Is this juice for Kisum or Stephanie? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.22]

Is this juice for Kisum or Stephanie? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.22]

(For an aromatic first date…) (Coffee) (Calm and romantic…) (A cup of tea) (Sparkling fizzy drink…) (Fruit-ade) (Or a cup of pure fruit juice?) (What shall we drink?) I should look like a barista. I can’t believe what Soyou did earlier. She was so nervous that she even missed a beat She started singing then… “I forgot.” (That was a bad impersonation by a close friend) It’s hard to even sound like her. (The first guy, Soccer Coach Mun Hong) – I’ll choose juice. / – Juice. Why did you choose fruit juice? I drink too much coffee when I work or exercise. When I meet girls, I like to have fruit juice. He chose fruit juice. Who do you want to come to your table? Tell me secretly. I gave my soccer ball to her earlier. (Kisum who I gave the soccer ball to) – Kisum? / – Yes. You’re devoted. (Will Soccer Coach Mun Hong continue to like Kisum?) (The second guy, Doctor Kim Yeongkwon) He’s the lucky Seongkyu. He does look like him from afar. He’s the lucky Seongkyu. He looks like Jang Seongkyu. Will he choose coffee? (Is he going to choose coffee?) – I’ll choose tea. / – Tea? – Welcome. / – Hi. It’s good to see you. Are you here alone? Well, I am but someone will join me soon. (My lady will join me) He’s confident. Who do you want to come here? Is anyone on your mind or… There is. But I think it’s premature to mention anyone’s name. – Of course. / – Yes. I’ll keep it to myself for now. And you want her to come here. Yes, I’d love her to come here. (The lady on Yeongkwon’s mind will be revealed soon) (The third guy, Lawyer Kang Seongshin) Next. Rapper. (Rapper lawyer) – Rapper. / – Shouldn’t a rapper choose ade? Maybe not. – Ade. / – Fruit juice. Come here. (Will Lawyer Kang Seongshin choose tea or coffee?) He says you can’t sit here. – He’s waiting for a lady. / – Please go. – Is it coffee? / – Yes, coffee. Please stay seated. Why did you choose coffee? (Why did he choose coffee?) Why coffee? Well, I really didn’t want to sit on my own. So you chose coffee, the safest option. Who do you want to come here? Soyou. (He wants to drink coffee with Soyou) He says it right away. Oh, he just winked at me. (He wants to keep this as a secret from her) Okay, coffee. (The last guy, Banker Jin Seokhyeon) The last guy is coming. – This is the ade. / – Ade. We have lemonade, grapefruit-ade. – Here. / – Really? Ade? – I’ll have the ade. / – Why? I want to have something refreshing on the first date. Is there a lady you’d like to come to your table and talk? It was my first time seeing the lady who danced. – Was it? / – Yes. Now, the ladies will enter. Will any lady choose fruit juice? Ladies, we can’t wait to see who you will sit next to and have drinks with. This is making me nervous. There they are. Stephanie. (Who’s on Stephanie’s mind?) Banker Jin Seokhyeon caught my eyes. He just clapped. (Banker Jin Seokhyeon clapped his hands) (Which drink will Stephanie choose?) Ade. (Will they have chosen the same drinks?) Ade. (They shyly meet their eyes) (Then she passes) (Sad) How about a warm cup of tea? (What does her smile mean?) The doctor seems to like tea. Is it tea? – Please sit. / – Tea? – Coffee? / – Coffee? (She quickly walks up to coffee) I’ve prepared this for you. (Stephanie chose coffee) Which coffee would you like? We have a latte, and… Hello. I’ll bring anything you like. (He’s so sad) You must drink something refreshing. – Something you usually don’t drink. / – Right. She’s here. Kisum Vival. Her hair color says she likes fruits. She’s like a fruit. What fruit is it? – Fruits in season. / – Grapefruit and… There are a lot. Grapefruit, mango, and strawberry. Sit. What would you like? I don’t think she wants to sit here. We have some cake too. (Kisum walks away) She walks away. Ade? (This is making me thirsty) – I think she’ll go for some tea. / – Hello. – Tea? / – Have some warm tea. I’ll make it for you. Tea… (She walks away from tea) (Kisum chose coffee) – Hello. / – Hello. (Hello) I knew it. Everyone, just come and sit here. But they don’t look like they are on a date. It feels like they’re there for a consult. (They start worrying that they might be left alone) (He takes a sip of the tea out of nervousness) (The third lady, Park Soyeong) Let’s see. She likes it. Someone I wanted to know more about when he introduced himself. The banker, Seokhyeon. I want to know more about him. Hello. – Enjoy. / – Thanks. (What did she choose?) – You need to go to what you chose. / – Okay, I will. I chose this! (Did she choose fruit-ade?) (He’s happy that he’s not alone) – Hello. / – Wait. What is ade so different from fruit juice? I’m supposed to be like a sparkling girl here. So I chose a refreshing lemonade. Which ade did you choose, Seokhyeon? – I chose lemonade. / – She’s already calling his name. (Soyeong tries to get close by calling his first name) I’m sorry. I think you’ll have to drink by yourself. – It’s okay. / – Fruit juice… Too many have chosen coffee. The last lady. (Anticipating) The last lady is Soyou. I’m sure she likes coffee. The first person to have used the word “Some.” (The lady who sang about “Some” is coming) The