Jürgen Klopp’s pre-match press conference | Crystal Palace

Jürgen Klopp’s pre-match press conference | Crystal Palace

Jürgen, first of all, how has Joe Gomez been
since returning from international duty and what did you make of how
England handled that whole situation? First and foremost, he is good,
better than good, everything is fine. Most of the time when someone
gives you a piece of information, not you personally, but you don’t
really deal with it sensibly, you always make it bigger than it is
and discuss it for five weeks. The people involved were fine… ..pretty quickly. So, things like this happen
in a football environment, it’s a big challenge to ask the boys
for pretty much everything in a game they play against each other, and the next day you meet each other
and have to play together for something. That’s how it is, it’s just a challenge,
it was always like this. So there’s absolutely nothing to say about it, Gareth and the English FA
dealt with it like they thought was right, I cannot judge that because
I was not in the situation, but the most important thing is that
the players are absolutely OK and better. So, all OK, nothing else to say about it really. Results have shown that your side doesn’t
generally lose focus or get complacent, so I just wonder, what do you feel now is
the biggest threat to you in the title race, given the advantage that you have? We don’t think about the title race. The biggest challenge for us
is constantly facing questions about it, Apart from that, so far it’s a normal season. We never made it the season where we have
to or whatever, it’s just a season we are in. We play as good as we can, we try to get
as many points as we can. The challenges are the 26 games
we have to play and the next one is Crystal Palace. And when we talk about that –
maybe for a couple of minutes today – everyone will realise it’s a challenge,
and these challenges are big enough, so you don’t need any others
and we don’t think about anything else. Before we talk a little bit more
about Crystal Palace though… I have to ask you what you make of Jose Mourinho’s return
to the Premier League with Spurs and obviously Mauricio Pochettino
having gone? Yeah, welcome back, Jose!
Obviously it’s nice to have him back. He was desperate, you could see
in the time when he wasn’t in, but on the other side of course
Mauricio is not there anymore, and that shows of course how quickly
things change nowadays. I think around about five months ago we played each other
in the Champions League final, and now he’s on holiday and I hope
he can enjoy it, to be honest. He did a brilliant job at Tottenham,
nobody doubts that, he is an outstanding coach, great guy. Left and right of the game, I would say, I would really enjoyed the challenge
in the games we played against each other, my first game in the Premier League was
against him so we have quite a history. But everybody knows that pretty much
all the jobs that are available, Mauricio will be in contention, I think. Yeah, everything will be fine,
but that was a big one, when I first heard it I couldn’t
really believe it in that moment. But then a couple of hours later they already
had the situation, so that’s how it is. I really hope that Mauricio can enjoy
the few days, weeks, months, I don’t know, it will not last long, and then he will be back. And Jose is highly motivated obviously,
that will be interesting as well. I’ll ask you about Crystal Palace,
if you don’t mind. Why have they proved such a difficult
opponent in the past for Liverpool and for other top teams? Oh, it’s their quality. Their home games
are pretty special because it’s a really nice atmosphere there,
they make it difficult. It’s a special place to go,
100 per cent, and they have the quality. They had not the most spectacular
transfer window maybe in the summer, but working longer together
and knowing more about each other can improve squads as well, especially with such
an experienced manager like Roy is. So that works really well. They had a really good start in the season, but with the opponents they had it was not
that clear like somebody would imagine. They made it tough for everyone. I saw the Leicester game,
the full 90 minutes, and from other games I saw summaries. They are now working longer together,
you can see the patterns are more obvious – how they defend, how they counter. That makes it difficult anyway. Nobody expects from Crystal Palace,
even in a home game, that they will have 70, 80 per cent
possession against us, so they enjoy defending compact and then know that they are
a proper threat in the counter-attack. That makes it really tough
with the quality they have. When you think about Zaha,
Townsend and then Ayew in a counter-attack, it’s really tough to defend
and we have to find solutions for that. It will be interesting. You’ve always spoken highly
about the mentality of your team, and I was reading that you’ve brought
Lee Richardson in as a sports psychologist. Are you seeing the fruits
of his labours already? Yes, but we don’t test him, it’s not like this. It’s not like, “Let’s have a look
if the boys behave better.” I think… ..around about 20, 25 years ago
there were no goalie coaches in football and the head coach
did the goalie training by himself. You had no athletic coaches,
it was all our job pretty much. So, the teams around the team
became bigger. The next thing was,
of course, with psychology. Especially with sports psychology,
people thought, ‘Really, do we need that?’ It’s a job to do, but I cannot really
speak [about it] because I am not involved. It is not that I speak to him
and he comes to me. I spoke to him, but that’s a completely
confidential thing. What he is doing with the players,
I am not involved. I have my part to do with the boys,
and do that like I did it before. I didn’t give anything to Lee and tell him, “Thank God I don’t have to do that anymore,
now you can have these uncomfortable talks!” It’s just an add-on
for all the things we try to deliver. We try to make sure the boys
are in the best hands. With Lee Richardson especially,
the good thing is, he was a player himself, a manager himself and then he
decided to become a sports psychologist. It’s a really interesting career,
he’s a fantastic person, which is important because then I don’t
have to convince the boys to talk to him. It’s easy. He is a really, really interesting
person and so the boys enjoy, for sure, that he is around, and when you need him,
you can use him. Jürgen, in terms of player availability
this weekend, how are you looking squad-wise? I’m thinking of the injuries
with Mo, Andy and Joel. And is Virgil van Dijk available for selection? In the moment, yes,
