John Oliver Got into a Hugging Match with Oprah and Lost

John Oliver Got into a Hugging Match with Oprah and Lost

I love your show,
but now, this is very exciting, you’re going to be in the remake of “The Lion King.”
-I’m a movie star. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yes.
-You respect me? You respect me, Jimmy,
I’m a movie star now. -Yes. I respect you.
-Things have changed. -Things have really changed. -Some [bleep] about to change
around here Jimmy. I’m a movie star now.
-You are a movie star now and — -Yeah.
-You play Zazu. -I’m Zazu the bird.
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s a big role.
That’s a big role. -Yeah, it’s an important —
it’s a key role. It’s a key role.
-Well, I don’t know. I wouldn’t go that crazy.
-Nothing happens without Zazu. [ Laughter ]
-That’s not true at all, but Zazu, if I remember,
sings in “The Lion King.” -He does, he did,
he might again. [ Laughter ] It depends.
-It depends, wait, but did you sing —
-Right, he sings on “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.”
-Yes. -Yeah.
-And do you sing at all? -That is a legitimate question. [ Laughter ] And one that they might have wanted to find out
before they cast me. But they found out now.
I sang. We recorded it. I sang, and they said,
“That sounded great.” And I said, “That sounds like
Hollywood bull[bleep] to me,” and they did not correct me. [ Laughter ] So, it was very fun though. -How great is that, man?
-It’s going to be amazing. -Jon Favreau, oh,
I just love the whole — -Yeah. It’s going to be — it’s
going to be really, really good. -Good for you man, I’m psyched.
-Thank you. -Now, “Last Week Tonight,”
which I still think is the best title of any show
ever, still. -Is that the best title?
Wow, that sounds like damning me with faint praise,
Jimmy. -Thank you, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -“I really love the title. It goes downhill
once that’s finished.” [ Laughter ]
-No, I love the title. It’s a joke before the even
show starts, I’m laughing. -It’s so dumb.
It makes no sense. -And I like all the posters
I see around the city of you. -That’s right. It’s beautiful,
because it means — it’s how I feel inside,
and also it means my face doesn’t have to be on things. Which is good for me, and it’s good for
anyone with eyes. -But you guys do so much
research — -We do.
-And you do you a lot of work for these stories that you
cover, and gosh, it’s so funny. Are there any stories that are
just like, it just happened that there’s too much work
to get into that we never got around to attacking
or getting? -Not really. Not really. We — sometimes
we spend months on stories. So anything that we’ve
not managed to execute yet will probably — we’ll probably
get to at some point. It’s just that —
some of our stories can get a little legally spicy. -All right. Yeah, exactly,
so it’s a big legal thing. -It can be.
Yeah, there’s a couple of big legal things that I can’t
really talk about right now. -Oh, my gosh.
-A couple of — yeah. -That means you’re doing well
though, right? -Well, yeah, I think so. I don’t think
we did anything wrong, but there’s someone
in particular who really disagrees with me
on that one. [ Laughter ] -When we were talking backstage,
you said, “Oh, you know what?
We can’t even get around to Barbra Streisand
cloning her dogs?” -Oh, yeah. So, yeah. I mean that — last week
was so busy with so much news, it felt awful that we couldn’t
spend a long time talking about the fact that Barbra Streisand
cloned her dogs, which was all I, deep down,
really wanted to talk about. It’s all I really
want to talk about now. I’m slightly confused
why you’ve talked about anything else tonight.
[ Laughter ] I still can’t get my head
around it. Barbra Streisand
cloned her dogs. And I don’t know whether
that’s terrifying, amazing, unexpected, or what I should
have deep down felt was always going to happen.
[ Laughter ] She’s an odd lady,
have you met — -Yes, I’ve met —
yeah, absolutely. -You’ve met Barbra Streisand?
-Absolutely, yes. Barbra Streisand,
yes, completely. We’ve done bits together.
-What’s she like? Is she as high maintenance
as she appears at first, second, and 35th glance?
[ Laughter ] -No. No, no, no. -No, no! Oh, really, she’s a walk
in the park, is she? [ Laughter ] Jimmy — Was Barbra —
-I love the title. I love the tile.
[ Laughter ] “Last Week Tonight,”
I get it! I get it. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Look me in the eyes. Look me in the eyes, Jimmy.
Look me in the eyes. -Yeah.
-Was Barbra Streisand easy to be around here? [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] I rest my case.
-Yes, she was. -No, but, I hope
she was high maintenance, right, because —
-She wasn’t really. -There’s certain people —
Bull[bleep] There’s certain people —
there’s certain people that you want,
their legacy is so huge, you don’t want them
to let you down. -I see what you’re saying,
like who — -Mariah Carey. If Mariah Carey was anything less
than a human nightmare, I would be really,
really disappointed. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ]
Because she gets a pass. She gets a lifetime pass. -She’s allowed to be.
-She’s not just allowed to be, she should be encouraged to be. It’s her at her best. The thing — New Year’s,
when she was said — She started complaining
about not having tea, and said, “I’m just going to
have to be like the rest of you, and not have tea.”
Like we’re peasants, and I was not remotely angry. It was appropriate
that she spoke down to America on New Year’s Eve.
It’s appropriate. [ Cheers and applause ]
If she ever — If she ever turned up —
if she ever turned up and was nice
to her immediate surroundings, I’d be heartbroken. [ Laughter ] -How about Oprah?
Is Oprah allowed to be — -Oh, Oprah.
Lifetime pass to Oprah. Lifetime. I met her.
I met her at the Emmys. -Was she nice?
-She was amazing. -John, look at me.
-Oh, she was great. She was Oprah.
-Yeah, yeah. -So, what happened,
I met her backstage. What had happened was I was
onstage at one point accepting an award, and I was
starting to thank my staff, and so on, and she was in
the front row, and I saw her. Oprah. Like just like
ten feet from me, so I just thanked her, as well.
[ Laughter ] It seemed inappropriate not to. -Why not?
Everyone should thank Oprah. Yeah.
-Yeah, so I left, and then she came round
backstage, and she hugged me. She hugged me,
and it was amazing, and then I released my part
of the hug, and she continued. [ Laughter ] So at this point I’ve gone limp,
and she’s just holding me, and she has successfully
obtained the power position. [ Laughter ] So… [ Applause ] She eventually releases me, but holds my hand
and starts walking with me in the opposite direction
that I needed to go in. [ Laughter ]
So I followed her until the point that it became
problematic that I was going the wrong way, and I said,
“Oprah, I’m sorry, I need to go that way,”
and she gently released my hand, and looked to me
as if to say, “Be free.” [ Laughter ]
-That’s the power that she has. -She is the best.
-You are the best. John Oliver, everybody! [ Cheers and applause ] “Last Week Tonight
with John Oliver,” Sundays at 11:00 p.m. on HBO. I love you, buddy! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] -Lucy Hale is back! Lucy Hale! Lucy Hale!
Lucy Hale! Lucy Hale is next.
Stick around. [ Cheers and applause ]
We’ll be right back!

