Klopp’s reaction: Tactical changes, Lallana and VAR | Man Utd vs Liverpool

Klopp’s reaction: Tactical changes, Lallana and VAR | Man Utd vs Liverpool

About the VAR decision, what’s your take? I would really be interested
what you all think about it… Oh, I know, but I know already what I think. You looked angry about it. No, not at first, I calmed everyone down
pretty much, because I saw immediately… I’m not sure if he can admit that,
but Mr Atkinson, you saw it in the first moments,
then he saw it could be a goal, then they scored the goal,
and immediately he showed VAR. So my coaches were already on their toes,
and I said, “Calm down, VAR is checking.” and I was 100 per cent sure
VAR would overrule it. But now you see
we have the problem. So the ref let the game run
because he has VAR, but the VAR says then it was not clear, so, “It could say it was not
a foul, so I don’t overrule it.” This makes not too much sense,
we don’t get anything back from that but it’s a clear VAR issue in
how we deal with it in the moment. I am not angry or whatever, it’s just…wow. I saw it clearly, it was a foul and nothing else. You know in England
sometimes with challenges you say, “Come on, it’s proper football
or whatever. It was a foul. I am sure Mr Atkinson would have whistled
if there was no VAR, but now we let it go because somebody else
can make the decision, but somebody else is not making the
decision, because he says, “Yeah…” So like the penalty Man City
didn’t get yesterday. Come on, that’s a 100 per cent penalty
and nothing else. The hands are there, he pushes him down,
and they say, “Yeah, but….VAR. “Not clear enough that I overrule you,
so we have to make…” They sit in the studio,
they see it, come on, just take it away
and everything is fine. Like it was with our goal.
I didn’t see it back, I only heard, that both players were there with the hand, and when both are there
and the other one is first, it should have been allowed. I don’t know
100 per cent if that’s right or not. Somebody told me. We cannot change it anymore, but pretty
much everything went against us, our own performance
in the first half as well, and we still didn’t get beat
and could have won the game, so… With this part of the assessment I am fine,
but with the performance of the first half, of course not. That’s just not how it should be. It’s clear that it’s easier for United in a
situation like that, coming here, playing 5-3-2 and really properly fight and everybody
is happy about that, easy to excite the crowd. We were not really there, we did
not get the momentum of the first half – they had it, but we still had the biggest chance
of the first half with the counter-attack when Sadio plays the ball to Bobby. I wouldn’t say it was a ‘no-brainer’,
but it was a big chance. Then at half-time we could adjust a few things and it was immediately better through little
position changes and we scored a goal. In the end we have to be happy
with the point, that’s clear, but we are not happy
with the performance overall. But that’s OK,
that’s sometimes like it is. Not happy with the overall performance but are you pleased
with the impact your subs had? Yeah, very important today
that we could do it like that. that the boys are in the shape that they are. Coming on, being fresh, doing the job,
being immediately in the game, doing the job, being in between the lines. The set-up of United was really clear, they
were all with an outstanding attitude today and it was ‘pass the ball there’, Young is jumping on Trent and stuff like that
because we were not really inspired. We did all the predictable things and they could defend the predictable things –
that’s how it is. We were not at all unpredictable, when we
could have turned the other way around, because we were not orientated, like kind of
impressed with the challenges they made, we didn’t play real football. But then with just Hendo a bit higher
we then immediately had the ball and then, first, the two guys
in between the lines, which helped massively
and caused them problems. We didn’t have chance after chance,
but we deserved that goal, I think we are all agreed about that. Then Naby was on, helped as well, fresh legs,
being there, passing safe and not always doing the obvious things,
moving higher and passing the ball, and that’s how the goal happened. We can pass the ball to Robbo
and he has to run sideways and cannot cross the ball, or you
can pass it exactly in that way and he can make the cross
with his first touch and we can score the goal. So the little details are important. We were better with the three boys
coming on, that helped a lot and I’m happy about that, especially, of course, about the fact that Adam
scored this goal, a very important one. All good. Jürgen, you’ve been here
five times now without winning, you mentioned United’s style, does it frustrate
you the way they were playing against you? Why should it frustrate me? I’m not the person who should be frustrated
by Man United’s style. It’s just a fact when we come here. This year, last year and the year before –
