Jimmy Ball Soccer Trainer by SKLZ

Jimmy Ball Soccer Trainer by SKLZ

Announcer: Technique, timing, touch. They’re
what separate great players from all the rest, and the new Jimmy Ball soccer trainer from
SKLZ is the way to learn them all. From the basics to building coordination and
agility, to advanced techniques, the Jimmy Ball teaches the skills players need to dominate
the pitch. Jimmy Elder: The skills players will learn
are ball control, ball striking techniques, all of it. All parts of the play. We’re also
working our agility, our body control, our coordination, and a byproduct of all of those
is confidence. Announcer: The Jimmy Ball is easy to set up
and gets you practicing right away. It’s the most fun and fastest way to dramatically improve
your soccer skills, and you never have to chase a ball.
John Farnworth: I think the Jimmy Ball’s fantastic. I think the main thing that strikes me with
with the ball is that it’s all about the touch, the control and hitting the ball right in
the middle, which you need in football, but you also need in juggling and it creates great
confidence and it’s great all around. Anybody can do it.
Announcer: The SKLZ Jimmy Ball is available in sizes two, three or four, and it comes
with a free DVD full of drills to help you get the most from your training. Get the SKLZ
Jimmy Ball now to become the soccer star you’ve always wanted to be.

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