Joe Montana vs. Tom Brady | Who is the greatest quarterback in NFL history?

Joe Montana vs. Tom Brady | Who is the greatest quarterback in NFL history?

Who is the greatest quarterback in NFL history,
shining the brightest when it mattered most? No offense to the All-time greats, but this
debate comes down to Tom Brady versus Joe Montana. Now the rings/trophy accountant crew they do the
title math and have concluded Brady is king, he won his fifth ring in 2016. Five Super Bowls greater than Montana’s
four. Done and done. But let’s not base this just on wins and
losses, a big factor yes, quarterback the most important position true, but football
is a team game with teammates. And they both had their fair share of stars
around them. Brady’s touchdown passes have landed in
the very talented arms of 5-time Pro Bowler Rob Gronkowski and Hall of Fame wide receiver
Randy Moss. While Montana played catch with arguably the
greatest wide receiver in the history of the game, Jerry Rice. Numbers wise, Brady has the slight edge on
Montana when it comes to titles, but he’s got an enormous one when it come to touchdowns,
passing yards and yards per game. He’s got a slightly higher completion percentage
than Montana, and his 196 career wins, those are the most by any quarterback in NFL history. Argument over right? Well, not so fast. The passing era that Brady plays in it’s changed
the game. Dramatically. Brady averages 550 passes per full healthy
season. The most Montana ever threw the ball in one
year, 520 times. His average, 385 that’s a huge difference. Montana also led the league in completion
percentage five times. Brady only once. Both were kings of the comeback, Touchdown
Tom 34 career fourth-quarter comebacks. His performance in Super Bowl 51, Brady’s
greatest victory to date. Montana came back 26 times most famously “The
Catch” to Dwight Clark in the NFC championship game, down six with under a minute to go. And, The Drive. 92 yards to beat Cincinnati in Super Bowl
23, Montana 8 of 9, 49ers winning after being down three with three minutes to go. Speaking of Super Bowls, did I mention, Montana
is perfect. Four and O. He never threw an interception in
the title game, his career passer rating in the Super Bowl the highest amongst all quarterbacks. He took massive hits proving to be clutch
and tough, and he outplayed Dan Marino and Ken Anderson in years they were league MVP’s. You cannot say the same about Brady, who was outperformed
by the likes of Jake Delhomme of all people, Russell Wilson, Eli Manning did it twice and
Matt Ryan. Brady’s been picked off 31 times in the postseason,
5 times in the Super Bowl. Not terrible, but only 21 for Montana, zip
in the Super Bowl. Brady might have the five titles, but he also lost three times. First there was Montana, then there was Brady.
You add it all up Brady’s got the overall numbers, Montana the unblemished Super Bowls, the higher
quarterback rating in the playoffs in the tougher era for quarterbacks. Gimme the original. I’ll take The Comeback Kid. Joe Cool. Joe Montana. The guy who dismantled the Broncos defense
in ‘89, rallied past the Bengals, knocked out the famed Tom Landry Cowboys. Brady’s numbers are impressive, historic,
even. But Montana was perfect when it mattered most. Still the gold standard.

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  1. They're exactly the same; sorry. They were both clutch when it mattered and everyone know what was coming before it came. You can say Brady has done more but he also had more years in the league. Its not an accident that he and Brees and Rogers and the list goes on and on that qbs play today in their late 30s plus, when that was unheard of 20 years ago. And its not because QBs are tougher today; it's because they get hit considerably less. And if you didnt watch that era you will never understand it so watch some old footage. If Montana could have played as many years as Brady he would have won more (and had San Francisco kept him over Young he'd have had 6 superbowls, easy). Could-would logic but definitely more likely than not. I take them over everyone else and its not even close – and I'd take either of them.

