Kyrie Irving Acrobatic Layup Compilation

Kyrie Irving Acrobatic Layup Compilation

ridiculous shot he is the only one that
can use the board with these angles and spinning shot great move by Kyrie strong
enough k crowd would have stood up on that one. Here’s Irving up and under and
he’s got the finger roll Oh a spectacular move by Kyrie Irving wow In this fourth quarter, Irving trying to get to the rack bolts inside spins off the glass
impossible angle put it down Irving, Wall right there to defend and one
carry every battle it will rank you foul Kyrie Irving back on the floor with 2 fouls fights it up, and in now there’s a couple different
pronunciations of his as Kyrie Irving gun slinger bucket for Kyrie Irving They’ll review back cuts passing unselfish play Irving made the turn ohhh what a reverse english hahaha he is now 10 and that’s a major oh my goodness gracious did you
just see Kyrie Irving Kyrie with the step through sweet!
so special the ball on a string how about that little Irving, whoaa Irving driving hard and scoring with the reverse
oh what a beautiful play by Irving Two-on-one Harden with
Irving Irving Oh what a move! Irving gets in the paint scoop layup he banks it in Here comes LeBron, nice pass on the bounce Kosta Koufus checks in Kyrie Irving! Kyrie burning Akron rubber scores it their hands on the ball
I’m telling it did much more chin up here comes Irving and he’s tripped and
he got it Oh what a move haha Kyrie Irving Irving, working on Thomas gets around him up under and in
must work able to fight through Irving putting on a tag whatever fence
Irving nice move inside up and under the basket of comet curving it’s go to the
line and he banks it in almost with it won’t eat there’s nothing to get the
exposure is he doing the screen inside right down you person
we do a good job lead back to 11 Irving crossover move and the left hand
in the fourth quarter three point lead for the wife to yogi I don’t think you
can get down surround pity Smith has a layup right here you know I’m gonna give
it who in a nod to the crowd jump carry around Nelson like he was standing still
get serving all the way inside we are tired ridiculous
power no longer to get it to go down four then one serving gotta break down
Big L spinner oh that is a Houdini shot where did that come from
got lost in the land of the went right down you put and carry stay
true to himself is it up at breakpoint suddenly totally the lemon Irving look
we carry got it back even his way to the rack right down one game sounds dick tacular while by
Kyrie Irving again spectaculars Kyrie Irving hero fire the largest lead to the
United States at 20 Mervin reloads in their last 14 shot here’s Irving to the
rim to close we’re all carry inside with a perfect vision we’re going to continue
to go to the basket improving Wow it’ll boil stop perfect turns it on dancin on
the right side better simple right now proud now you see we move down the other urban
for to the comes Irving Irving drop pass green the Tao and one go we pull clap
black ghost Mozgov in Russia and Charlie previously have you got the angle or you
get a Cupid’s Irving hits the jumper no they are you’re right I’m saying right
and Kyrie Irving with a 34-point move back by the way he was the 20 everything
up the brush tasted hard they began as what held the
40 points he knew the great shot blocker was trailer hits Irving drives Harry
open for trying to get to the ramp dancers’ fires go my man he’s gonna rush
ready to go hi rickety open floor run on every dance is a cypher California
sorry goes inside by setup an identity foul great Gotham Kyrie Irving goes
around it good shot Irving trying to create about tough shot for the guy makes that
guy right there hi lead the first tonight firstly butcher
cases Hayward tries ahead but still couldn’t find a way to win tonight
Irving splits the defense offering a sweep the Detroit Pistons

95 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving Acrobatic Layup Compilation

  1. Without a doubt the most skilled guard to ever play the game… I literally cannot name a single player in history with better footwork & overall ball handling

  2. Im a warriors fan but this dude has the greatest finishing ive ever seen in my life at the basket . So much respect for how he makes these crazy difficult shots

  3. Yeah Kyrie is great an all😐………but maybe we should show the real MVP….the backboard….some appreciation 👏👏👏

    Lol jk R.I.P. Kyrie Dickens
    Have fun in Boston.

  4. Him and prime D Rose are the only humans who were capable of gliding threw the air and windmilling the ball and then finding an amazing angle to kiss the ball off the backboard with the craziest English. It’s insane. Shit is actual physics class in session

  5. The most SKILLED guard of all time. Not overly athletic or fast but scores in the most creative ways the NBA has ever seen. Imagine if this man had Westbrook bounce. Sheesh.

  6. Why do most modern post guards finish with their right. If they are the elite, then shouldn't they be able to finish with the left ?

  7. i like how he evolved his godfather's moves. shout out to Rod Strickland for teaching kyrie this moves and kyrie took it to another level.

  8. really enjoy seeing 2 or 3 replays of his common layups and then anytime he does an insane, miraculous layup you cut it off early and switch to the next clip as fast as possible.

  9. At 4:31 looks like he was going for a dunk, but it looks like he lost so much energy trying to get to the rim that he didn't have enough energy to dunk it. That's just how i see it. ⚡

  10. such a special player to me he's the most creative offensive skilled point guard dude can do anything he can score in so many mesmerizing ways

  11. whose here watching kyrie throw acrobatic layups with elite guards guarding him while you are a hooper that always miss a fastbreak ¿¿

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