Jack Hoffman 69 yard touchdown run, Nebraska Football

Jack Hoffman 69 yard touchdown run, Nebraska Football

brassica also has the spring practice
going on you know they’re looking for a big tent i told a half uh… i but i believe they faced off
against mission statements right in the big ten final last year i hope we they
will get back their and seven-year-old jack kaufman is a kid who was befriended
by rex burke at and has been battling brain cancer now
we see all lot of bad things with sports and a lot of time
with their roads indeed the in all this in on the search he denied on this for
most of all field but this goes to show you colville you
more supportive and how great it is at certain times the number twenty two games used yet cop of ta ta feel right k p here yet history fifty k who’s going to be uh… when you watch those sorts of
videos and a lot of people are going to you know criticize the answer some
people out there you know there may be thrown out there who will criticize them
until they do need room for the loose with things he has gone through a lot more than many of us will go
through in our lifetime and the fact that nebraska can honor him
and let him does go on the field and let him score a touchdown and lenin
participate in spring practice is awesome to see and one of the top comments from k mac
said as a lifelong which means that you are making it real hard not to like you
guys class act it is great stuff to see and as i said there’s a lot of
controversy with sports all the time in a lot of people and almost forces the
even matter in you know what a lot of times it
doesn’t they let him scored test and they let him go on the field and he’s
battling brain cancer and by the way you guys should support uh… mister hoffman jack kaufman because obviously this is not over uh… you can’t go to face book and you
can check out the link in the description below have spent team jack
is what the house was a putting out there and jack foundation dot his videos and
oscar athletics or a great great piece of
video right there should make it

80 thoughts on “Jack Hoffman 69 yard touchdown run, Nebraska Football

  1. People can groan, and call it an empty gesture, or come up with some other meaningless comment, but in the end its acts like this that help define our humanity and give us all hope for the future as a race.

  2. do u even play football because what you said doesn't make any sense.. also, go troll some other video, not one where people want to be inspired and want to praise a little boy

  3. I gave this a thumbs up because it was a very awesome thing to do. Also, why would a grown man want to tackle a 7-year-old kid who's battled brain cancer? Honestly a lot of you really are cruel.

  4. Whats F F Fooo….ooott B B B Balllll?
    Look at him that was amazing he totally juked the other team!

  5. Hey someone give ol Ricky a hug, we all felt this one. I think Irina should be the designated hugger!

  6. Hello Rick. Why would you make me cry? Such a sweet kid, I'm very happy that he had this opportunity, just wonderful at the end.

  7. The ironic thing is the kid was probably on steroids, to help him with his cancer treatment. Still a great story. Love when college athletes give back to the community

  8. Why should sick people get the chance to win everything they want, they're not worth anything more than other people. I hate those make a wish shows when cancer kids get to see their idol

  9. Because anything that could make possibly the last days of their lives great should be done. stop being such a depressing person.

  10. I hope that if and when you have any kids that they NEVER have to endure any type of life threatening illness! I have TWO kids that have and you know what you can PISS OFF!!!

  11. People that say weird shit on a video like this have problems that go beyond the norm…..if you watch this video and feel like saying anything other than AWESOME, CUTE, GREAT, SWEET, INSPIRING, ETC, than you should question what kind of person you are. No, your not funny, or entertaining…if you want to piss people off, then you should again question what kind of person you are, because I can guarantee that you are a person that doesn't deserve to have the privilege of happiness like this!

  12. I am a true blue Michagan fan but this year I will b keeping an eye on Nebraska secretly hoping them succes. This was waaay to kool.

  13. So glad to get a stand-up guy like Burkhead on the team (WHO DEY!!!) who supports such a strong little guy. I'll be keeping up with Jack Hoffman, and I'll be praying for him. Good job, Jack!

  14. @wannabeserpento you should shut that hole in your face… It might do you some good in life. Until you have gone through what that kid has gone through…. I think you should shut it! K… Goodnight

  15. Not only was this the winning score, but it was the longest rush attempt in the game. I was there; I saw it. Awesome experience. God Bless Jack Hoffman

  16. The people who disliked this video are sick and cruel. Imagine if u had brain cancer. Us people are so lucky to not have a disability!

  17. Jack Hoffman.. gotta love this kid – red shirt freshman.. heavily recruited out of Atkinson, NE, has all the tools to make a premiere back and potential run for the Heisman.  Excellent footwork, field vision, pass protection, and patience waiting for his blockers.  Much love and support from Columbus..  

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