Introducing Tap to Translate

Introducing Tap to Translate

Narrator: We’ve all been there. You have something in your phone
that you need to translate. Maybe it’s a text
from your coworkers, a YouTube comment, or a post from a friend, and you just need to know
what it says. But it’s actually a lot of steps
to translate it. You copy it, switch apps,
paste, translate, reply, switch back, and hit send. You do that with every message over and over and over. So we had an idea. What if,
instead of switching apps, Translate was accessible
from inside any app, so you could translate any text
right there? It’s something we’re calling
Tap to Translate, a feature
in the new Google Translate app. Here’s how it works. Say you’re chatting in WhatsApp. Maybe your roommates
all speak Hindi, but you don’t, and you’re wondering
what this is. Just copy the text
like you always do, and the translation appears
right up here. You can even hear how to say it. [phone speaks Hindi] Maybe you want to impress them
by replying in Hindi, so you type, “Let’s party!” You drop it in and hit send. There, you did it all
without switching apps. And of course
it works in any app anytime you copy text
you might want to translate. It works offline too, so if you don’t have
a connection at the moment, you can still translate stuff. Tap to Translate: get it with
the new Google Translate app for your Android phone.

100 thoughts on “Introducing Tap to Translate

  1. Oh this video it showing me in these last day.. go to Google and translate. . Then copying it and past with damn legs in my phone.

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  3. lady from video voice What if we want more of your privacy and instead of just getting the text you write on chrome, we actually read all your text inputs(that we already do from your keyboard, pshhh it's a "secret")but now from your clipboard and put a button on the top right corner to simulate that we only want to help you translate some text? Wouldn't that be awesome?

  4. DID NOT WORK, END OF STORY. No copy icon appeared in any of my other apps so could not copy to translate. I deleted the app 1 minute after downloading.

  5. From what I heard,Google translate isn't exactly accurate is it? You might make yourself look dumb.

  6. For those who like tap to translate when reading web pages, you may like


    Una persona habla al micrófono, se convierte a texto,
    éste texto es traducido al texto deseado, el cual

    es leído por la lectora de texto a voz y el
    escucha puede oírlo en su idioma.

  8. ខ្ញុំអណាស់បានក ម្នវិធីGoogleផ្តល់អក្សរខ្មែរព្រោះខ្ញុំអាចវាយរកទីតាំងក្នុងប្រទេសឬក្រៅប្រទេសបានស្រួល

  9. i installed both online and offline dictionary but doesnt seem to be working in whatsapp, im on a standard android which works with all other apps just fine


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