JERBOA – Hopping Desert Rodent, Cute But Deadly!!


these cute little alien looking creatures are called Jerboa sort of like gerbil but different they look somewhat like miniature kangaroos as they have many similarities both have long hind legs very short forelegs and long tails chew boas move around their environment the same way a kangaroo does which is by hopping they also use their tail to balance when hopping and as a prop when sitting upright just like a kangaroo here are some interesting facts about the desert rodent they are hopping rodents which mainly live in the hot deserts found throughout northern Africa and East Asia to northern China do boas don’t drink water they get all the moisture from their food mostly plants and insects when chased jerboas can hop away at up to 16 miles per hour they have a very erratic locomotion adopting a zigzag trajectory and can jump several feet both vertically and horizontally even though they’re usually about the size of your fist they’re also nocturnal which is why they have big eyes during the day they live in underground burrows there are about thirty one species of jerboa including pygmy jerboa x’ yes they actually get smaller and of course some deboers have short ears and others have long ears like a rabbit the most oddly proportioned family member is the long-eared jerboa first caught on film in the wild in 2007 with ears that are two-thirds as long as its body the animal has one of the largest ear to body ratios in the animal kingdom you might be asking why the long ears well one of the main reasons is as the blood moves throughout the years the heat easily dissipates from the blood vessels across the skin helping them keep cooled in the desert environments most species of Jabara have excellent hearing that they usually use to avoid becoming the prey of nocturnal predators the typical life span of a Jabar is about 6 years now I know what you’re thinking I want one as a pet help why not if they are eroded they probably breed like rabbits therefore enough for everyone but don’t go thinking you can have one of these as a pet they have been barred from entering the United States since 2003 since they were associated with monkey pox the monkey pox virus causes a disease that is similar to smallpox but with a milder rash in a lower death rate can you say cute but deadly anyway that’s the end of this video thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time bye-bye

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