they just defend, that’s how it is. It’s OK and not a criticism, it’s just a fact.
You see it, everybody is happy. When you think about when
United plays against Liverpool, you think both teams are trying like
this and that, but it’s not. Again, the quality – we are the one team, everybody is on their toes
when United plays against us. That’s why, with the quality they have,
set up like they set up, it’s really difficult. That’s no excuse,
we expect really to do better, I thought we could do better today,
but we didn’t. But you cannot play like this
against each team, obviously, like the way they played today. How I said, it’s nothing for me to speak about. Is that a compliment to you, that they…? Yeah, we don’t have to say
it’s a compliment, it’s just… We are a good team and if we
play against somebody, it is normal people think about
how they can stop us. That’s how it is. I think we had a big say in that
in the first half, we stopped ourselves
pretty much…by ourselves. But, of course,
United defended really well and then they have the speed with James
and Rashford, that’s just uncomfortable. However you want to protect it,
they only chip the ball in behind and then the race is on,
and that’s not cool. But that’s only one part
and we defended that OK. You cannot defend that perfect, because you lose the ball, bang –
then they shoot it in behind. We should have played much better football,
that’s what we expect of ourselves. So no criticism or judgement of United,
it’s just about us. Jürgen, presumably you weren’t
expecting to win all 38 games, so is it just a case of ticking off the matches
and seeing where you are with ten to go? Because you’re still in a very good position. I don’t think that far, to be honest. If you look back on a season and say where was it possible
to lose a point or two or whatever, for us United is a place
[that can happen]. There are worse things that can
happen than getting a point here. Some teams will lose here, 100 per cent.
They will find [themselves] back on track and all that stuff, and when all of their players
are back that’s a real force. We never thought about the
17 games [winning streak] and now we will not now start thinking
about the one which we didn’t win. We spoke about it already,
because we have a game on Wednesday. We expect much more from ourselves, but
the result is the result of the performance. We could have won today, but it was not like
we were really unlucky that we didn’t win. We have to play better football,
then we deserve to win a game more. If you deserve it more,
it’s more likely that you’ll do it, and today we deserved a point and could
have won, but that’s not enough at United. Jürgen, just on the disallowed goal,
as a manager how frustrating is it that VAR is supposed to be there to reduce
these controversial incidents, and yet here today… To be honest, I really think the goal we scored
is a general thing we have to talk about, but we cannot talk about every VAR decision. How the process is, that’s important. I cannot now change it and say,
“I want that to be a penalty and that’s not, “that’s handball and that’s not handball.” I cannot do that and I will not do that. So in general I think it’s good
that we have VAR. In the moment it looks like the only thing
where it really works 100 per cent is handball. Because they made the rule that if a hand
is somehow involved in a goal – disallowed. So that’s really easy now, you touch the ball
in whatever moment – bang. Offside, it works pretty well I would say,
even if people are not happy that now this much offside is offside,
but for me, I can accept that easily. But the process that the ref makes
the decision, or not a decision, because they have VAR, and then VAR says,
“No, it’s fine” – that doesn’t work. Sorry? It’s confusing. I’m not sure if it’s confusing,
I would say it’s easy to change, on the pitch the ref is deciding, but then
the ref thinks, “Let it run, we have VAR.” And then VAR said, “You let it run,
so I won’t overrule it “because it wasn’t
an obvious mistake.” Does that make sense? I’m not sure
if my English is good enough, but that’s the problem
in that specific situation. You let it run, you think,
“Play on, we have VAR”, VAR is saying, “You let it play on, so…” That’s the problem. The other things,
handball and stuff, we cannot change. I want clarity in offside and all these things, goal-line technology
and all that stuff helps, absolutely, but as long as people
have so much influence… Because now VAR isn’t the problem,
the person is the problem. You see it, but you don’t make
a decision – that makes no sense. We have to, whatever, make the decision,
you have three different angles – “Oh, yes – bang.” You saw it back, do you think it
was a foul on Divock? So how can he not say it’s a foul then?
For me it was so clear, and you think… I was 100 per cent sure, I calmed the
whole bench down, “VAR is in charge”, and then I was so surprised that
I couldn’t even be angry afterwards, I was like, “Wow, that’s now
a massive misunderstanding.”

