Kyrie Irving, NBA Basketball with Kids

Kyrie Irving, NBA Basketball with Kids

Hi this is Max.
I know you’ve enjoyed the videos from Kyrie Irving Camp.
Here’s another one of him being introduced by the announcers at the camp.
Attended St. Patrick’s High School in Elizabeth New Jersey 2010 McDonald’s All American. Won a gold Medal in the FIBA American Under
18 championship. Played college basketball at Duke University.
Number 1 overall pick. Number 1 in the 2011 NBA draft.
NBA rookie of the year in 2012. NBA Rising Stars Challenge MVP in 2012 NBA Rookie, NBA All-Rookie First Team At the 2013 All-Star Game he was the 3-point
champion. At the NBA All-Star Game this year he was
the MVP. And on April 5th against the Charlotte Bobcats
career high he dropped 44 on them. Who’s your All-Star? Let’s get on our feet
and show him what we’re about. Sold out four years in a row, give it up for Kyrie Irving!
(cheering, applause) First of all, I’d like to thank everybody
for coming out. I know that you guys have great feeling for what’s going on in Cleveland,
let’s clap it up. I’m really excited to come back to Cleveland right here. This is the schedule I’m getting ready for
USA Basketball to go compete for the World Cup.
Obviously it’s about you guys, about the parents, I really appreciate all you guys coming so
let’s have a great time. Let’s have a great camp, alright.
(applause) Hey, he won’t tell you this but he flew all
night to be here. He came from Las Vegas from a team commitment to be with you guys. I think
that deserves a round of applause. So Kyrie, here’s what we do.
There’s four of you. These guys we’re working at stations.
Come on out here. This guy. What was the age on the registration? What is 7-14 or 7-18? Anyway,
we figure out that he may have put his age down wrong, but so be it. This guy right here, Kyrie,
this is an annual award we give out. You are the number one draft pick. Number 1 at the
Kyrie Irving Camp! Let’s give a round of applause!
Kyrie is on, what contract is he on, Dred? What are you on, second? He’s done pretty well. How much money does he owe you for being the number one draft
pick? Four dollars?
Four dollars! You owe him four dollars. We have an arm sleeve
for him and a signed trading card. Give it up for our number 1 draft pick.
All right, hey, when I say what time is it I want to hear Game Time and I want to hear
it loud enough to break some lights. What time is it?
Game Time! What time is it?
Game Time! All right. If Kyrie is on your court, what position
is he playing? Point guard!
No. He’s a shooting guard, he dropped 44 against
the Bobcats, give him the ball. If he’s on your court, hey, give him the ball.
He’s gonna play with you. If he has a ref’s shirt on, Kyrie’s been known to give a couple
of technical fouls in his camp make sure we’re not talking back to the officials. It’s his
camp. Our rule is, if your name is on the shirt,
it’s your camp. Got it? What we’re gonna do next though is get our
team photo, all right? We’re going to start with the older guys.
Kyrie, this division right here 25-26 we’d love for you to kind of jump in the game with
them. This is the Gold Medal Division. Since you’re playing with Gold here, This is the
USA Basketball Division, out oldest guys and gals in camp.
Right here’s our Blue Devils. Then we got the, we have the, I’m sorry Blue
Devils we got the Cavs, the Blue Devils and then the Celtics. The only time we say Celtics
is here because that was your High School Mascot.
So we’re going to do team photos. When we come back here, Kyrie will you take them on
in a couple of shooting games? Last year we had
the longest racks game, ever.
Dred, are you in? Dred, come on. You get in the racks.
Dred Irving right here! We put him in the 35 and over camp last year
at USA Basketball and he was the MVP. Famous at camp, this guy right here.
Clap it up for Dred Irving! Part of Team Irving. Hey, you’re on camera today,
today’s media day the Cavs are out here. We’re gonna dismiss you by teams. Coaches,
as soon as get your picture, we’re gonna head to get our game assignments. We need all the
campers to be seated. All the campers to be seated.
I need the numbers up in the back for my photo stations.
Everybody take a peak behind you, coaches take a peak.
All right… Here we go.

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