Virgil is 100 per cent available. But it’s the time of the year when players
get out of the squad overnight, unfortunately, with some other things –
getting sick or ill or whatever. From the others, I cannot say 100 per cent,
I don’t know 100 per cent. Today is a very important session
to judge that, especially with the players
who came back late. Fabinho and Bobby and Ali played on
Tuesday, Gini Wijnaldum played on Tuesday, so we have these players where we really need
to have a look at how they react and what makes sense for them or not. It’s always how it is with the first game
after the international [break], we have to wait until the last second
pretty much to make the decision. Nobody came back with
a serious injury or something like that, but we still have
to look how they are. What about Mo Salah though?
That ankle problem just seems to be… niggling away there still. Yeah, true. Yesterday he trained. He trained
the whole time since he was here, but only the things we wanted him to do. Today is another important session
to see how it looks and then we can make the decision. It’s not that it got worse, but it’s still kind of there, that’s the problem. We have to be sensible with things
like this, but I didn’t make the decision. If I would have made a decision,
I probably wouldn’t have told you now, but it’s true –
I have to see the session today. Jürgen, in some ways it’s been
a difficult 12 months for Dejan Lovren, he’s been out of the team, injury problems, and then when he was fit other people
had taken his place. How would you assess his contribution since
he’s came back into the side? Good, very good, but I’m not surprised. Dejan Lovren is a highest quality centre-half. Does he have weaknesses?
Yes, like you all! And I have. But not a lot and not in a football sense.
He is an outstanding centre-half, that’s why it was always clear
we wanted to keep him. But in football, a lot of things
are about momentum – you are not in, you are injured or whatever. And other players, with the quality we have
in that position, establish themselves, play well, have rhythm and all that stuff. Then you have to wait and you have to
carry on working, which he did. It’s pretty much how it is
for Joe [Gomez] a little bit. Joe is a sensational player,
but the things work out. We now have games
where we have to make changes, and thank God they all have a
little bit of rhythm and we can make changes. But I’m not surprised that Dejan is doing well,
because that’s the reason why he’s here. No international football until March now, which is certainly a good thing
from your perspective, but now we’re hitting that period where
there’s a game every three days… And a press conference! As well, and I know that’s a treat for you(!) How do you deal with it
on a day-to-day basis? Because there’s not a great deal
of time for players to train. And then, how do you
assess periods of rotation and who you’d want to change
for various games? There’s no long-term plan
but I should be used to it now, it’s the fourth time that I’ve faced this period. But there’s no long-term plan, I don’t know
when we play Watford, for example, but I think it’s sometime in December. I’m not thinking about that game already,
we go now to Crystal Palace. Then on Wednesday we play Napoli, but I have no clue right now
who will play against Napoli. After that we play Brighton and I have
no idea who will play against them. So it’s just that we need to find solutions
for the specific moment. There will be moments when you play
Wednesday/Saturday, for example, or even worse in late December, where we
have to think about something like that, ‘who fits better for this opponent?’,
stuff like this, but not at the moment. We have to make sure that they are
all in absolutely top shape, and whenever somebody
has to start he is really there, knows about all the things
we have to do on the pitch, he’s ready to contribute,
he’s ready to deliver and to use his skills. I don’t know if other managers
do it differently, but I can’t. It’s not that I know who plays
in two weeks and stuff like this, we really have to make sure
we are ready for the next game, recover, have another look and then
make a decision for that game. You’ve got Shaqiri back now, I’m just wondering how much ground
he’s got to make up to become a viable option for you? Just to train, no other reason, nothing else. He was really long injured,
I think it was five weeks or so. And so, to get match fitness again,
that takes time as well. So he felt that this week, he trained this week,
did not all the same things like the players who had no issues,
so we still… ..gave him some different things to do. But that’s it, apart from that
he should be completely fine, there’s no reason to rush it now
but it’s nice to have him back. We saw a lot of really nice things
in training this week, it was really good. It’s intense for him at the moment, so he
needs to get used to the intensity again, and then everything will be fine. Jürgen, there’s been speculation
about Shaqiri’s future again, is there any sense of frustration
that you’re seeing in training, and if there is, how do you reassure him that
he still has a place to fight for in this team? About who, sorry? Shaqiri, there’s been speculation
that he wants to leave. But not internally,
why should I talk about something that’s absolutely
not interesting for us? That’s the world outside,
he was injured for five weeks, if that’s then seen as a period where
he cannot play, I cannot help the people. And before that, yes, we spoke about that, that he didn’t have
as many games as he wanted, but that’s pretty much all,
there’s nothing else to say. We don’t think like this. When I am with him
he is completely happy, completely fine, and speculation is speculation,
nothing that we can change. No, really, I have no idea
what I could say about that. Of course he has a future here,
but we all speak about the future always, until the season ends, and then maybe
a player comes to me, or not. In the moment nobody thinks about that,
we are completely in the season, and this season he’s
a very, very important player for us. Obviously he gives you
a lot of different options in attack, as we saw last season. Oh, yeah, but he needs to be fit for that and that’s all we are concerned about
at the moment, because he cannot be… He did rehab and now he trained,
and as I say it was really good in moments. In other moments you saw, “OK, that’s
different to the rehab stuff he did.” So that’s how it is, but good, very good, the most intense period is coming up now so he will be ready for that,
if nothing happens again, and you will see him
on the pitch, 100 per cent.

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