100 thoughts on “Klopp’s reaction: Tactical changes, Lallana and VAR | Man Utd vs Liverpool

  1. Should have started with Ox or Lallana on the right with Mane in his usual position partnering with Robertson. Origi was poor, Hendo and Gigi looked slow as the game progressed. Klopp will have to trust other players with such a hectic schedule that includes Euro qualifiers for some key players.

  2. what did you guys expect , we have been riding our luck last 4 games and it showed today, cant expect to challenge for the prem without a cam or creative mid in the starting 11 , thats just basics , if our full backs dont fire we have to grind out a result and its has been proved once again, Klopp needs to decide if he wants to win this league or not, if he does , grow a pair and drop hendo , because we have a great cdm in fab and a very good box to box mid in gini, we need a creative player in that midfield, he has keita and ox , pick one before we let it slip again

  3. Liverpool bang average without Salah, how about giving some credit to United… Noone is going to talk about frantic tackles on Dan James… Talk about moaning

  4. Liverpool played a poor game away to Manure knighted, and were playing against a bias ref as well, no one can argue that , but still got the draw.
    That’s how bad Man U are, now.

  5. Why suddenly united played decently and liverpool played average (or rather little below average) in this match tho?

  6. Just another disgraceful decision in favour of Man U. Sack the ref and investigate the VAR official. Clear as a bell a foul.

  7. A simple signal by the ref (reading – VAR please take over, I think I missed it)…just like they do in cricket for the third umpire…is suffice to solve situations like this. What the ref observes and misses is not taken into account while reviewing decisions by VAR and hence keeping this "high bar" as they call for VAR decision is stupid and Klopp highlights this flawed process.

    P.s. Atkinson (total knob). Shouldn't he retire or something…looks like a relic.

  8. The truth is we celebrated a draw like a defeat, and they celebrated a draw like a victory. That just sums up the difference in both teams.

  9. Dont really know how to feel about the match, on the balance of play I'd say it's a fair result.
    But one thing was obvious, our front three only work when it consists of salah, mane and firmino. Take on of them out and it just doesn't work well enough for a title challenging teams.
    We need another world class back up striker and a creative midfielder playmaker.

    We were quite lucky to have nicked a point.

  10. Typical BPL and its refs…trying to keep the 'drama' in the league to make it interesting and most watched league in the world, putting aside fairplay in the process…this is football, not business.

  11. I am actually giving up football. The abuse isn't worth it. I have been a Liverpool fan since 2005. Thing is I don't like to argue with people over a football game. I just like some of the comments that were direct at me. The one that really got to me was, " He suffers from depression because he is a Loserpool fan!"

    Honestly I can't take this anymore. Football is supposed to bring people together but in my case it's the opposite. I would like to thank all you LFC fans and hope that you continue to cheer the boys on no matter what and Redmen tv for providing us with a platform to talk about the team in a positive manner

  12. Yea the ref kinda screwed us up, but we played poorly, if we have played whole game like we played last 10 min, it would have been over in the first half, but it's fine, and i rly liked gini in the first half, he was great on the ball.

  13. We have fatigue players in the field while we have fresh legs to start the match for us but klopp don't trust them, everything was against us, so we needed 101% to win the match

  14. Can't believe Manchester United got a draw without scoring a goal when we scored one. Why should Atkinsons goal count as a United goal?

  15. Liverpools VAR check for the united goal should've been given.

    The mane handball was a handball, but it too was not "clear and obvious" yet VAR rules in utd's favour on that one, clear bias

  16. LFC might not have played well yesterday… but if it was any other ref officiating the game yesterday… LFC would have won

  17. United deserved the win imo. Won the midfield battle, defended well and kept Liverpool’s fullbacks out of the game mostly. Liverpool played well for about 15 mins. Unlucky for united to let it slip after such an impressive display

  18. Spurs fan here…San Antonio Spurs that is. And I've thoroughly enjoyed JK's project at Liverpool and have been watching his press conferences since I first saw him gather the players and make a conscious effort to unify them with the fans after the game. Beautiful progress at the club. But this interview is the most negative I've seen him. It's tough to take when you're wanting Liverpool to win, but it's important to retain some objectivity as well which he usually does so well. I think perhaps what is frustrating JK the most is the dynamic he explains (and he's 100% correct on) how the refs in general are NOT making calls and then the "clear and obvious" rule doesn't overturn it. But even with that, the Origi incident was not a foul. Not even close. But JK is right to point out the current poor dynamics of VAR. Refs need to make their normal decisions and let VAR do its job, which is just if they totally mess one up (i.e. clear and obvious) to have a chance to correct it. Anyway, I thought it was a great (albeit frustrating) game and it showed their mental fortitude. And I hope that they continue to be the MENTAL GIANTS we've come to love.

  19. Liverpool played as well as they were allowed to. Guess its tough when Klopp makes the same mistake 5 times, seen as how he says this opposition always play the same way since he has been manager of LFC.