  2. And, he ONLY got to the dance 4 times. If you get there more, chance's are you lose one. Bill Russell went 8 out of 10 or 11., had about a 7 and 0 record at one point. But again, the more you go chance's are you go down. And it was Foolyicheck's defense that lost those games. Brady took'em down for the go ahead score but the defense under Cry Baby Bill that fake defensive genius that lost the games. I admit it was much harder playing back in the day. But all things being even Dan Marino is the greatest QB,. Montana had more help than most QB's. He had Rice and Taylor. Roger Gregg who happen to be the only running back with a 1000 yards rushing and receiving in the same year. Brady never had those types of weapons. Moss for a few years and a running back here or there. But not a Franko Harris, nor Roger Gregg. No Emmit Smith or none of the ground game like Montana Troy Bradshaw or even Bart Starr had. But since things aren't even, it's TB12., he does more with less than Anyone who's ever played the game.

  3. People like to bring up the rules back then what about the salary cap? Montana played in a league where there was no salary cap. If you had a good team you could keep that team together for a long time. Brady plays in a league with a salary cap and that has parity. It is a league designed to not allow this amount of success for this long of a time.

  4. Joe vs Tom: Regular Season Numbers: Games Played: Brady +77.  Wins: Brady +90.  Comp%: Brady +0.8.   Yards: Brady +29,963  TD: Brady +244 (SMH) Int: Montana 32 fewer. 

    Joe vs Tom: Post Season.  GS: Joe 23/Tom 40.  Record: Joe 16-7/Tom 30-10 (WOW) 
    Comp%: Joe 63.2/Tom 63.25  Yards: Joe 5,772/Tom 11,179  TD/INT: Joe 45/21  Tom 73/34

    Joe vs Tom Achievement:

    Joe Montana 4 Time SB Champ (4-0).  3 Time SB MVP  3 First Team All Pro
    2 Second Team All Pro  8 Pro Bowls  2 NFL MVP's  1 NFL Offensive Player of the Year
    2 Time AP Athlete of the Year   2 Time NFL Passing Leader   2 Time NFL TD Leader   1 NFL Comeback Player of the Year

    Tom Brady 6 Time SB Champ (6-3).  4 Time SB MVP  3 First Team All Pro
    2 Second Team All Pro  14 Pro Bowls  3 NFL MVP's  2 NFL Offensive Player of the Year
    1 Time AP Athlete of the Year 3 Time NFL Passing Leader  4 Time NFL TD Leader 1 NFL Comeback Player of the year

    If one is honest with oneself. They will realize that there is really no debate. You will not find one Montana fan displaying the actual numbers. It's not that close.  The Montana supporter (in this debate) is left with intangible qualities which is left to what if's, conjectures and opinions. We can't qualify those attributes. They desperately try to isolate Montana SB performance and record over brady's.  Yes. He was a better performer in the SB.  But you must take the entire career of a QB. Not pick and choose what parts fit our argument.  That is not fair.

    You seem like an honest guy.  Accept defeat on this particular argument. You would be embarrassing yourself otherwise.  Oh. And Brady is not done!  Argument?  Is there really an argument on who the G.O.AT QB is? I say no (emphatically).

  5. This is stupid. You rather lose before the Superbowl instead of getting to one? Montana is 4-0 in Superbowls because 4 was the most he could get into. Brady has gone to 9. That's five more times that he won his conference.

  6. Yet Brady's accomplishments are overshadowed by the fact that the rule changes that made those possible. If not for the rule changes Brady would win 5 games a year,no playoff appearances, Shorter career. This fact trumps all others.

    Imagine the success he would have playing in the NFL today? 6000 yards 60 TDs a year. In addition an extended career because of the restraints on the defense. Eye roll.

  7. Montana is he never cheated Brady has the distinction of being the only quarterback in NFL history to be suspended for cheating

  8. I get what Brady and belichick have done, but if you lived in the 80s, you just know Cool Joe, The comeback kid, was one of a kind

    Joe was on his way to a 5th Superbowl, but was sacked from behind, removing him that Nfc Championship game, and the following two seasons. 49ers up when he went out in the 4th. He was great in Kansas City but never quite the same player in my opinion. Was a severe injury

  9. Brady has thrown over 40 miles at 7yds a completion . Averaged a Superbowl every 2 years . And a Superbowl win every 3years. Oh and 13 afc championships out of 18 years. 10 straight division titles.