100 thoughts on “John Oliver Got into a Hugging Match with Oprah and Lost

  1. Why is it when he said he was gonna be in lion king I already knew he was zazu (idk how to spell it) before he said it?

  2. Fun fact: John Oliver actually did a voice in a cartoon before all this, he was wax Sherlock Holmes in Gravity Falls!

  3. In truth rowan never really sang that much per say, it was more saying a few lines every so often a little in tune with the music, not like he was belting out like adele

  4. I am so glad I watched this tonight. I needed a reason to smile. Thank you, John Oliver. You are a gift I didn’t know I needed.

  5. This was a really nice interview where Jimmy could be natural and, well, just hang out with his mate, John who I shall not praise less I never stop flooding him with platitudes of how great he is.

  6. It's Interesting ( not surprising) that John Oliver's view count on Jimmy Fallon are lower than the Stephen Colbert or Seth Meyer's , just reflect what Audience is here for -of Fallon vs Colbert/Meyer's

  7. I bet they didn't even have to animate John Oliver to play Zazu in the lion King just slapped some wings on him and said get there. 😂

  8. James Cordon has a great story about Mariah ego tripping and being high maintenance . When he did Carpool Karaoke with her they wanted to shoot at 3 pm. Her people said,figure on four. He was at her hose waiting and waiting and waiting. It was going on 5:30 and? He's looking around the room and she has candles all over the place with her name on them. She has one less now

  9. It only takes one glance at Barbra to recognize how massive her ego is. She expects and even seems to demand adulation. But she did have an amazing voice.

  10. 4:50 – I hope someone eventually recuts an entire episode…fuck it, EVERY EPISODE…with every Jimmy laugh replaced with this one….

  11. I love how nice Jimmy seems, he didn't want to say anything bad, I feel like there were big globs of sweat forming on his forehead. xD

  12. Vivian Vance couldn't stand Streisand when they met at a party. In Old Hollywood when you went to a party you performed. At a party Vance was at Streisand refused. Vance was not happy.

  13. So John Oliver is the only voice of reason in a hopeless society ruled by a monkeys uncle. Is this him as Zazu or him in real life?

  14. "Allowed to be an Asshole", yes he says it in jest, but don't be like that.

    There you go, John Oliver said Oprah made him go limp 🤣

  15. Has anyone ever seen him and not considered him a spawn of Mr Bean? After all, Mr Bean did voice the original Zazu, and the resemblance is uncanny!

  16. John Oliver is the best of all. Him and John Stewart are the funniest and most meaningful people in the on tv. Breaking stories while making people laugh. Genius

    His whole shpeel about her was refreshing. Wish I agreed with him though 😂

  18. I saw the new Lion King earlier this month, and almost EVERY complaint I saw before watching it was wrong. Why is "Can you feel the love tonight" in the afternoon though? I love the movie, it's SO GOOD! John it was an awesome performance!

  19. How is Jimmy not exhausted from looking like he is ready for a joke that may never be told?

    Can we skip to the part of US history where people can be president without being elected? Because it’s exhausting pretending to care about politics. We all know that is where the US is heading. Where we are heading is Oprah for high ruler of the US.

    You should have Ben saving for retirement before the universe began than again that would probably not be enough to retire on. You are never to old or young to save for retirement. Or at least have backup plans from A to Z. Bad grammar and spelling are the least of your worries especially if the world can end any time.

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