Jose Barea Family: Wife, Kids, Brothers, Parents

Jose Barea Family: Wife, Kids, Brothers, Parents

A famous NBA player Jose Barea was delivered
in 1984 and is of Puerto Rican origin. He has been playing basketball since early
years but became a professional in 2006 after joining the Dallas Mavericks. At some point he changed the team and had
been playing for Minnesota Timberwolves since 2011 till 2014 but later came back to the
previous team. Apart from being a Dallas Mavericks player,
Barea is also a trainer of a Puerto Rican basketball team. The famous sportsman won dozens of awards,
such as, for instance, FIBA Basketball World Cup Top Scorer, CAA Player of the Year and
so many others. But what’s the celebrity’s background? Let’s get to know more about Jose’s family
members. The NBA player’s father Jaime is an engineer
by profession. Father and son are very close and Jaime is
very proud of all career heights his stellar son achieved by his hard work. The mother’s name is Marta and she used
to be a tennis and volleyball coach. Nowadays, she is retired. Like her husband Jaime, she also shares a
tight bond with a famed son and always supports him, no matter what. Barea has two older brothers. Jaime Javier was delivered in 1982. He has built a successful career as a biochemical
geneticist. In addition, he is happily married and together
with a wife, raises four children. Jason is the second brother, who works as
an engineer. All three brothers are very close and enjoy
spending time together. Speaking of the NBA star’s personal life,
at first, he had been dating a Miss Universe 2006, an actress and a TV presenter named
Zuleyka. The couple got romantically involved in 2010
and in two years welcomed a son. Nonetheless, they broke in 2013. Despite the break up, they are on good terms,
communicating and co-parenting a child. In 2016 Barea walked a beautiful model and
an actress Viviana Ortiz down the aisle and ever since that time the two love birds have
been happily living together. Their relationship began in 2013 and within
three years they tied the knot officially. They are now parents to a baby-boy and are
soon-to-be parents for the second time, as Ortiz announced of her second pregnancy. Sebastian is Jose’s firstborn, who was delivered
in 2012 while in relationship with Zuleyka. It is known that Sebastian loves sports a
lot and eagerly plays basketball. In addition, despite a young age, he already
has his own Instagram account. In a marriage with Ortiz, Jose welcomed a
baby-girl Paulina in 2016. She is also a little Instagram star, as parents
often share her cute photos on social media.

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