Jordan v Senegal FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019


inside the toy you started off well there’s a team no good and he forgives skies for the rebound and you look to push you breathe right down the lane with the floater Jordan in front of Senegal after a terrific first quarter then you see the five on the floor for Jordan Senegal complete speed steel dancing his way to those put a body on along the glass and the athlete would always win the battle on the bones ibrahim all high off the glass and they get it above the outstrips Sam galloping his way that’s it taking it to go he read the other way oh ho behind the back and Tucker with the punctuation mark at the end of that I like to use in a penalty in terms of fast Tucker to the rim oh darn Tucker the triggerman guy for three air ball boy inside 1.8 to play Senegal on the other hand trying to get it victory Oh Lottie put it up the bathrooms Almeida that’s why he didn’t bother listening to the huddle and Jordan with their first ever win here’s the FIBA Basketball World Cup it’s 2019 hi I’m cope don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup here you want more click on these videos and hit the subscribe button world’s got game

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