Juventus vs PSG Football Match Gameplay In FIFA 19

Juventus vs PSG Football Match Gameplay In FIFA 19

I don’t want to defeat Juventus You are going to lose NICE PASSING BRO Didn’t work long Bro you have to defeat him OHHHH.. EASY PEASY OHHHH… BROOO You’re not gonna give me possession,Now OHH MAN , I lost the possession,Now OHHH… Nice Skill OHHH,You scored to early JUVENTUS 1 GOAL AHEAD BRO,NEER can’t play with you He has destroyed my defense Trying to make a move EASY BROO NICE, Your attacking is good You are 1 goal ahead And I am in under pressure Too much pressure I don’t want to lose this game from you,Bro But I also don’t want to defeat Juventus Don’t know what to do 2-0 We want 5-0 No No No….. That’s not gonna happen I am not that noob[BAD] in this game Score will not exceed 3–0 5-0 Is too much score Neer,I will make sure that your record can break Bro you are a pro player 2-1……. JUVENTUS has 62% and PSG has 38% possession stats He is not allowing me to have some possession of the football You speak more Because of that my good passing with the football becomes bad OHHH SHIT, it a very nice gap but I can’t reached If I does not miss this chance then It’s going to a be goal NO NO NO ……. RUN RUN RUN …… RUN RUN Run after the ball……….. De costa playing nice He always plays nice OHHHH MAN It’s my solo run Goal…………. NO IT’s not a goal BRO This move is nice na? Bro you are playing good I enjoy playing with you Not having fun while playing with someone That’s a competitive match Now I having fun while playing with you Offside, Let’s go No I don’t want to conceded more goals I thought it was scored, but I missed OHHH WHY I AM SAYING UVENTUS BUT IT’S JUVENTUS I thought literally that was a goal o that time But my misfortune Bad luck or you are bad Whatever is good Better than your luck He is offside OHHH SHIT SHIT, WHY ……. I GUESS RIGHT SHIT SHIT …… BRO REPLAY REPLAY Why you not press the dybala key celebration ? He is not Dybala PSG and JUVENTUS have no match Bro its depends on your game play not on the team you choose It’s right buddy See how hard the brother has to face to score against me Arsenal are a worthless team Who told you that Arsenal is a worthless team, don’t be bad about Arsenal. Arsenal is my favorite team It’s not because of Buffon, I just missed the goal Buffon I need to make more than 3-1,BRO NO NO NO That’s not gonna happen Somebody had to take Neer revenge That’s not gonna happen Let’s see Let’s go, I have a corner kick Finally I won You played well Bro Make sure to like and Subscribe And also don’t forget to press the bell icon And comment down How was the video? BYEEE

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