  10. Brady wouldnt have made it as lomg as he has in joes era the game sucks now i watched tue game in those days those were the days now dont even watch it anymore seems like im watching wwf or something plus joes record is perfect as in not sat down for 4 games for cheating his coach didnt get fined 500k for cheating and hes just an all around cool dude bradys into men

  11. So lets discipline Brady for losing 3 SB thats 3 more Afc title wins Brady has over Joe and 3 more appearances in a SB win or lose its better to get there than to go out in divisional round of Nfc playoffs

  12. I agree that Montana played in tougher NFL years, era. Same can be said about today's cap salaries and free agency. Though at Brady's early starts, football was still somewhat tough. However, your argument that Montana, (and Bradshaw,) whom were undefeated in 4 superbowls, while Brady lost 3 is week. So Brady makes it to 9 Superbowls. How many did Montana go to? So its better to be 4-0 than 6-3 in the Superbowl? So Buffalo in 1990s went 0-4 in 4 straight superbowls. So are they better off not getting there? All while they knocked off their division year after year? I'd rather have more Superbowl appearances than a perfect record in the Superbowl. At least I had a chance to win in all of them.

  13. But he only made it to 4 Superbowls. Every game matters most. To me getting to the Superbowl is harder than winning the Superbowl. A teammate can lose you a game on the biggest stage. U am a 49ers and I still think Brady is the goat

  14. Montana being 4-0 in the Super Bowl is a stupid argument!! Every NFC QB was undefeated in the Super Bowl for almost 15 years. The NFC dominated AFC

  15. It is all over you can’t argue anymore Brady has been to 9 Super Bowls and has a 6-3 record. He is still playing at a high level and he is 41. Joe is a great QB don’t get me wrong but Brady is better. Brady has been to the AFC championship game 13 time and has won 9. You can’t argue anymore he is the goat and people just have to suck it up.

  16. Pack your shit Joe. Time to get out of the GOAT House! You were supposed to move out 2 years ago. C'mon now, move along!

  17. People who has not seen joe play should not state their opinion here. If these qb today got hit like the old days, their career will be over in 3 season.

  18. Great work, excellent arguments. It just seems like different eras are more like apples and pineapples: Jerry Rice for __? seasons when owners who had the cash willing to spend it could get and keep the best players indefinitely. (That's as long as you want.) Not even possible or even thinkable in this century. Period. That will affect "perfection" and statistics, esp passer ratings big-time.
    The valid numbers presented in Montana's favor are actually more in Brady's favor in the context of grit and clutch and perseverance with no weapons or certainly less lethal weapons, less powerful threats. ((Moss = 2/18 years; Gronkowski a TE = maybe 5 total "good" years vs. Rice 8/12? years — and Rice is a G.O.A.T. at WR (apples/pineapples)).
    In actuality the comparisons are not really, not entirely legitimate. At the same time Montana would have played & stayed at least 3-5 more (healthy!) years in SF with the emphasis of protecting quarterbacks, preventing CTE and, yes, back injuries (often due to cheap shots or brutal blindsided body slams.) Perhaps Montana would have went 7-0? 8-0? Maybe 7-1, 6-2?? Guessing, betting whatever Montana put up Brady wouldn't if at all possible stop until he bested it.
    Here's an argument I missed:
    If you ever revise or make a new video in this topic I will definitely watch it recommend it.

  19. Brady Haters February, 2018: Ha Ha, Brady threw for 500 yards but lost.
    Brady Haters February, 2019: Ha Ha, Brady didn’t throw for a TD but won.

  20. When all cylinders are firing, I’d take Joe Montana. When things are going to sh!t, I’d take Tom Brady. I’m more nervous during the big games than Brady is.

