Kefalonia Vlog 4K (Day 2 – Paragliding at Myrtos beach, Assos village, Alaties beach)

Kefalonia Vlog 4K (Day 2 – Paragliding at Myrtos beach, Assos village, Alaties beach)

As you can probably see, the clouds are only
good for a nice timelapse, but not for a nice holiday. Believe it or not, this was one of the most
sunny days we had, thus the choice for paragliding today. As I watched how 60 euro fly out of people’s
pocket and into the Kefalonia Paragliders pockets, (pun intended), my desire for adrenaline
overcame the will to live long and preferably prosperous. Since the number of take-offs matched the
number of safe landings for those guys, I tought that even I can do this. In the end, years of experience of the 2 men,
made the flight look like a child’s play. Enjoy the view and stay tuned for the visit
to the Ancient Castle from Assos village. After my feet felt the ground again, we got
hungry so we ate at this tavern: Myrtos Taverna. The food was great, plenty and, for 30 euro
(tips included), resonably ok. The icecream was fabulous and the staff was
very friendly. I take advantage of our trip to Assos village
to tell you more about the roads in Kefalonia. I wanted to talk about this, since, as you
can see, they can be very steep, sometimes narrow and there are a lot of dangerous curves. Every now and then, they can irritate you,
especially when it’s raining. The look of the steep slope just outside your
car window can cure any constipation. At least it will be very quiet inside the
vehicle 🙂 When we went to one of the northern cities, we tried the inland route. Since it rained the night before, the road
was traversed here and there by what it looked like a small river of little wet rocks, so
for us it was a no-go, even with a 4X4. Returned to Vlachata, then the longer road
looked like a charm. Drive slowly and pay attention to the road
as you don’t want to be on the 5 o’clock news! We got up to the ruins (there is a 1 km long
route), but not before passing by a wedding at the base of the hill. From the road you can watch Assos, not to
mention you feel like you’re in the middle of the nature. Listen to this… You can see more of the castle by clicking
the card on the upper right side of the screen. After our visit to the castle was over, we
decided to go to a small beach call Alaties, were we stayed for the sunset. After one tiring day, we went back to Vlachata,
got dinner then made plans for the next day. But more on that, on the next video. Bye!

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