Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos Thursday Night Football NFL week 7 picks

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos Thursday Night Football NFL week 7 picks

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos Thursday Night NFL football Chiefs at Broncos Review and game predictions with comments from Chiefs and Broncos fans of the NFL football league

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Kansas City Chiefs 4-2 (3-0 on the road) win/loss streak 2 L
Denver Broncos 2-4 (1-2 at home) win/loss streak 2 W
NFL Vegas lines against the spread
Kansas City Chiefs the favorite to win ATS Lines -3
Denver Broncos the underdog team to win ATS lines +3

Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Week 7 Let me know in my comments Below thanks
NFL Schedule – 2019 Team Schedules 2019 Week 7
Thursday Night NFL , October 17,2019
Kansas City Chiefs
Denver Broncos
7:20 PM FOX/NFL Broncos Stadium at Mile High, Denver Kansas City Chiefs http://www.chiefs.com/
Denver Broncos http://www.denverbroncos.com/
NFL Score prediction Kansas City Chiefs 23 Denver Broncos 34
Denver Broncos win T.N.F at home over Chiefs wild upset pick

At end of clip give you my early look at week 8 NFL picks but those could change come week 8 football picks NFL WEEK 7 against the spreads nfl Vegas lines NFL odds NFL score predictions NFL upset picks also NFL over and under final score predictions NFL FOOTBALL SEASON
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🏈🏈🏈🏈 NFL Games I will be talking about today
NFL Week 7 picks and predictions for the 2019-2020 football season
💲🤑💲🤑💲🤑💰💰 the Chiefs have lost back-to-back games
and now they get a Bronco squad who’s coming off back-to-back wins do both
streaks continue or we’ll both come to an end
predictions are ahead but first some numbers to keep in your back pocket
while you watch the game the blueprint to beat the Chiefs seems to be right
there for all to see and luckily for the Broncos they have the right tool to
maybe make it happen again the look Lacey continues to lead the way
for Denver coming off another solid effort 70 yards at TD 4.7 yards per
carry that also happens to be Lindsay’s yard per carry average on the season
which would seem to be more than enough to be effective against KC which has not
been able to stop anyone on the ground the last week’s Marlon Mac setup 132
yards against the new lead five and then Carlos Hyde 116 86 and only two teams
have allowed more yards per carry than Casey has at five point two that what that stone is limited the
Chiefs offense simply by keeping them off the field the Colts held the ball
for more than 37 minutes compared to Casey’s 22 in change and the Texans held
the ball for 39 minutes the Chiefs possessing the ball for a
little over 20 the Chiefs have to get better at stopping the run to get their
offense to ball more often because when their offense is on the field it’s
generally still been just as effective as ever Tyreke Hill scored twice and is
returning from injury Pat mahomes had more than 270 passing yards and three
three touchdowns but this week the pass defensive faces is one of the league’s
best the Broncos are sixth and passer rating against and have held opposing
air attacks of 5.6 yards per attempt seventh in the NFL so the homes and
company will be tested and Denver make it three in a row can Casey avoid
dropping three in a row I’m gonna see what our predictions have to say about
this first quarter woo I revised the crazy MNBeast
face it’s that crazy Saint man I saw a face reading awesome crazy crazy
predictions for Thursday NFL that’s right we have the Kansas City Chiefs
playing the Denver Broncos for week 7 NFL game preview just reading some
comments these are a hundred and eighty-three comments gonna start
reading off Broncos running game is legit somebody says it’s if Denver can
score 24 points they can very well win this one Broncos this is from a Chiefs
fan Broncos taken this Chiefs are a mess right now
and our GM just thinks everything is dandy someone else says we are going to
run the ball at crazy Chiefs will get 10 points if they are lucky next one
hopefully the refs don’t interfere and influence the outcome of this game next
comment go Broncos Chiefs wheels are officially falling off tomorrow next
comment the Broncos will win tomorrow next comment I’m calling a Denver upset
mahomes is a little beat up I think we can hold them off to under 20 points and
beat them in the last minute nail-biter upset special Chiefs 25 Broncos 24 woo
I will be back to hear my apology go Broncos next common Flakoll beat them
please sign Ravens fan next common filth Lindsey licking his chops right now
waiting to play the Chiefs run defense next comment Broncos could
actually pull this one out next comment go Broncos Broncos
100 million to Chiefs 0 next comment every day
the Chiefs win the Broncos lose every day that Broncos win the Chiefs lose
that means it must be a tie next comment let’s go Denver next comment two losses
