IT Crowd Football Match

IT Crowd Football Match

Bravo. Pateó la pelota. Ahora la pelota está por allá. Aquél hombre la tiene ahora. Qué suceso tan interesante. Tal vez él pateará la pelota. Efectivamente lo ha hecho, y
aparentemente eso merece un aplauso. ¿Podrías callarte? Te van a escuchar. Esto es lo peor del mundo. ¿Qué podía hacer? Compró los boletos por teléfono
cuando estábamos en la cantina. No podía negarme, ¿verdad? ¿Puedo usar esto? No lo sé. ¡Están cantando, están cantando,
tal vez deberíamos cantar! Sólo prométeme que no haremos
nada más con ellos. Quiero volver a ser raro. Me gusta ser raro, es todo
lo que tengo. Eso y mi buen estilo. Bien, mira, pediremos disculpas
cuando termine el juego. ¿Cuánto duran los partidos de fútbol? Aparentemente, mil millones de horas. Jugaremos póker esta noche,
¿vendrán? Yo iré. ¿Moss? Yo no, Dan, no. Vamos. No, no puedo.
Veré a una chica. ¿En serio? – Sí, por qué no.
– ¿Cómo es? Bueno, no es muy linda,
pero está bastante bien hecha. Así que, como dije, tengo que largarme. Oye, ¿no lo verás? No, están pésimos hoy. – Vamos ganando.
– Sí, están pésimos.

82 thoughts on “IT Crowd Football Match

  1. i agree with moss, football is just such a bore to watch, i prefer playing, for real of course cause the games are good when you haven't got any other games but since we have all these awesome games, no point playing that fifa stuff you get bored of after 10 seconds!

  2. When Trying to explain to others why i dont like football is say: "Imagine if you woke up and the first thing on the radio was the morning archeology, the drive to work is filled by billboards of Archeologists, the papers are filled with archeology results, then you get to work and everybody is talking about the archeology…" 

  3. The sport where you can fake injuries and get away with it because video replay hasn't been invented yet.

  4. Such a fucking stupid video. Anyone can say pretty much the same thing about any sport/activity that others enjoy. Basketball would just be "and he puts the ball in the hoop. Interesting development. Now the other guy puts the ball in the same hoop. The net moved again. Oh, this time the guy put his hand between the hoop and the ball so it didn't go in."

  5. People ask me which football team I support. This is how I feel about watching football.  There's just something not appealing about watching a bunch or sweaty men running around in shorts and t-shirts kicking a spherical object, falling on the floor and crying using them well paid for acting classes.

  6. I was sent here buy a guy who knew someone with an impossible to pronounce name he met during a football battle

  7. I was brought here by a man who rather than liking an ACTUAL sport likes something that is FAKE and is an entire hypocrite as he buys the WWE series each year even thought nothing is changed.

  8. Is the bloke who plays Dan the same guy who plays Will's boss at the garage in the Inbetweeners? Look and sound exactly the same

  9. People using this video to validate or explain their hatred of football are fucking stupid. You can literally think of anything and make it sound boring by simply describing it in the most detached way possible. This is a comedy show. This segment is basically a joke about how a nerdy guy perceives football, not some serious commentary on the entertainment value of the sport.

  10. Nobody is a bigger geek than me, hence my name. But when it comes to West Ham Utd I'm a lunatic. Let's not be well rounded or anything…

  11. I saw this clip on Facebook and didn’t know the name of the show so I googled “funny British tv shows” and this was the first thing that came up.

  12. One notices, the most hardcore geeks, the cerebral ones, are always the ones who could get a girl quite easily, and often do. They just need to get in the right contexts for that (and it helps to be above 20), but their personality is not in the way. They may talk about being insecure, but in a confident way, and in a way that is more about "figuring out" and learning, rather than failing…

  13. This describes exactly how I feel in meetings,parties,reunions baby showers, working in teams…jajajaja .I just love this chapter.

  14. I'm a football nut but this episode is one of my favourite. This and the theatre episodes are just hilarious. It'd be great to bring it back for another season.

  15. "I want to go back to being weird .. I like being weird, weird's all I got .. that and my sweet style .."

  16. This was me today watching Exeter City play Swindon… I’ve never played nor watched football ever… I feel sullied..

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