Klopp’s reaction: Late wins, Salah fitness and more | Crystal Palace vs Liverpool

Klopp’s reaction: Late wins, Salah fitness and more | Crystal Palace vs Liverpool

Jürgen, that was a tough, tough game, you really had to sweat that one out, did you expect the late winner coming when it
did and the way Palace set up? I’m not surprised at all
that it was tough, to be honest, probably you saw other
games since I am in England, they were always similar, to be honest. We just know it’s a tough place –
the atmosphere is good, they don’t give up, Crystal Palace don’t need a lot of
situations to stay in the game, we gave them much too many today, because we were not compact enough
so they had… We had the challenges in the wrong areas,
which means we blocked them, but it was always a set-piece,
was always a corner, this kind of thing, and that obviously
helped them more than us. The start was good, after that
we had always good football moments, really good football moments –
Crystal Palace as well, we knew that before, that they
can really play good football. They were more often direct,
did that pretty well, had moments off the set-pieces, and we knew at half-time
we had to do better. The challenge, I said it now to pretty much
everybody and their dogs, that they come back from
so many different national teams, so today it’s absolutely no problem
that we were not brilliant, because in a game like this
we trust them to make sure that you are ready to fight for the result,
and we were that from the first minute. Could we have played better? Yes. But we had players on the pitch, on Thursday morning they were still on
the plane back from Saudi Arabia, the Brazilians and stuff like this.
Abu Dhabi, sorry. That’s not too cool, and for that, getting a result at
Crystal Palace we never take for granted. So, it feels good. I think you need again the mic, sorry. A lot of people, as with the Villa game a few
weeks ago, will say this sends a message about your capability to win
the league over the distance, the fact that you can still do this. I have no clue what people will say, but I know that 37 points
after 13 matchdays is exceptional, and you cannot have them
with winning only brilliant games. We had a couple of really
brilliant games, we won them, thank God, but you can’t only win them,
so that’s how it is. I don’t know what message it sends,
we are not out there to send messages, we actually just want to get results. Jürgen, another late victory,
are you now used to that? Do you worry about it
if you’re not winning with minutes to go? I said during the week that I really
don’t take it for granted – how can you? But we know, even with all the things today
which were not so good, we were the dominant side,
we were the much more active team, Crystal Palace defended deep most
of the time, had wonderful moments, but we don’t stop with these things
even on a day when it’s not perfect. You concede the goal, you see
on the face of the boys, ‘Come on’. We know a set-piece, a corner,
a flick is for us as well a chance. I thought the ball was in twice already
before Bobby finished it off, I didn’t see it back yet.
I don’t know if the goalie made a save or if the player blocked it
on the line, I have no idea. But we scored that goal and from that
moment on we defended really well. There was a bicycle kick,
I think of Christian, after that, but apart from that not a lot of chances. So, five minutes to go, maybe 10
because the injury time was five minutes, there was a lot of time and we did well
in that period, so…absolutely OK. Again, we are not out there to show that
we invented football, because we didn’t. We have a job to do, we have to get results
for our colours, that’s what we did again, and now we play Napoli then Brighton,
and they are also difficult, and then I think we have the derby, right? Yeah, oops! So tough games to come,
and we’re still creating a basis, that’s still what we are doing,
and hopefully we can continue like that. Jürgen, I think if you don’t lose
against Brighton next week you’ll equal Liverpool’s longest ever
unbeaten run in the top flight. What do records mean to you
and what does this record show? I have no clue about this record, and I don’t
know what it means, to be honest, I should think about it before I answer
and so far I had no time. Yeah, that would mean needing a result
next week, and I’m fine with that, we really need a result against Brighton,
but before that we have to play Napoli and then we will see. We are not
out there to break records, we really are there to get
the best results over the full season. If, on that way, we break one or two records –
good, we’ll take that of course, but winning the next game
is much more important than people saying in 10 or 15 years,
“That was the record set by this team.” We really have a bigger job to do, but like I said, if one depends on the other,
we take both. Thank you very much. Mo? Yeah, all good. Mo couldn’t train for nine
days, he was with the Egyptian national team, went home and trained kind of
60, 70 per cent the day before yesterday and yesterday was the first time 100 per cent, so we had to make the decision,
“Do we start him or not”, and we didn’t start him. We wanted to
bring him on, as you probably saw, then we scored, so we could rest him today,
and that’s really good. Wednesday he will be back.

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  1. Can't remember last time saw professional, media team. In all aspects of life these days, like doctors had a code, moral,s. Stoping about 15 year ago

  2. Good job that Salah was rested after 3 multiple times injured in same left ankle they intended to end his season early and klopp avoided this dirty plans from opponents
    Liverpool should warn referee committee to protect Salah

  3. To me I already know, it was going to be a grinder, we all know any of the games Liverpool played after any International break, Liverpool does not play well, it's a given. I was hoping Liverpool would come out there with 3 points. Most of the players travel a lot before this game fro their international responsibilities or duties, we have to understand here.

  4. Go Liverpool FC we the best and I am happy for Liverpool FC lover Liverpool FC thanks you so much. Come say must the best Liverpool FC

  5. I’m happy that salah has had as week or so off. A bit of rest can only be good for him, come back ready to prove a point he is still the best and fresh!

  6. There are some proper deluded fans on here. VAR doesn't favour anybody, it's just a piece of technology which is not working and needs to be reviewed and fine tuned. It can either go for you or against you. For those who think it's favouring us, you're just deluded and more than anything else jealous fans looking for excuses and a scapegoat. The funny thing is we're not even playing that well and winning, imagine when we hit top gear, we'll be unstoppable! YNWA

  7. As a neutral i'm really tempted to say Liverpool will be found out soon. I'm only human but you cannot win 2-1 in that kind of fashion till the end of the season. I'm sorry Liverpool fans but it's only logical I predict a couple draws or loses unless it clicks…

  8. Not the best of performance need to get more clinical finishing wise, also Henderson looks lost sometimes today was the Day, we're Lucky to be 8 points clear tbh need to put our Act together.

  9. Do you realize, after Origi come in he strangely put 2 Palace def injured.
    And resulted messy def corner that leads to Firmino goal.
    What a legend

  10. Okแล้วนะค่ะ?เพราะฉันช่วยให้แล้วนะค่ะ?

  11. liverpool have won 5 games where they should not have won. hope they dont stop winning as last season proved it can happen suddenly. man city, united, eveton,west ham, leicester, all in quick time loosing points.

  12. dont get why supporters are getting carried away were going to win the league its november , we got carried away with our selves 13/14 and look what happened , take each game as it comes then when its mathematically impossible to not lose it then lets get carried away , if you carry on and get ahead of your selves , your just opening your selves to be laughed at by other clubs , well played palace deserved something out of today

  13. Mane & Firmino saved us. Also why are we conceding goals in majority of our games this season. I'm sure Klopp + coaching staff are trying but we need to fix this issue asap

  14. its hard to belive but that was champions mentality, they are grinding through, they were playing badly and still snatched 3 points, they are on whole different level.

  15. If not for only goal count I thing sadio mane is better than messi and Ronaldo, I believe with the trend of scoring he'll meet up. Challenge it!!!! Liverpool for real

  16. Klopp is saying all the right things. Critical of all the right things. There’s an easy self confidence that was not there before.
    Champions 2020.

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  18. I'm so fucking happy, kloppage Time this year. My Fav Team plays in da 4th league in Germany, but I hope so much for LFC-Fans and Klopp to get this Fucking-Title this year. Come on LFC

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