  21. it looks like Brady is not the only patriot to deflate his balls illegally. Robert Kraft just joined him. LMFAO 😂 joe montana GOAT 🏆🏆🏆🏆 0 losses. 0 ints. 0. turnovers. 127.8 Qb rating.

  22. Here's the Best answer to this question from the Best Quarterback in question:
    I like how Joe Montana skirts the question about his personal conversation(s) with Brady. He is total Class, no act involved. Montana compares apples & pineapples to The Greats who preceded him decades earlier. The questions do fuel discussions and of course debates, and of course, blogs and sports journalist careers, especially TV, YouTube, and Cable, etc. It's been an amazing 100 years! Check out the NFL'S new "ad" on YouTube – it's a tiny fraction of what is to come next season — The Big 100!!!

  23. brady has belichik who came from the old school  montana had walsh when he was inexperienced with no head coaching

  24. They didnt mentioned the drops in Joe yrs. Yes, there was drops when they played Cincinnati in sb. Perfect my ass. 4-0 is better then 6-3. Love that math.

  25. Wow, this is way off. The Last line makes the whole Argument a Joke. "But let's not forget BRADSHAW did it first" Bradshaw won 4 Super Bowls first. Was 4-0 First.
    So by the standard set by this video, Bradshaw is the G.O.A.T.
    But, the crux of this video is Super Bowl Victories.
    Brady has 6 Montana has 4.
    Montana's FAILURES to make the Super Bowl, count against him.
    Where is the Mention of Playoff Performances?
    Montana went 1 and Done Three Years in a Row!
    In those three years he threw a Combined ZERO TD's.
    That is right, Three Years in a Row he threw ZERO, ZERO, ZERO TD's and exited the Playoffs.
    1 AND DONE
    In those Three Games he threw 4 INT's. FOUR INT's, and ZERO, ZERO, ZERO TD's.
     Brady only has 2 ONE AND DONES in 40 Playoff games in his Career
    Montana has 4 ONE AND DONES in 23 his Career.
    In those 2 ONE AND DONES by Brady he NEVER failed to throw a TD.
    In Fact he Threw 2 TD's in Each of those Games.
    Comparing Brady's Best 4 Super Bowl Performances to Montana's
    Brady has 12 TD's to Monta's 11
    Brady has 1653 Yards to Monta's 1142
    Brady has 2 More Super Bowl Wins.
    Brady Beat the NFL's #1 Defense in the Super Bowl
    Montana NEVER faced the #1 Defense in the Super Bowl
    Brady has been to more than TWICE as Many Super Bowls as Montana.
    Brady has Gotten to the Super Bowl without his BEST Weapons Multiple Times.
    Against the Falcons without Gronk
    Against the Eagles without Edelmen
    Against the Rams without Gordon
    Brady NEVER lost his Starting Job to another QB
    Every Single Category Brady Wins over Montana.

  26. this argument is fucking retarded. both are from completely different eras of the NFL . both are goats of their time. only people who started this convo were cocky ass pats fans cuz they didnt have shit for the longest time. got damn boston the only reason u have hate is because ur fans are annoying cocky and dont fucking deserve it

  27. Brady is the GOAT by far beyond Montana.
    Montana was not even considered the Goat of his time over Marino.
    It was argued Marino or Montana until Brady.

  28. Montana FAILED to make the Playoffs going 1andDone 3 years in a Row throwing ZERO TDs and 4 INTs.
    Montana actually has thrown more interceptions per game in the playoffs then Brady 21 ints in 23 games.

  29. In the 80s and 90s there is no tuck rule.Tom Brady will barely won 2 Superbowls.Today the NFL RULES make defense play flag football .

  30. Why did you just pass over completion percentage if Brady is high then joe’s and Brady pass around 200 more times and Brady has never been blown out in the playoffs and Brady has more pics cause he play more games

  31. And y do people act like going 4 and 0 is more impressive than 6 and 3 more than n double the Super Bowl appearances

  32. I would like to have seen if Brady could have gotten up off the ground if he had taken the hit that Jim Burt put on Montana in a 1986 playoff game, or the one that Leonard Marshall put on Montana in the 1990 NFC Championship Game. Something tells me no. Brady has never been hit like that; put a hit like that on a QB in today's league, and you would get fined and very likely suspended.

