Jurassic Park (1993) – Chaos Theory Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Jurassic Park (1993) – Chaos Theory Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Uh, uh, now, eventually you
do plan to have d_nos_urs… On yOUr, On yOUr
dinosaur tour, right ? Hello ? H-Hello. [ Exhales ]
Yes ? l really hate that man. [ Groans ] See, the tyrannosaur, uh, uh,
doesn’t obey any set patterns
or, or park schedules. The essence, uh,
ofchaos. Um, l’m still
not clear on chaos.
Wh-What does that mean ? Oh, oh, it simply deals
with, uh, unpredictability
in complex systems. The shorthand is
the, the Butter_y Effect. A butter_y can flap
its wings in Peking, and in Central Park
you get rain
instead ofsunshine. l go too fast.
l did a fly-by. Give me that glass ofwater.
We’re going to conduct
an experiment. lt should be still.
The car’s bouncin’ up
and down, but that’s okay. Now, put your hand flat
like a hieroglyphic. Say a drop ofwater
falls on your hand. Which way is the drop going
to fall om? Which finger ? Thumb, l’d say. Aha. Okay.
Now freeze your hand.
Don’t move. l’m going to do
the same thing, start
with the same place again. Which way is it
going to roll off? S-Same way.
Back the same way. [ Gasps ]
It changed. lt changed. Why ?
Because tiny variations: uh, the orientation of
the hairs on your hands, um, the amount of blood
distending your vessels,
imperfections in the skin– lmperfections in the skin ? And never repeat
and vastly affect
the outcome. That’s… what ?
Unpredictability. [ Malcolm ]
Right. There.
Look at this. See ? l’m right again.
Nobody could’ve predicted
that Dr. Grant would suddenly, suddenlyjump out
ofa moving vehicle. Alan ! [ Chuckling ]
See, here l’m now by myself,
uh, er, talking to myself. That’s, that’s
chaos theoy.

57 thoughts on “Jurassic Park (1993) – Chaos Theory Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

  1. "…See here I am now sitting by myself talking to myself. THAT'S Chaos Theory!" Me every single day swimming in my insanity…

  2. I want Jeff Goldblum to stare deep into my eyes while holding and caressing my hand as he explains the chaos theory to me.

  3. I still don’t the butterfly effect. A guy farts in Central Park and a butterfly feels the rains down in Africa?

  4. I haven't seen Jurassic Park in over 20 years, I think now that I get Jeff Goldblum it's going to be 10X more entertaining.

  5. I did read the book first,(JP),..Goldman nails Malcolm in character from the book. I wish Speilberg would have given more about chaos from the book to film. Malcolm was very funny and a lot more frightening.

  6. ah the 90s… Damn that was a good age for movies 🙂 i remember standing in line to get my ticket to view this movie in the cinema with my brother and my father… ah good old times.

  7. You know, as odd and crazy sounding as he was, Dr. Malcom was always the only one who had any real sense this whole franchise, including Jurassic World 2. Anything and everything he tried to explain to people would end up almost exactly as he predicted. His argument was always proven one way or another and people continue to not listen. Sometimes it sucks to be (not the smartest) but at least the one with the most common sense in the room.

  8. as much as I LOVE THIS SCENE it is utterly ridiculous to assume that an adult female scientist doesn't know what the concept of chaos is

  9. Alan: Boy, it’s a good thing I wore a bandanna; I’m just about ready to strangle this guy! How dare he chat up my girlfriend! He suddenly sees Triceratops in the distance. Wait! What’s that?! We get to see an actual dinosaur?! Oh! I can’t pass this up!

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