Introducing Fashion Forward Prosthetic Covers by UNYQ

Introducing Fashion Forward Prosthetic Covers by UNYQ

You know when you are shopping for prosthetics
you go to your guy who puts things together and you tell him what you are looking for
and they find a way to make a prosthetic that works theres no input. Its very stale and
its very industrial there have been great advancements but through this I feel that
there is a thing that has got lost and that is the craftsmanship of this industry. Prosthetics
was known for craftsmanship, these were artists, what we are bringing with UNYQ is the opportunity
to bring that back to life. The creativity. A fairing is first and foremost a protective
cover for wearable technology but ultimately it is just like your eye glasses, it is an
expression of yourself. Thats awesome. It looks great! You like it? I didn’t know my
leg was so big. When I first saw the fairing I didn’t realize that my calf was as big as
it is but it was really cool to be able to see my leg on the other side, to be able to
put it on and be able to feel symmetrical you know that I was matching, it was more
than what I thought. We want to provide fairings that can give you a change to sculpture it
the way you want. The technology we are using is 3D printing so the way we gather data from
users in their own homes, they can sit in front of their screen, they can collaborate
with us, they don’t have to send in their leg and have it disappear for 6 weeks, they
can just simply take snapshots of their prosthetic leg as well as the sound leg and using those
images and a couple of measurements we are able within 4 to 6 weeks to ship them a completely
symmetric, 3D printed fairing but my expectation is that it will actually get even shorter
as we move forward. The kind of cosmetic covers that you could get were I called them Barbie
legs. Theres been a recent social shit, as amputees it has gone from hiding and blending
in with society to exposing it and showing that this is something that makes me different,
this is something that has made me stronger and I am going to show it off.

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