Kicking & Screaming (6/10) Movie CLIP – Crazed Coach (2005) HD

Kicking & Screaming (6/10) Movie CLIP – Crazed Coach (2005) HD

Hey, Phil. l–l–l don’t think that’s
a very good attitude. You can’t talk about
hurting other players. You don’t think? You don’t– you don’t think? l don’t think you
should be butting in when l’m talking
to my team. You’re my assistant, okay? You’re supposed to
back me up and go get me iuice boxes
when l tell you. Now go get me
a juice box. You know who
you’re talking to? l’m talking to
the juice box guy. You’re crazy! l’m not crazy.
l’m just thirsty. Why don’t you
go to hell? No, you go to hell!
While you’re there, why don’t you
grab me a juice box! l’m no iuice box boy,
l’ll tell you that! Yes, you are!
No, l’m not! Yes, you are!
No, l’m not! Yes, you are!
No, l’m not! You’re like your old man! l’m not like
my old man! lf it weren’t for these kids
l would whip your butt! l can take a punch! l’m out of here.
Bye-bye. l’ll see you, Mr. Big Time Coach.
Bye-bye! l’m not like my old man!
l’m a kind and gentle, compassionate human being, with a heart
as big as a lion! We’ll see you later,
juice box! Everyone wave goodbye
to juice box. Literally wave. Do it! Parents, too!
Everyone waves! [tires screeching] Okay. Guys… l only want
winners out on the field. (Phil)
Who’s a winner? l said, ”Who’s a winner?” (boys)
l am. Everyone’s
hands should be up. (all)
l am. Okay.
Everyone bring it in. Who are we? (all)
Tigers. What? (all)
Tigers. All right. Let’s break
someone’s clavicle. On three! One, two, three.
Break someone’s clavicle! Hit the field. Let’s go. Your dad’s a trip,
you know that? (Phil)
Move it! Move it! Huh. Pick up that
piece of trash, Tom. Tuck in your shirt! What are you doing?
Have a sense of pride, huh? ln fact,
why don’t you take a lap? Go and run a lap!
l’m timing you. [watch ticking] (Phil)
Pick it up! Faster! (Phil)
_ere we go! BellĂ­ssĂ­mo! Whoa! Let’s go! (woman)
Over here, Son. Hunter! He’s right there.
He’s right there. Good. Good. [groans] [whistling] [speaking Italian] [grunts] [all exclaiming] Yes! Hey, you iust were served
a plate of humiliation. How does that feel? (referee)
Hey! Off the field. Off the field, Tarzan. l’m off. [all chattering] [grunts] Defense! Come on! You guys know
anything about defense? Dad?
Yeah? Dad? Dad? Not now, Sam. Can you put me in? Later. Later.
Go grab some bench. Come on!
There we go, Gian Piero. You look good. Think you can mark him? Yeah, l could take him. J.J., Zack, everybody
see what we got to do
with these guys? Four on one,
three on another, right? We have to– We really have
to smother them. (boy)
Stop them. Yeah!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeah! All right! Hey! Hey! Hey! Did you iust push
a kid to the ground? He fell down!
He fell down!

100 thoughts on “Kicking & Screaming (6/10) Movie CLIP – Crazed Coach (2005) HD

  1. Let's breaks someone's clavicle on three! Let's go.

    –Sean Payton, Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints.

  2. my coach was literally just like this….minus being an asshole part haha but he would be over the line yelling excitedly & the reff would have to tell to calm down xD

  3. Pick up that piece of trash Tom. Tuck in your Shirt! What'dya doin?! Have a sense a pride huh? You know what, why don't you go run a lap. Go run a lap!! I'm timing you. Pick it up!! Faster!!!

  4. You know, I think I figured out my problem with this movie….Ferrell is the only fleshed out character in the entire picture. Everyone else is either a one-note wisecrack or a bland protester. So much that the climax is literally built upon suppressing whatever comedic energy that's been built up in favor of something formulaic and predictable.

    why don't we see any of the other parents show passion towards the championship? the kids? Seriously this could've been a much better satire if a multitude of people were sharing this collective mania to the degrees that Phil does. it would say more about league sports and competitive parenting than just a single case of a neglected son with passive aggression. :/

  5. "He fell down!… He FELL down!.." Nobody can turn a completely monstrous act into such comedy gold quite like Will Ferrel.

  6. I love Will Ferrel, but american's depiction of football/soccer is super cringeworthy. I mean, look at the way the goalkeeper dive! At least have the shooting be far away from the gk, not right on him and have him avoid it like a jumping jack…

  7. Break someone's clavicle. Everyone wave by to juice box. Pick up the trash Bob Tucking your shirt while now run a lap. Will Farrell always gets me?

  8. I think the coffee made him crazy cus coffee has a lot of stuff in it like caffeine and more stuff so it made Phill a little crazy

  9. We were learning about the clavicle in my Anatomy class and for someone reason this is all I could think about😂

  10. I remember watching this movie for the first time with my friend in 2015. Died laughing to this scene, and I'll always remember what a great day that was, just chilling and watching this movie. Good times.

  11. “PICK IT UP! FASTER!” Ughh that part gets me every time. Like how can a coach convince a parent to accept this type of treatment!? 😂😂🤣🤣

  12. What pissed me off is the way they said Pele's name in this movie, it just shows that Americans know nothing about football

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