in a row Plus – wins in a row the Broncos will win this 25-20 next
comment go Broncos damn did I say that next comment bye Broncos will win
tomorrow next comment let’s go Broncos next
common joke offense meets joke defense conclude and you all have a team next
comment I hate rooting for the other teams in the AFC West don’t laugh
we all do it or have done it next time it
Broncos win 28-27 next timing Raider nation number one next comment
pound the rock eat the clock clock go Broncos next comment
let’s go chiefs let’s bounce back next comment I got the Broncos win tomorrow
night the Chiefs are beat up and on top outside the Beast is laughing his ass
off gold Broncos go Broncos go up Broncos go Broncos go Broncos go Broncos
Denver Broncos win this one that’s right Denver Broncos win this one Denver
Broncos win this one Denver Broncos win this one Denver Broncos win this one
Denver Broncos win this one woo good morning everybody I saw a mnbeast just
getting up getting ready drinking my more coffee woo that’s right and I got
shot in lots of my face Denver Broncos are going win tonight
happy Thursday everybody happy Thursday good luck on your NFL Thursday night
picks because you know what you better be taking the Denver Broncos you better
be taking the Denver Broncos because if you are a circle Kansas City Chiefs scratch that
put the Denver Broncos on there that’s trap with the Denver Broncos on those
crazy eyes woo Denver Broncos win take the gun spreads +3 make sure you
check out Andrew Warren’s NFL picks he has those week 7 picks out there’s the
link woo good morning everybody how are you doing good morning how are you doing
now if you were watching this while you’re taking your morning Duke
congratulations I already took mine beast is too much info Denver Broncos
win by at least 10 points tonight mark my word woo crazy I’m gonna start the toilet that’s right
that’s right I got stuck in the toilet woo systems and freaks we are gonna take one
out of your push downs with it and let’s get started happy Halloween almost Minnesota its comedy that games blacked
out everybody must be a Packers and a lot of people are gonna be crying today
if they don’t take my nfl football picks but how like I said we’re gonna bring her to Walmart
we got ourselves start good old Ford chips get to the border with light and
salt and we’re gonna make us up some chili cheese dip so we got the Hormel
chili Jimmy Johns hot Italian sausage and little secret
like a little spice here get the hot if you don’t get the mild and my camera
lady has the phone a little sideways so I’m trying to stand a little sideways
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out go Vikings taught you guys soon we’re gonna be cooking it up and Oh most of
all I forgot we are gonna have our stuff so um Johnsonville brats don’t do this again
at Walmart people are looking at me like I’m crazy
oh well hit a minute you buy his area pie saw my pics have a nice night
oh wait a minute have I slept yet have a nice day no bikes what’s up everybody
it’s time to do some football prep cook all right we’re gonna whip up a little
bit of one little recipe I’m gonna show you guys very very quick we’re gonna
make some Velveeta chili cheese dip all right come on over here and I’m gonna
show you a few things we’re gonna start with your black Velveeta cheese I
personally like the Casablanca cheese the white cheese but you can do is the
regular Velveeta I take it into a block I cut it boom-boom-boom I’ll just taste
up super easy throw it in the pot okay second of all you grab yourself a couple
cans of Hormel of chili or any kind of chili beans or with no beans which other
one you like a can of Rotel oh that adds that little bit of a twist tang you can
go with the original you can go with the mild you can go with the hot all right
and on over here I got my gas oven just slowly getting my Italian sausage all
set up and ready to go of course we got our a couple bag of chips to go along
with our food all you guys out there this is a simple little recipe to make
for you if you and your friends so just throw on your piece inside your crock
pot grab your hands dump those on in there grab your hotel throw that in there as
the the meat gets a little bit more cooked I’ll throw that in there throw it
on the crock-pot steamer right there put the lid on there shut
spot 932 here in Minnesota game starts at no one here about two and a half
hours and go home in and we’re gonna be growing beasts idea so
Rams it’s all in the subscribe Pizza like share this to your friends and if
you’re subscribed and dirty hit the like button thank you so much for watching
and staying with me so have yourself I’m crazy fun crazy

4 thoughts on “Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos Thursday Night Football NFL week 7 picks

  1. Come on Beast, I Know Chiefs Defense has been awful the past few weeks but they Are not losing tonight, Flacco will be Denver's down fall tonight, -3 is a Steal all over Chiefs!$$

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