  33. Know how one goes 4-0 in Super Bowls? Lose before you get there. Good job being a cliche´.

  34. What is the common denominator between Brady/Montana?

    Answer: The greatest coach in the history of the NFL, Bill Bellichick. There's a fascinating doc on NFL films called the 1995 Cleveland Browns that shows how BB was turning that entire organization around when they pulled the rug out from under him and moved to Baltimore to become the Ravens.

    I'm going to explain why BB is not only the reason Brady has 6 rings, but the reason Montana doesn't have 10 or 11. BB's defenses knocked Montana out of the playoffs 3 times – literally knocked him out of the game. Broke his back twice, broken ribs/bruised sternum, broken elbow, broken hand, concussions, etc. – All with hits that are no longer legal. The last one knocked him out of SF.

    Montana road the bench for 2 seasons as a direct result of those hits. He says he would have played at least 2 more seasons had he not taken those hits. That's 7 potential rings Bill Bellichick's defenses took from Joe.

    People say Montana won rings because he had Jerry Rice. He won 2 rings before Rice was in the NFL. People say he only won rings because of Bill Walsh. He won a ring after Walsh retired. People say he was only good because he was on the Niners. At the age of 37, which was considered old back then, he took the Chiefs to the Championship game for the first time in 24 seasons, and they didn't go back for another 25.

    If you remove the 1982 strike season, Montana actually only started 11 seasons. With 2 different teams, he went to the playoffs all 11 times! 100% of the time. How many HOF QB's can say that? He won his division 9 out of 11 times and went to the championship game 7 out of 11!
    Ask yourself this question: What if Brady had to go against BB his entire career like Montana had to? What if Montana had BB or played in today's era where he got to play more than 11 seasons?

    And lastly, this brings me to longevity. Brady has won 3 rings after the age that Montana was when he got hit by Leonard Marshall in the 1990 NFC championship game. Why does this matter? Because Brady has been healthy enough to play almost twice as many seasons as Joe's 11. This means Joe accomplished what he did in almost half the time. It's unreal to think what Joe could have accomplished if he played more seasons.

    I put Brady's heart against anyone, including Joe. But when you hit Joe Montana, you better hit him hard enough to knock him out of the game because if not, he gets better. If you hit Tom Brady, he makes more mistakes. Montana is simply the GOAT.

  35. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha ….

    Wait …. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha …

    Wait here comes some more laughter … hahahahahahahaha …

    I just got one point to make now that my laughter is out: Tom spent his ENTIRE NFL CAREER in the playoffs, let alone count how many AFC playoff Championship Games. In the free agency era this man has somehow managed to even appear in 8 straight AFCCG. And those Super Bowl loses you're referring to, had it not been for Belichick's horrific defenses 8n those games, Brady would be perfect also. But here's the only pass I'll give Belichick … Bill Walsh never had to stop offensives like in today's NFL, therefore, Walsh never put Montana in bad situations like Belichick did Brady.

    Here you go

  36. I love seeing this videos, it reminds me that logic and reason can escape anyone. Brady at the time of this video had gone to 7 Super Bowls. So losing two should count against you as a great player? But losing in the first round should not count against you. Got it….

  37. Correct choice of Montana over Brady. You forgot to mention the various scandals involving the Patriots on the field.

  38. 8 straight AFC championship games, 13 in his career, 1,000 yards rushing, 6 Super Bowl rings, 9 super bowl appearances. In 18 years. Can we just look at that all by itself please and really how ridiculous that is?

