: Well, I don’t– I don’t think
you have a locker. -Kevin: Y’all know where
they got me at, fellas? No? Not on this side, huh? I feel that. Nobody know where I’m at? This must be ignore the rookie.
-Scott: Kev… -I get it.
I’ve seen this game before.
-Scott: Kev, I don’t think they have–they don’t have
anything for us. We’re not on the team.
-Ah. There we go right there. There we go, baby.
-Scott: Oh. -Kevin: What it do, huh?
-Man: What’s happening? -( laughter ) -Kevin: It’s all about
intimidating them before you come out here, man. You got to walk in
like you own that (bleep). I own this shit, brother. I got my own sneaker, okay? You got
your own sneaker? Last I checked,
you don’t. Respect me, bro. -( laughter ) -Kevin: Respect me, bro.
You feel me? He used to be,
until I came in town. -Player: Homeboy
got the 1 on. -Kevin: What? -Player: Talk to him, Tav. -What’s that about? Look like you got
to pay a fine to me. -Brother, I think you’re in
the wrong place right now. -Tavon:
I’m in the right place on my side
and this my side of the town. -Hey, bro. You in the wrong place, man. I’m wearing the number
that was given to me because this is the number
I’m supposed to have. -Tavon: So,
that’s what I’m saying. Who gave you that one,
Sean McVay? -Don’t worry about
who gave me the one. -Tavon: Well, I got
to holler at that man. -Kevin: Holler at who
you need to holler at! -I’mma go holler
at that man. -Last I checked,
neither one of us ain’t got our name
on the back, bro. -Tavon: Oh, no, no. -I apologize for him. -Ain’t no I apologize.
-Scott: It’s your–
it’s your one. -Kevin: Ain’t no his one.
-Scott: We all know it’s yours. -Tavon: Exactly. And, you know,
somebody got that two on, too. My man, Sammy.
-Kevin: It’s like jail. If this was cornbread,
he would take–hey, bro. He gonna eat
his cornbread, okay? Not over here.
I’ll see you on the field. You do
what you got to do. I’ll see you on the field.
-Okay. I can’t get on the field
right now though. -Them thick ass white socks,
you better get your sock-ass out of here, man. Don’t let them
punk you, man. -Let’s get them
on our team. Let’s be friends with them.
-Kevin: Ain’t–no. Ain’t no be friends. Ain’t no be friends. Yeah. -Kevin: I’m sorry,
I couldn’t hear you. -Kevin: I’m sorry,
one more time? -Oh, where they that? -They’re over there
by go (bleep) yourself? Is that where they at? Is that the section they in? -Kevin: You know,
they try you up in here, man. You know, you really–
you really just got to– you really got
to hold your ground. All fun and games
is over now. Let’s go stretch. -Big men, ready? Here we go. Here we go.
Here we go. -( upbeat music ) -Sean: Get set, hike!
-Kevin: You don’t– you don’t walk nowhere
on the football field, that’s what they told me.
-Mids ready! -( whistles ) -Ted: John, Jared, here we go. Mids ready. -Kevin: The real number one
came to work. -Ted: Good pace,
good tempo, good… -Kevin: I’m out here to work.
Let’s go, Scott! -Ted: Come on,
one, hit the station! Hit the station! Come on, get some, get some. Right here. -Kevin:
Y’all hit like ( bleep ). Get your ass over.
Get your ass. -Ted: Yeah. Yeah. Kevin: Gotcha. You line up next to me,
you gonna get hurt. Well, I can run through
these two (bleep). -Coach: Go, set, hike! -Kevin: Oh, shit. Oh. Oh, shit.
(laughter) They were strong, Coach. Whoa. -Ted: How’s that
gunner rep. -The first two did
a little thing called pin me down. Yeah. Well, those
first two showed me what upper body strength was. -Kevin: Let’s go, Scott! -Man: Get on. Go get on
that thing and ride it. -Kevin: I’m on there, Coach.
-Ted: Oh, yeah. Heads up. Heads up
-Kevin: You ain’t
said nothing to me. -Ted: Hold on tight. -Man: Set, hike! -Kevin: Oh!
-Ted: Hold on tight. -Kevin: You ain’t said
nothing to me, Coach. You ain’t said
nothing to me, Coach. I ain’t never let go
of nothing in my life, Coach. -Man: Set! Go get up there!
-Kevin: Ah! You guys run
like (bleep). Hike! Ah! Okay. Go, Scott.
Get on there, Scott. Scott, hold on. Hold on, Scott. -Scott:
Son of a (bleep). Ow. What? Ugh. -Is Scotty all right?
We lose Scotty? -Kevin: Oh, Scott, there he is,
they’ll just lose Scott. -Scott: You got luck–
I tried to tell you, they’re taking it hard on us.
-Kevin: All right, brother. That’s what’s supposed
to happen, Scotty. -Scott: I’m gonna throw up.
-Look, that’s called good work, okay? It’s called good work. It
happens to the best of them. I mean, it didn’t
happen to me but I’m a different kind
of machine. -Yeah, right.
-You know, I’m what you call
a programmed. -( upbeat music ) -Ted: Hey,
number one, number one. -Rams Player:
Get out there. -John: It’s a
right footed punter–
-Kevin: Uh-huh. -John: –so, it’s gonna
spin this way. -Kevin: Where am I at?
-John: Right there. -It’s gonna come down like this.
