Japan v Montenegro FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019 日本モンテネグロバスケットボールの試合


japan montenegro basketball match montenegro basketball japan basketball japan montenegro basketball match live that’s what you want this is what Montenegro need to do they
need to go inside need to let it fly watch us now with the ball they knew
what to expect from him here’s the inside look Oh a nice give
and go there give that one to number four Nicola loose’ that seemed to go
through the roof and we’re seeing that hey for New Zealand Ivanovitch right in
the face of Cory Webster eat – shit fuck look at the tribe inside
he’s tapped away by baozi that’s it for up plus the foul
so he bound with 6.7 seconds I Jima in the frontcourt majima all the way to the
rim gets it to go here on the court from that book that floater no good it’s I gotcha more
ah how’s it whole selves is nothing there’s no rhythm offensively in terms
of the bull movement everyone’s just giving it to someone else and standing
and looking in the back of the bull to try and create even joining a
performance 22 points Hachi pouncing oh you’re in this hole there’s
more than I’m fine they’re just gonna give themselves a chance to get back hit
it and this is one of the ways they’re gonna get yourself a job get back in
this we see that it’s not a great job she bore I got it to go as a buzzer
expired and the once the play happen just float it down the lane and no one
bumps there’s you dont’t meet him he’s gonna let it fly fly from three that’s
his shot isn’t it Wow we set this game I’m nice it up scream coming in gets by
it all nice open look there for Popovich number 23 yeah or a dot chips the finish
and it’s boosah touch that comes down with the rebound his first touch of the
game Savitch open lane up in foul trouble there’s a slight lane I’m going
to attack him we’re not gonna run our set offense I’m gonna take a bit of a
risk and try and breaking it two seconds on the shot clock
throws it back harden step back back sit down
let’s our papa vanish cannot just stand and give them that space
Oh Ruri Hadji Bora sanaka Zek is for three gets it hi I’m
coping don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup
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