Kent FA vs Charlton Invicta FC – Football v Homophobia Match


Clubs like Charlton Invicta give a really inclusive environment. They welcome players into the game Who might not be confident going and joining a team that isn’t so inclusive So we’ve got to support teams like Charlton Invicta to bring people into the game and create an inclusive atmosphere for everyone Charlton Invicta is a LGBTQ Club for anybody to come and play football Cubs like us are important because we just offer a safe and friendly environment, an inclusive environment for people to just come along and be themselves and play the game that everybody loves, you know everyone should have the opportunity to play football and that’s what were there for I think it’s important that all clubs support that LGBT community I think it’s it’s something that we, we have a big platform in football. It’s you know, our national sport. We love it We’re mad about it, and we have a big responsibility we have a lot of kids who look up to football players and follow teams like religiously so I think if Everyone gets involved all clubs have this responsibility to get involved and support LGBT community We are the first LGBT friendly football club That’s formally affiliated to a professional football club community trust in the Charlton Athletic Community Trust So we’re there to basically we are open to all, regardless of ability experience or sexual orientation So the footballing family in Kent, if we see homophobia or abuse in the game we can report it We can actually address it Raise awareness to make it inclusive for everyone And it’s really just about welcoming everyone into the game from any background, any sexual orientation. Whatever the case may be We want to make football for everyone. I think it’s really important that to those wider communities that we can spread the word That the county is trying its best to tackle all forms of discrimination. You know, we’re we’re a completely diverse team We’ve got a mix of straight and gay players But everybody’s just there to play football and you just wouldn’t know who’s gay who’s straight and it is just not an issue and We’re just there to tackle all forms of discrimination and hopefully with the support of Kent FA We’re getting that message around the whole county They get all the same facilities that men’s have that we the women’s first team have. We train next to each other in the evenings So they have a great environment, its a great setup Obviously no matter what sexuality you are, footballs for everyone. Kent FA have got a Equality Advisory Group which works really hard to include people from all different backgrounds including LGBT community I’m actually a member of the Equality Advisory Group. Since I’ve been on the group it’s been really excellent to see the work that’s going on to try and make the game much more inclusive. We’re celebrating the Football v Homophobia at the minute but there’s no reason why that can’t be in place throughout the season so I think always having it there as a reminder that we’re accepting and we’re encouraging people to get involved. I think that’s really important. Be yourself, if you love sport it doesn’t matter who you love, who you support, just be yourself really and that we’re trying our best to just break down barriers and get that message around that football is for everybody.

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