-Kevin: Okay. -John: You catch
the hell out of the ball. -Rams Player: No chance. -Kevin: Goddamn. -( “Blue Danube Waltz” plays) ( crowed jeers ) -Kevin: Got tricker because the
ball takes a different
direction. This shit’s got–oh, oh. Let’s go, Scott!
-Scott: Okay. -Rams Player:
Jesus. -Kevin:
Get your shit together, Scott! -( waltz music continues ) ( jeers ) -Kevin: Goddamn! -( upbeat music ) -Ted: By and large,
Scott’s heart rate’s holding a lot more steady
right now. We’re holding steady
at about 130s right now, Kevin’s about 157. -Okay.
-Kevin: What’s that mean? -That means he’s
in better shape than you. -Kevin: Nobody’s in
better shape than me, Coach. Being in shape
is a mental mindset, hmm? -I mean, you–
statistics can’t lie, Kevin. Why are you gonna argue
with the coach? -Ted: I’ll tell you
how we solve this. Good old fashioned 40. Let’s see
who has the top speed and let’s see who comes in. -I’m probably in the top two
fastest people in the world. -Okay. All right,
we’re gonna test that right now. -There goes me,
uh, Usain Bolt, uh, then,
there’s another guy. But that’s–it’s top three.
That’s how it is. -Scott: It sounds
wrong information but–whatever. -Ted: Fair enough. Wikipedia?
Check that out. -Ted: Ready, go! -( upbeat music ) -Ted: Go, go, here we go. -Kevin: Woo, hot feet.
-Ted: 5.08. Kevin won in speed, 20.7 miles an hour. -What?
-Twenty, huh? -Kevin: That’s it–that’s it.
-Scott: Is that good? -Get that on camera.
-Man: Yes, that’s good. 20.7. The real number one working, the real number one.
-Scott: Kevin. -Kevin: I would’ve
smoked your ass, Tav. Talk to me
when you running a 20. They call that
Ram Certified around here. There’s rumors
about a three-day contract but I’m not listening to it. Yeah, they talking about it. Everybody talking about it. You all been hearing rumors? Three-day contract? Yeah. It’s talk,
it’s just talk right now. I heard–I’m hearing rumors about signing me. I mean,
it’s chatter for now but that’s how it start,
as chatter. -Kevin: Yeah,
it’s just a three-day.
-Oh, three-day? -Kevin: Three-day, yeah.
-You ain’t going to work– -You know nothing
in the NFL is guaranteed though, right? -Kevin: Mines is.
-Yours is? -Kevin: Yeah.
-Oh, damn. -Three-day contract.
I’ve been hearing rumors floating around.
-Scott: Contract? What the
hell are you talking about? -Kevin: Rumors,
like chatter, buzz. Like, Oscar buzz. My jersey will be the highest
selling jersey in the NFL. It’ll say Hart Three Day,
it’ll be the best jersey
in the NFL. If I do get signed,
I just wanna thank all my fans. -Scott: Heads up,
in your mouth, there you go. -Scott, you missed.
-No, I didn’t miss. -You missed!
-Scott: Sorry, oopsie, my bad. -( upbeat music ) -Sean: Now to finish it off
the right way, Kevin apparently
according to Todd, hit 20.7 miles an hour. So, he had some confidence to be able to race
one of our players. So, we thought,
let’s get KD Cannon and Kevin Hart,
40-Yard line, going in for the jersey. -( crowd cheering ) -Kevin: Hey, somebody
give me a cigarette because I’m about to smoke
this mother (bleep) man. -Ted: Rules.
-Where we going to? -Ted: You’re going
through the goal line, go score a touchdown.
-Kevin: Through the what? -( dramatic music ) -Kevin: Hold on,
wait a second. We can’t shorten
that shit up a little bit? -( laughter ) -You get a five-Yard
head start. -No, I don’t need your (bleep) head start.
-Go ahead and get it. -You give me a head
start, you’re gonna lose. -Ted: Oh.
-Kevin: Listen, time out. If you lose that count… -All right,
but get it. -Kevin: All right.
-Ted: Ready. -( whistles ) -Ted: Now. -( cheers and applause ) -Oh shit,
oh God. Goddamn.
Yeah. -( whistles )
– Goddamn. -Ted: Bring it up ( indistinct )
-Goddamn. bring it up.
-Kevin: Goddamn. -Goddamn.
-Ted: So easy. -Kevin: Oh,
it’s a (bleep) wheel. All right. Shit. Coach, first and foremost,
thank you, man. -You got it. I
appreciate you guys.
-This is amazing. -I appreciate it.
-Incredible. -And unfortunately, I’m gonna have
to turn you down. Man, I know you did–
they were interested. -Turn us down?
-Yeah. -Oh, well, I was actually
sent over here, Kev, to tell you
there’s no such thing as a three-day contract. You’re gonna have
to get your shit and get the hell
outta here. We got work to do. -Kevin: I like that.
-Sean: Thank you. -Ted: Thank you, guys.
-Scott: Thank you coach
for everything. Sorry about that. -Hey, prank’s
on me, huh, Coach? All right. I’ll see you
in the locker room, Coach. -All right, Kev.
I got to peace. -Yeah. Of course.
-See you, man. -Kevin: I’m just gonna
hang around. See you. Cool, you do that. This is K. Hart.
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  1. Check this…and Kevin ran 20.7 as registered by a Rams Coach…Is running 20 mph fast?

