ISTANBUL VLOG | Exploring Istanbul & CRAZY Fenerbahçe match! (English subtitles) 1/3

ISTANBUL VLOG | Exploring Istanbul & CRAZY Fenerbahçe match! (English subtitles) 1/3

Hey people, we just arrived at the airport. How long do we have? About 1 hour right? Yeah, exactly an hour Yeah, so we are right on time, I think once we have checked in, we should be boarding the plane right away Now we going to check in our baggage 😉 Did you pack a light baggage or is your whole closet in that suitcase My whole closet So we’ve just dropped our baggage and now we have to go through security check and then we’ll be ready to board the plane When was our flight? 06:35 06:35 So we have… A bit under 1 hour. About 45 min Yeah, so we’ve just landed When did they finish building this airport, do you know? They are still expanding they are not finished yet Wow, look at the roof Yeah, It’s really nice Yeah, so we’ve just landed and claimed our baggage Now are taking the bus into the city, to the hotel Then I’ll be picking up the vlog camera when we’re in the city Welcome inside Now we’ve arrived, finally! It wasn’t that bad of a trip, it was alright actually It’s a 4 star hotel And we have breakfast included To a good price, we split the bill for 5 nights It’s right in the center of the city actually To anyone who knows the football club Beşiktaş, it’s basically a 10 min walk from our hotel to their stadium So maybe you guys know where I’m talking about, we live right in the center of the city So Eric also can figure out how to get around the city Because as you may know Istanbul is quite a large city and there’s lots of people So it’s kind of a mess to get around the city sometimes But nevertheless it’s in the center I chose we should stay To make life easier for us The bathroom is… It’s okay, like most other 4 star hotels, nothing special It’ll do, it has the basics, nothing fancy Nothing more is needed We’re not going to be spending that much time in our room anyway We’re going to be out exploring the city Going to football matches, museum tours and so on The closet Here’s a safe for our passports It’s a pretty good room, 4 star hotel for a very cheap price, breakfast included Yeah, Taksim Express Hotel So it’s pretty good What’s up people we’ve just checked in At Taksim Express Hotel We’ve just been walking around the area, going to some grocery stores like you saw before Now we’re on our way to Fenerbahçe stadium to make a… What was it called again? “Passolig”, it’s a card you make to get entrance to the match, it works like a season ticket in a way Yeah, because tomorrow we’re going to the match Fenerbahçe against Kasimpa… What where they called again? Kasımpaşa! Kasımpaşa! I’m still learning Turkish so stay humble I’ve already noticed in this area, people are honking like crazy! I don’t know if you guys can hear it, but people are just honking Welcome to Turkey! Let me show you, look at all this traffic It’s way worse than what we’re used to see in Denmark To anyone who is complaining about the traffic in Copenhagen. You ain’t shit Now we’re off the boat and on the asian side of Turkey Or of Istanbul rather, Yeah, we’re headed deeper into the asian side now But, are we in asia now? Yes, we’re in asia now But, still in istanbul right? Yeah, just on the other side We’re still on our way to Fenerbahçe, how much further is there? it’s an 10 min walk Yeah, 7 to 10 min walk Yes people, we’ve just made it to Fenerbahçe stadium What’s the stadium even called? “Şükrü Saracoğlu” Şükrü Saracoğlu Ülker Stadium Ülker is an food company, that’s where the name comes from *repeats with different example* Like Bayern München stadium is called “Allianz Arena” because they have a contract together with “Allianz” Exactly! And then the teams get more money out of it, so in the end it’s also about the money Even though we all love football, the money needed We’ve just been to the Fenerbahçe fan shop I just bought something for my nephew and a raincoat for myself So now we just need to get something to eat Yeah, we’re so tired I don’t think we’ll vlog anymore for today Maybe we’ll finish the vlog at the hotel but, if we don’t then thanks for watching Yeah, thank you a lot. Thank you so much for watching Remember to like and surprise 🙂 “Surprise” ahhh? 😀 “Like and surprise” 🙂 Hey people, welcome back it’s day 2 now We’re headed towards the Blue Mosque And Onu is going to do his Friday prayer, right? Yeah, exactly Then afterwards we’re going to the Fenerbahçe match We ordered the tickets on a site called “Viagogo” Take my advice on this, never buy tickets from there if you want to watch Turkish football They totally fucked us over But luckily me and Onu found someone else who could help us out with the tickets So Onu contacted him and we’re meeting up with him at the stadium later And then we’re going to watch the match Now we’re headed for the Blue Mosque and then we’ll take it from there What’s up people Onu just went inside the mosque to pray for a while So in the meantime I thought I would go explore for a bit And take a look at the different attractions here in istanbul It’ll probably be 30 min, before he’s finished so I have a bit of time to look around I actually wanted to try the sweets The turkish delight it’s called Of course, yeah Because that’s what I wanted to try the most in Turkey All of these are sugar free Try this piece It’s pomegranate with pistachios We have a lot of flavours This shelf is machine-made These two shelves are hand-made This shelf is homemade We sell with these boxes These are designed to preserve the sweets This one you can take 4 rolls, 4 different pieces This one can take 6 pieces Okay, very nice I think I’ll have the small box Alright I really liked these ones What’s that one with the red Pomegranate with pistachios Yes and then I also liked the… The second one? The first one I tried if you remember Alright so this one from here And how long does this last? 3 months 3 months? Just in room temperature, you don’t have to put it in the refrigerator or something Ahhh, that’s very nice This one also? Yes I’ll give you a different taste Here you are Mmhm, it’s very crunchy What’s the outside? It’s like “Angel’s hair” we call it, it’s like crushed small pasta Ohhh, it’s pasta? Yeah, the outside. The inside is *I don’t know what he said here tbh* That’s very nice, I think I’ll have that one as well Thank you It feels like every single piece I try I want to have it So It’s 4 pieces Yeah Check this one out This is berries with hazelnuts inside Here you are Ahhh, I don’t fancy that too much Alright Let’s try a different one This one maybe Raspberries outside with hazelnuts It’s a bit sour It’s very chewy Let’s just go with this one I like this a lot Then there is different textures I just bought some turkish delight sweets At this place let me show you what it’s called “Er & Ne Spice Corner” And I got very nice service from this guy Thank you 🙂 He helped me out with a lot Thanks a lot! I’ll be enjoying the turkish delight. Thank you so much have a nice day Hey people, I’m back. I’ve been looking at some different shops like you saw before Then I also got a look at the different turkish delight The guy at the place was really nice But, now it’s time to return to the mosque to find Onu So we can head to the game and pick up our tickets We found onu! What’s up people Was the mosque nice? It was pretty good I couldn’t film, out of respect I didn’t come to film and I was praying so yeah But, now we are eating before the match starts Some appetizers At Harambee Yeah, we’re just eating now Afterwards we’re headed to Fenerbahçe stadium ready to see the match Are we ready? Are we going to be singing all night or what? Yeah, afterwards we’ll be turning it up just wait What your match prediction? 10-0 10-0? To Kasımpaşa? They are shit It’s looking good Enjoy, enjoy What’s up people, we just arrived at Fenerbahçe stadium Yes, we came to see the match, there’s 2 hours till it starts We ate some good food and also bought some snacks and drinks The match starts 20:30, right? Yeah, 20:30 We have 2 hours until kick-off so I’ll get back to the vlog when we’re inside the stadium

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