  20. Atkinson great decision 👍👍
    I don't buy it when Klopp complains about the referee decision on Wijnaldum or Origi idk….but it's a contact sports and d foul wasn't dat serious….and if player falls down by small nudges dan wats left in dis game…i think d player should be given a yellow for acting……he moved backwards and got the container of Lindelof who was doing a great job during dat incident….. it's not a basketball game….it was "Never a foul"…. Klopp couldn't Stop his frustration of loosing

  21. About time klopp gets rid of this love affair with hendo and starts playing the midfielders who are actually a threat going forward

  22. The ref should have a screen. Let’s be honest the VAR lads will never overturn a decision a ref has made. If the ref goes to a screen like the World Cup more decisions will be correct because he ref is looking at it HIMSELF on a screen. Rocket Science 🤯

  23. If Origi didn't dive and act like he'd been shot then maybe he would've got the foul. But acting like that made the ref think he was trying to decieve him. Then not giving the foul is subjective so VAR doesn't matter. Shot himself in the foot, cost Liverpool a goal.

  24. Well not a bad result
    Var needs to work more cos it's terrible in the premiership
    Klopp needs a creative midfielder when on of the front 3 is absent.

  25. klopp whined with the rest of his players for 80 mins, they have been looking pretty average and very lucky lately

  26. Origi out left then out right and Mane starting on the right was klopp at his worst. Crosses then flying in for Firmino whilst Origi was subbed off was daft.

  27. We played badly, nicked a draw, fine.

    Origi is fouled in the build up to the first goal, but it’s not a clear and obvious error so it still stood, fine. Klopp makes a good point that the ref seemed to let it go because he knew VAR could have a look at it, but it made no difference so what’s the point in VAR?

    The Mane handball is the correct decision by VAR on the current rules. But I have an issue with the rule, Mane did not handball intentionally, it didn’t seem to gain an advantage.

  28. The best Liverpool team in 30 years against the Worst United team in 30 years and still Liverpool couldn't win 😂😂😂.

  29. this is the same ref that gave man utd 7 minutes to let judas owen score against man city 10 years ago.. how the FA still allows him to ref man utd games i'll never know

  30. That was the definition of a foul, comes from behind, clips him, no contact with the ball. The shocking part is that they checked it on replay, and still let them get away with it. There are always strange referee decisions when we visit the mancs. Can't be just bad luck

  31. Our midfield is poor, ox and keita need to step up their games coming on back of an injury. Henderson is just not that good.

  32. we actually made a tactical analysis of this match if anyone is interested in checking it out. Great tactical display from both managers and both teams

  33. I am a Liverpool fan and I am fine with Man Utd goal (in terms of refereeing) as well as Mane's goal. Klopp's lads were simply mediocre and didn't deserve more.

  34. Mane used his right knee so the ball goes to the left if he used his left hand it would have gone to the right. The fullback was already swearing and angry with his colleagues . Anyway the var has cancelled the goal.

  35. What a joke. The only reason Mane's goal was a called back was because of a handball decision, even though the ball barely touched his NATURALLY placed hand. Then some may say, well yes, it's a handball no matter what if it directly affects a goal, but the only reason mane's hand touched the ball was because lindeloff was tugging on his shirt and mane couldn't control his arm movement.. So either Atkinson should have called the goal back for a penalty (which would be ridiculous since Mane scored), or let the goal stand.

  36. credit the subs cos they came on and made a difference! on another day that shot by The Ox would have been inside the post and personally that was a stonewall foul on Origi but some calls go against you in the course of a season so….

  37. Liverpool 11 player vs MU 15 player ( 12nd player Martin Atkinson , 13th player VAR, 14th player asistant teferee , 15th player MU supporter ).
    Result 1:1.

  38. Next training will be tough
    Team A

    1.Allison (Adrian)
    2.Trent (permanent)
    3.Vandijk (permanent)
    4.Matip (lovren)
    5.Robertson (permanent)
    6.Fabinho (Henderson)
    7.Wijnaldum (Milner)
    8.Ox (Keita)
    9.Shaqiri (Salah injured)
    10.Mane (lallana)
    11.Firmino (Origi sub g.o.a.t)


    Team B
    9.Salah (recovery)

  39. I will be glad when Atkinson gets taken off refereeing and retires but our first half was awful sluggish and lethargic I think keita Lallana and chambo should have started Atkinson should have blown whistle for the challenge on origi which led them to scoring if it was any other team he would have given that foul even dermot Gallagher gave it as a foul but still says its Atkinsons decision whether its a foul or not mane did handle the ball but it was accidental he raised his leg to connect to control the ball but that didn't happen as the ball comes over his leg and touches his wrist the motion of ball to hand shouldn't have been disallowed as it was the start of the goal just like rashfords goal manes goal should have stood after var check but it was left to sub adam to punish them instead

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