    This is a quote from the New York Times, from an article entitled, PRO FOOTBALL
    : The N.F.L.’s Fastest Players? You Might Be Surprised
    "Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s top speed of 20.14 m.p.h. is slightly faster than Cam Newton’s 20.08. But in a twist, Wilson reached that speed playing some defense — chasing down Rams safety John Johnson III after an interception to save a touchdown. After the game, Wilson said the tackle “took me back to my high school days when I used to play corner.” Not Bad Kev…not bad at all! DMV

  2. If it was any other dude insulting a pro football team, this would be uncomfortable to watch. Kevin is just too damn funny tho

  3. Football = use hands to hold the ball and run
    Soccor = use feet to play with the ball
    No wonder trump is the president

  4. Hart: "Timeout, if you you lose, that counts."

    Cannon: "Aight but get it."

    So he did get the 5 yard head start

  5. Kevin Hart looks so foolish among NFL players. Whose idea was this? He looked like a Pop Warner Make-A-Wish recipient.

    His antics get old quickly. I find him funny, and then annoying. He does not know how to adjust his personality to fit the bit. Everything was about him. I know that Clint Eastwood’s son wondered why he agreed to such a terrible bit.

    It served Kevin right when he looked like a clown trying to field kicks. He mocked kickers at the team meeting, which is an idiotic thing to do when invited to a team practice. That machine can’t even come close to what real punters can do. Kickers are vital to a “foot”ball team.

    Is there a more overrated comedian anywhere on the planet?

  6. Imagine if hart got Dwayne with him. Would've been great to see rock experience his old days before his acting career started

  7. Anyone payed attention to that LIFE reference 😂😂😂
    Eddie Murphy's: Listen man, he gonna eat his cornbread!

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