Juggling a Soccer Ball *6 Key Points* by Online Soccer Academy

Juggling a Soccer Ball *6 Key Points* by Online Soccer Academy

What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared
Montz former pro and founder of OnlineSoccerAcademy.com. Today we are learning how to juggle a soccer
ball with your feet. Description: How to Juggle a Soccer Ball
Yes, Soccer player will probably never stand on the field during a game and juggle but
soccer juggling is a great soccer skill to improve ball control and first touch. It’s
also an easy thing to do when soccer training on your own. This Online Soccer Academy soccer drills video
is geared towards beginner jugglers and soccer coaches. What’s going on? Little dap! It’s Jared Montz
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Let the soccer ball drop low. If the soccer ball is high in the air do not try to kick
it. Let it drop low. How to Juggle. Keep your ankle locked, not loose, and curl
your foot back towards your shin. You want your ankle hard like a rock, not loose like
jello. So when the soccer ball hits your foot it bounces off as if it hit a rock. If your
foot is loose like jello your foot will absorb the pressure of the ball. Do not curl your
foot back all the way to your shin. If you do this, it will cause the soccer ball to
come back and hit you in the shins. If you don’t curl your foot back and you point your
toe down, the ball will hit your foot and go forward away from you. Soccer Players. Make contact with your laces, specifically
the part of your laces near the base of your toes. The ball should have back spin. Keep your juggling foot out in front of you
when juggling, not behind you. Do not bring your foot all the way back when you juggle.
A juggling touch requires little movement. If you bring your foot to far back it takes
to much time to bring it forward and make contact with the soccer ball. Football Soccer. Keep your eyes on the ball. Coaching Soccer. Exercise Player Can Do: Drills for Soccer.
An soccer exercise we can do to soccer practice. Start off practicing your foot juggling tricks
motion without the ball. This will get you use to how your technique will feel. Once
comfortable get the soccer ball out. Using your hands toss the ball up, juggle
it once and catch it. As you feel confident go for two juggles and catch it, three juggles
and catch it. Then continue to the point where you don’t catch it and you only pick the soccer
ball up with your hands when it drops. How to Soccer. Do this for 10-15 minutes. Juggling is not soccer training you practice
once and don’t do again. I’d suggest practicing soccer juggling for at least 10-15 minutes
at the end of every session you do. Youth Soccer Drills. Yes, when you get good you will start soccer
juggling from the ground by doing a pick up move with your feet. But right now we are
not working on pick up soccer moves from the ground, we are working on feet juggling. This
is why I advise you to start with your hands, not your feet. Reason being is so we focus
on feet juggling, not juggling pick up soccer moves. What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: Coaching
Youth Soccer. Some things you could be doing wrong. If the
soccer ball is going away from you in a forward direction you are not curling your foot back
towards your shin. If the soccer ball is going to side of you
when you take your touch then you are hitting the outside of your foot. Keep your eyes on
the ball when you take your touch and hit the soccer ball with your laces, near the
base of your toes; not the outside of your foot. Football Training. Bonus Tips: How to Coach Youth Soccer.
Toss the soccer ball up in the air, don’t just drop it at your foot. Lots of soccer
players just drop it or push the ball down and this doesn’t give them enough time to
react to the soccer ball. When your technique is great you don’t have
to kick the ball hard. Lots of beginner soccer jugglers are use to having to kick so hard
because their ankle is not locked and it’s loose like jello. So when their technique
improves and they learn to lock their ankle they kick the soccer ball high up because
now their technique is better but they are still kicking hard. What I’m saying here is
when you have great technique, you only need a little touch, not a big one when juggling. Only use your opposite foot when you are feeling
confident on your dominant foot. So once you can do 5 or 10 juggles on your dominant foot
then start using your weaker foot. The same feet soccer juggling technique applies. Be patient, be confident and enjoy the process
of improving. Beginner jugglers get very frustrated with soccer freestyle juggling because it’s
hard. Don’t get frustrated, take your time and remember small improvements daily equal
big improvements over time. Be sure and use your juggling chart on your Online Soccer
Academy profile to track your progress! Soccer Video. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
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Post a comment; let me know what you think and how it worked for you? Soccer World. My
name is Jared Montz and Remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything
in life is possible! Believe in it®! Related Keywords: Soccer, how to soccer, football
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100 thoughts on “Juggling a Soccer Ball *6 Key Points* by Online Soccer Academy

  1. Hey OSA i have a trouble on the key point number 5. i find it really hard to keep my juggling foot infront of me I always have the tendency to bring my foot all the way back. could you please give me some tips? I would really appreciate it Thank you! =)

  2. Really trying my best, following every step in this vid, but somehow i still cant even get to 4 juggles. I dont even know how im wrong…but thanks for this vid 🙂

  3. thank you can you help me i am boy from algerie and i want be pro in football soccer so please would you help me and thank you again for this advice peace

  4. How do you control the movement of the ball? I've been trying but it keeps moving around everywhere, I can't get it to go up and down in one place.

  5. If you lock your ankles away from you then the ball goes away from you but then if you lock your ankles towards your shin, I keep toe hacking it instead of using laces and the ball comes towards my body too much. What can I do?

  6. Saw a lot of juggling videos to improve my juggling but even then it was happening like 3 or 4.Saw this and my juggling became better.Really a nicely explained video.

    1. When I juggle it I sometimes kick it on my side of my foot.Any ways to fix this to hit it in the laces.
    2.I sometimes overboard on the kicking power and it goes over my head. How do I go soft?
    3.I move away from my spot where I was standing (I kick the ball a bit away from me) Any tips?
    BTW I've started practicing yesterday on juggling and I got from 4 to 10 as best. THANKS FOR THE HELP!

  8. key point #2: do not curl your foot back all the way to your shins if you do this this will cause you to go to the hospital

  9. Too hard to control to see where it goes with laces or not ive been practicing for 10 days then also i can only juggle 5-10 times

  10. Juggling can also help your weak foot do the kick and catch method with both feet it is a great skill to use both feet in game and in juggling the kick and catch is when u juggle ( kick) the ball once up then catch to work on touch backspin and kick motion

  11. STARTING FROM HERE: 8th grade, 9/12/16 10:05 PM, I'm trying to learn how to juggle and I just got into soccer. Will update soon! Juggle record as of now: 3 🙁

  12. this helps me a lot. Now I reach 36 juggles and ALSO WITH YOUR TIP THAT YOU SHOULD KICK THE BALL WHEN IT IS LOW. THANKS

  13. Ive been practicing juggling 1 hour a day for two weeks and my juggling record doubled(from 10 to 20); nice video. the thing that you added that others didnt is how if the ball is going to the side make sure the ball is on the laces:) love the video after a month i will reply to this comment and see my new record.

  14. Hi Coach,Thanks For Great Video It Was Helpful For Me,But Can You Help Me Fix My Issues I Had No Place For Training And Sometimes I've Loose My Ankle.Can You Help Me To Fix That ?

  15. Can you do how to do a knuckle ball and curve a ball for begginer s pls. I also subscribed and clicked the ball

  16. Key point about your dominant leg (more about kicking than juggling). The difficult skill is balancing on your supporting leg. I was a very right footed dominant player. If I was making a cross with my right foot I could be getting pulled down, and I could get off a good cross. When I crossed with my left foot everything had to be perfect. The key is balancing on your support leg. Stand on one leg and move the other leg around. Do you notice you have much better balance with your non dominant kicking foot? You can practice balancing on one leg in your house and this will help your kicking with your non dominant foot.

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