Jordan v Senegal FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019


well that big dunk from Jordans big Matt
and get them going Tucker messes there he is again almost a
carbon copy ahmed al Glary carrying jordan miss again cuz mitts gets denied
by indoor look at this these young flashes again really handy
one day oh it’s turned over by Senegal looking to break quickly here laid up
does it go in but the follow from your super enjoy who throws it down we did
not see this in the first game at all but they just deceived that you know
what they have a defensive game plan I think they’re playing it better than
they did in the first game game and offensively it’s as though they’ve
already put in new sets they’re being more aggressive they’re getting to be
offensive there you see it the offensive rebound Larry my post back it off the
bench moves it back to amp team and team will take on the shot from the elbow and
he beats the buzzer as well Larry backing in against Gobert the NBA
Defensive Player of the Year shot clock violation did he get it away he did he
got it away in time at free free Bree using every millisecond a tomato great
pass great pass and finish by your super and boy excellent response again from
Senegal and that was really top word from saying dumb made-up enjoy Sunday
look at the shot clot gets it away in time and gets it to go the long three
from London Sunday ties the game for Senegal right word from Sam Bay with the clock
ticking down you’re reciting the first half every
time you either Canada gets a defensive stop it
oh very ace Maurice and or he said he needs to get involved Maurice endorsed what we wanted to see
from him no bass shot clock to for the bass back out
Ibrahim we’ll take it on the step to the side and buries it at the buzzer seems
like he’s in that mood where he’s trying to crate for everyone else pretty every
Abraham you see him there with a nice fake that’s really good foreclosure 19
the lead Ibrahim working in the final seconds of the third floats it hard to
old weary you got it there and to score any points over to Freddy boy he to
Tudor on point guard beautiful pass right on the money spoon-fed Aldo arey
could not be better right in the sweet spot formality now one 2668 unless this goes
it does Oh rejected by Fame now come out if it
written sitting up to the basket the bitch getting up to block them maybe you
know maybe someones explained guys the chance is synagogue or in front of
everybody oh hi I’m cope
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