KIDS FIRST ASU FOOTBALL GAME (9.18.15 – Day 1266) |

KIDS FIRST ASU FOOTBALL GAME (9.18.15 – Day 1266) |

– What is up, my clan? Welcome to Friday, day 1266. I got it right. I know; I looked it up. 1266, and we’re here in Tempe,
beautiful Tempe, Arizona for the ASU game. They’re playing the New Mexican
Lobos, New Mexico Lobos. Amazing day. It was Raid Day in Destiny: Taken King, and it was epic. Four hours we get through
the first three checkpoints, and then I had to call
it quits ’cause we were coming down here. Had to get ready, and so we will resume sometime either tonight or tomorrow. I’m not sure when, but
it was epic, so epic. Stream will be up on ClintusGames if you wanna watch the first
three parts of the Raid. It was amazing to find
three of those puzzles. But anyway, that’s enough talk about that. Like I said, we are here in Tempe. We’re meeting up with the
Bevoes and the Fitches. We’re gonna grab some tacos
at Fuzzy’s, eat some dinner, and then head over to ASU
Stadium for some football! (brief rock music) Look what’s cutie patootie donned with. She got her ASU shirt
that she got with Chrissy. You guys saw that in the
vlog a couple days ago. Cute, cute. It’s whiteout, so
everyone’s walking white. Sierra’s got her button-up white shirt, and we got Lucy with us. Got a tank top on. Bryce’s got a plain white T, and Tiff bought me this v-neck white T. I don’t have any plain white Ts, guys. Plain white Ts are boring. So she had to buy me one. (people chatting in background) (child imitating car) (indistinct) (child imitating car) (people chatting in background) – The return to Sun Devil Stadium. Oh, look at the fireworks. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. (indistinct) – [Woman] love college football. Nothing beats college football. – [Bryce] Why? – [Woman] Because it’s
just so much more fun. – [Kade] You know you’re at ASU when you are surrounded by Saguaro cactus. – [Announcer] And 17 on the play– – [Kade] Cut right into
the side of the mountain. Arizona. – it feels so weird, being outside. Look to the side, there’s mountains and– – [Kade] Yeah. To watch football? – Yeah, especially if
you’re used to being inside. – [Kade] Yeah, for the Cardinals, yeah. That’s what I was telling Chrissy, though. This is where the Cardinals used to play. The last game I remember being here was when M.S. Smith played the Cardinals. – Your dad used to have tickets, yeah? – [Kade] Yeah. We made it to our seats,
through the whole row. All the way down. Go ASU. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Third down. – Is that the right thing? Dad, is it right? I feel like I did it too close. – [Voiceover] You’re okay. – [Sierra] We used the stickers. I used the big ones on my
thumb and my ring finger, and then the smaller ones
(indistinct) got our faces. Lucy’s got– – [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Kade] I got one too. – [Sierra] Uncle Jack’s got one too. (indistinct) (hip hop music)
(indistinct) (hip hop music) (shrieking and laughing) (cheering) – [Announcer] Tackle on the
play by the (indistinct) – [Voiceover] What are they (indistinct)? – [Voiceover] They’re
about ready to score. (cheering) – [Voiceover] What are
they distracting with? (indistinct) (cheering) – [Kade] Woo! Touchdown, Sun Devils! (whistling) Woo! The crowd goes wild. – [Announcer] (indistinct)
Antonio Longino. – [Kade] Sierra, you guys having fun? – Yeah. – [Kade] Is it better having a friend? Yeah? Have fun, Lucy? – Yeah. – [Kade] Yeah? – [Sierra, Lucy and Brian]
One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war. – [Sierra] No. – (laughing) You’re not even moving. (groaning) (cheering) – [Kade] Oh, what happened? Missed it. – [Sierra, Lucy and Brian]
One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war. – [Children] ASU! ASU! – [Sierra, Lucy and Brian]
One, two, three, four– – [Kade] Oh, he’s going, he’s
going, he’s going, he’s going. Yeah! (cheering) Oh, Bryce is doing his
seizure dance again. (pop music) (cheering) – [Kade] Woo! Yeah. Good stuff, good stuff. (cheering) Alright guys, we finished
up at the ASU game. They totally kicked the Lobos’ butt, so we left a little bit
early and we’re grabbing some dessert, ’cause the
kids wanted ice cream. – I got Betty.. – And Kit Kat. – [Kade] The boys got the Paletas Bettys, says they’re way better,
but what did you girls get? – I got mint with Kit Kats in it. – [Kade] Mint with Kit Kats.
– Mint with M&Ms. – [Kade] Mint and M&Ms. Mom? – Sparky’s Delux. – [Kade] Sparky’s Delux,
’cause we’re at Sparky’s, Small Batch Home Made Ice Cream. – Brownies, pecans and fudge,
and somebody has to help me ’cause it’s really big. – [Kade] I’m good, thanks. – [Bryce] That sounds good. – I’ll have a bellyache if I eat all this. – Back home now. Lucy’s gonna stay the night with us, ’cause it’s pretty late. Actually, I think her
parents are almost asleep. They’re gonna do some Minecraft and a little sleepover in here. Speaking of Minecraft, I messed up. I meant to post Sierra’s Minecraft video. Her Minecraft videos are in ClintusGames, and I totally uploaded Tuesday’s vlog. I dunno how I did that. But I didn’t catch it, ’cause
I edited the thumbnail, the title, the description, everything. I did everything, tweeted
it and everything, and then, all of a sudden,
started getting tweets and comments going, “Hey
Clintus, you uploaded a vlog “instead of a game video.” I’m like, “What?” Sure enough, I uploaded
Tuesday’s vlog instead. So anyways, I’ll get that
Minecraft video up tomorrow. As always, if you like the
video, be sure to give it a thumbs up. Tap the “i” in the sky for
the last three year’s videos, and we’ll see you tomorrow. Bryce has a football game,
and then we’re going out to dinner with the Bevoes
and the Fitches again for Carly’s birthday. So stay tuned, check
back tomorrow for that, and vlog on.

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