  39. @Fansided,
    Your argument is flawed for several reasons. One thing is that Brady got up from more big hits than Montana did. Brady has also played with a defensive-minded head coach who many players have said is very difficult to play for, whereas Montana played for the father of the West Coast offense, which made the game much easier for quarterbacks. Also, Brady has been great for more years than Montana has. Montana does not have Brady's durability. Brady has also gotten it done with an ever-changing supporting cast, whereas Montana played with the likes of Jerry Rice, John Taylor, and Dwight Clark for much of his career, as well as many great running backs and some decent defenses. Brady's early defenses were great, but the later ones have ranged from decent to atrocious. Also, even though Brady isn't perfect in the Super Bowl, it is extremely hard just to get there, and Brady has done it more than double the number of times Montana has. And, finally, neither Jake Delhomme, nor Russell Wilson, nor Matt Ryan outplayed Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Heck, even Eli Manning didn't really outplay Tom Brady in this Super Bowls. He just had a much better team around him. Need I remind you that in season of the 2nd iteration of that Super Bowl matchup, the Patriots had one of the league's worst defenses and a mediocre run game? That was one of the seasons Brady really put the team on his back, throwing for over 5,000 yards.

  40. In 2005, Brady was 3-0 in the Super Bowl and 10-0 in the post season. Montana was 4-0 in the Super Bowl, and 16-7 in the playoffs. Had Brady retired in 2005, would he have been the best QB of all time? 14 years later, he is 6-3 in the Super Bowl, and 20-10 in the playoffs. Can you say the 2005 Brady was a better QB than the 2019 Brady? These comparisons are not very accurate.

  41. Touchdowns-Tom

    Yards- Tom

    Passer rating- Montana

    I’m not bringing up world championship titles or postseason records for one it’s a team game not a one man show

    But I’ll take Tom over Joe

  42. True a tougher era, but the Steelers won four superbowls too and it was a tougher era than the the 80s and 90s was. Terry Bradshaw was clutch too. Who the best Joe or Tom neither that would be Otto Graham, he played in 10 championship games and won seven in ten years and tougher era than the seventies and eighties. Then I hear Tom a system qb so was Joe Montana, matter as a fact I can remember people saying that the 49ers didn't play real football just dink and dunk and finesse football.

  43. Did you know that montana had 3 top 5 worst performance in playoffs history? Tom brady none. This argument that montana was 4 and 0 in the superbowl is over rated. I would take 9 super bowls apperances than only 4.

  44. I guess you can go either way but you clearly altered the stats favoring joe cool! sometimes you take the average numbers and then out of nowhere the overall stats for example when it comes to post season int's! brady appeared in more post-season games and if you count that in they are very much even in their post season td-int ration (otherwise you should have to wonder why joe montana appeared in so "few" super bowls compared to brady am I right?)

    another point hits the same button (that you altered the stats to favor one over another): you put in the names of their supporting casts. due to the fact brady appeared in the free agency-era he had an season by season evolving supporting cast. you put in randy moss acting like he was there for a big part of his career just like rice was despite brady had him for merely two seasons and you could have mentioned that gronk was healthy for only four post seasons (at least if you wanted to)!

    the same goes for saying bradys stats were better due to the fact they appeared in the passing era but then without further notion wondering how it was possible that some of bradys opponent qb's were statistical better than him (not to mention it's neither was joe's or brady's job to defend them so I'm not sure what that proofs…you could see that as proof the defenses of joe were better? no? yeah you could if you want to :P)

    so in the end as I said before nothing wrong going with joe cool but I think if you put in stable stats and stop that cherry picking brady is the man coming out on top…but that's very subject.

  45. Defense in the 80’s wasn’t as complex as it is now, and Tom Brady has throw more ints because as he said it’s now a passing league. And Trent dilfer is undefeated in super bowls so he is better than Brady

  46. Why do we say 4-0 is better than 6-3 in Super Bowls when Joe Montana lost in wild cards, divisional game, and championship games while Brady has gone to the super bowl over half the time

  47. Tom is better Bc belichick let brady own play and stats joe 273 TD 139INT Brady 527 TD 171INT that Joe int a lot but brady INT is not even close to 517 and brady game winning drive 6 of all win super bowl and joe 4-0 with 1 game winning drive

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