lawyer and doctor caught my eyes. (She approaches the tea and coffee stalls) Why are you moving the chair? You chose coffee, didn’t you? (Did she choose coffee?) – I knew it. / – I told you she’d choose coffee. Of course she did. Soyou is allowed to sit next to Seongshin. Take a seat. Really? You’re here to get some legal advice from him today. So take your turns and ask questions. What would you like? There’s latte and… – Iced Americano. / – I’ll get you Iced Americano. (Why is Doctor Kim Yeongkwon standing up?) – Don’t come here. / – I don’t want to sit alone. – I want to be alone. / – I don’t want to be alone. – It’s too lonely. / – No. I’d like to be alone. It looks even funnier if we sit together. – Let us three drink. / – Let’s drink. For the lonely singles. Cheers. – Cheers. / – Cheers. I love this grapefruit juice. (Preference check is done) Is there any other fruit juice you want to drink? I usually like this. But I guess I’m nervous today. I can’t drink much. (1 guy and 1 lady chose fruit-ade) I have no appetite. I now get why ladies go, “I don’t have much appetite.” (And the most popular menu) Coffee from African countries, like Kenya, are tart. – You’re right. / – They are sour. Why did you choose coffee? Do you usually drink a lot of coffee or like coffee? No, I don’t know much about coffee. But I thought the girls who like coffee would come here. So I wanted to ask them about coffee. (She’s usually straightforward as the love manager) (But I’d like to get more serious today) – I know a bit about coffee. / – Do you? I like coffee and my sister runs a cafe. (He gets more interested in her) I always go for iced coffee. Me too. No matter what. Me too. – In winter or summer, always. / – Me too. I know nothing else about coffee. (While they are having general conversations) (He looks so lonely from behind) (It makes me laugh for no reason) (Is it my turn to step in?) Is there someone you like? You shouldn’t do it only to one person, so make it natural. Go naturally and offer some. Don’t worry. Did you just take what you were drinking? – No, it’s new. / – Okay. (Who will Soccer Coach Mun Hong approach?) (He walks past fruit-ade) The fruit juice guy is here. Hello. – Hello. / – Isn’t coffee too boring? (Who will he give his juice to?) Have some juice. (Enjoy this juice) Thank you. Have something that’s refreshing. Mun Hong gave the juice to his dear Kisum when I was right in front of him. (She misunderstood him and is upset) – Enjoy. / – Thank you. I’m okay. I like it because it’s refreshing. (Kisum couldn’t keep her eyes off of him returning) I regretted not going to the fruit juice booth. (Her heart fluttered because of Mun Hong) I thought I put it in the middle of the table. (He didn’t give the juice to Kisum?) I didn’t exactly give it to Kisum. Stephanie and Kisum were sitting right there. I put it between the two. I guess it seemed like I gave it to Kisum. (Let’s check through the clip) (Mun Hong’s glass of juice) (Was put exactly in the middle) (Quick-witted Kisum was just fast to answer) (His signal was sent wrong) (Who does he have in his heart?) (Another man) (Was watching that scene) Can I perhaps… Give a cup of tea to Soyou? (Yeongkwon is carefully trying to express his feeling) I think chamomile will do. It’s fresh. I’ll give it to her myself. I’ll tell her that you ordered the tea for her. – It’s an old style. / – Please do so. (The person Yeongkwon had in his heart was Soyou?) I was hoping to have Soyou at my table, but she went to the coffee booth. I was actually jealous. I thought, “I should’ve chosen the coffee booth.” So I just sent a cup of tea to Soyou. (The love manager is on his way) (Shy) I’m sorry to interrupt, but the guy from Table Two sent you a chamomile tea. The delicate scent of apple… – Helps to soothe your mind. / – Okay. He asked me to send you a cup of tea. How would you like to pay? Would you like to pay at once? (I sent it to you) (Was his feeling delivered well?) I thought he was quite forward. I liked how he tried to tell me that he’s also there. Did you feel good? Of course. (Yeongkwon’s heart was shyly expressed) (Will their relationship develop?) (Meantime, at the table where it’s one on one) So you got your makeup done… – And came here right away? / – I got here right away. – Today… / – Then you must’ve woken up early. But my makeup doesn’t take that long. Oh, because you’re already beautiful without makeup? No, that’s not it. I’m a little swollen today. – Really? / – I couldn’t sleep well… Because I was too excited. If you’re this beautiful when you’re swollen… – Oh, come on. / – My goodness. – What a Solomon. / – What do I do? I’m so glad. I was afraid that I’d be sitting alone. – Me too. / – I was so worried. I was worried that I’d be sitting alone too. But thankfully, a beautiful lady came to the table. – I was so happy. / – Because I’m really nervous… I don’t have much appetite. I don’t have an appetite. Do you like cooking? Actually, I’m not good at it. I like cooking though. I find the process of cooking really fun. Right? You get to make a mess. I was very comfortable because we could talk without having to think about the next topics. (Did they click through a conversation full of laughs?)

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