Iowa Football Tunnel Walk

Iowa Football Tunnel Walk

In 2005 the south end of Kinnick Stadium was
renovated. They got rid of the old bleacher and they put and actual structure in here.
So for the first time it really included a tunnel from the locker room to the field.
We decide to take advantage of that and do a team entry walk from the locker room all
the way to the field. Because of that we had to find a way to do that safely and efficiently
so we could show that to the fans. Executing the tunnel walk is really a very time consuming
thing. We practice it in the pre-season, we practice it before every game, executing it,
having five people involved in doing it there is a significant amount of time involved.
But, it is such an important element of the game day experience. It’s that moment when
the “Back in Black” starts and the team leaves the locker room the fans really know the game
is about to get going. Everything else is done. Now it is time to really focus on football
and welcome the team to the field and so it’s a really, really important thing. The fact
that it goes off well is just a testament to the fact that we’re really prepared to
do it. Doors opening and ready three and do it. Thank you (camera) one. *MUSIC PLAYING*
Ready three. Dissolve three. Stay here. Ready X in fifteen seconds. And dissolve. Ready
four. Captain America Herky.(PA) Here come the Hawkeyes! Dissolve four. Ready one. Take
one. (Camera utility) Just that easy!

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