Inter Milan’s 2009/10 Treble Tactics Explained

Inter Milan’s 2009/10 Treble Tactics Explained

In the 2009/10 season, Jose Mourinho guided
Inter Milan to an unprecedented treble. No Italian club has since won Serie A, their domestic cup the Coppa Italia, and the UEFA
Champions League in one season, and only six teams have done it ever. Inter are the most recent Italian team to
win the Champions League and have not won a league title since the treble. While Mourinho has been categorised as a defensive
coach, his 2008/09 title winning Inter side led the league in goals scored with 70,
joint with AC Milan, while in 2009/10, they scored 75 goals, seven more than next best Roma; in both seasons, Mourinho’s side also conceded the fewest. This partly stems from the Portuguese manager’s
superb defensive organisation and his team’s willingness to play almost exclusively
on the counter. Mourinho set his side up as
either a 4-3-1-2, or a 4-2-3-1. Both systems were built on the rock-solid
centre-back pairing of Lucio and Walter Samuel, with Julio Cesar , an adept reader of the
game, as a sweeper keeper operating behind. The defence sat deep and relied on the mobility of the midfield to cover. Club captain and legend
Javier Zanet played mostly at left-back, though he was sometimes used in central midfield. Indeed, a defining facet of Mourinho’s Inter
was his willingness and ability to deploy players to counter specific threats, or bring specific abilities to a game. On the right, Maicon
provided more width and was a more attacking presence than his left-back counterpart. For this to work, Mourinho relied on Esteban Cambiasso’s superb reading of the game. The Argentine midfielder could move back or across to cover, allowing Maicon to push up behind
Samuel Eto’o, who drifted infield to support Diego Milito. Eto’o’s role, and that of Goran Pandev,
are rightly hailed as examples of Mourinho’s ability to get players to buy into his tactical systems, even at the expense of their own, normal playing style. While Eto’o did drift centrally to assist
Milito in many games, he was also used almost as a defensive winger when required, and Pandev, nominally a striker, played a similar role on the left. This meant that in games where Mourinho needed defensive solidity, the 4-2-3-1 almost reverted to a 4-4-1-1. Inter sat deep and countered, relying on the
predatory instincts of Diego Milito, the awareness and creativity of Wesley Sneijder at 10, and Cambiasso’s ability to pick a long pass. Inter would win the ball back, get it to Cambiasso
or Sneijder, and would then attack from deep with long passes wide, or using the Dutch 10’s ability to play in Milito or Eto’o. Dejan Stankovic, the more attacking-minded
central midfielder, got up to support, while Sneijder also dropped off to win the ball
back, as well as pushing forwards to assist Milito. Eto’o could cut inside with Maicon supporting
him and Pandev could do the same, although this occurred less. Indeed, Mourinho famously even used Christian
Chivu , a left-back, in left midfield against Barcelona in the second leg of the Champions
League semi-final at the Nou Camp to block the left-hand side of the pitch; Milito, Eto’o,
and Sneijder were the team’s main goal threats. Mourinho was not afraid to sacrifice attacking
ability to counter the threat of Messi on Barcelona’s right hand side, just as he
was not afraid to match Chelsea’s 4-1-2-3 with a 4-3-3 ​
in the Champions League Round of 16 away leg, man-marking Chelsea’s system at the
expense of his own attacking options. His side made no effort to hog possession either, instead relying on a clinical ability to convert the rare chances that came their way from the counter. Pragmatic, organised, tactical – yes. Defensive and boring? Not always. Jose Mourinho’s
superb Inter of 2009/10, built by him with the additions of Sneijder, Lucio, Eto’o,
Milito, Pandev, and Motta to the squad he inherited
in 2008, is the best side Italian football has produced in the last ten years and, arguably, since Sacchi’s AC Milan.

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  1. Almost every player was close to their physical peak or generally very fit and experienced. That probably also contributed to their organization and style

  2. That was the time when Barca ruled the football world, yet this Inter team showed the world there is another way to play football. Still remember when they beat Barca at UCL that season. It was awesome.

  3. Lol best Italian team of the last 10 years with no Italians on the pitch. No wonder we didn't even qualify for the world cup. Hopefully this new generation will produce something good

  4. Did Luis Figo played in this treble winning season, it was always on my mind that he was played during this time.

  5. looking at this. I think Mou needs to get back to the basics of what made him a great manager. His Man Utd team have no defence and are overreliant on the greatness of De Gea… Start from the back and make his way up top. Man Utd need 2 solid central defenders, also need better wing backs (Sandro would be a good addition, maybe Florenzi to deputies for Valencia). They also need another solid CDM, allow Pogba de freedom of roaming maybe play him like he did for Sneijder and they should be fine. They have enough attacking flair up top to let them have fun.

  6. Mourinho's heyday. Don't know whats happened to him lately? Guess players arent buying into his tactics anymore

  7. despite being an Inter fan I have to disagree that this was the best Italian club since Sacchi's Milan. Lippi's Juventus and Ancelotti's Milan were better and had more success too, reaching more than 1 CL final. Mourinho's side collapsed after he left even though none of the players left the club. Their success was a one season success story where everything gelled perfectly but there was also some luck involved. But it's certainly one of the best examples of a great transfer campaign as the team had 5/6 players in the starting line-up who weren't there the previous season.

  8. whole video without mentioning thiago motta, which is surprising
    motta's passing was very important in inter's offense, he was more important than J. zanetti imo

  9. whole video without mentioning thiago motta, which is surprising
    motta's passing was very important in inter's offense, he was more important than J. zanetti imo

  10. This was his crowning glory as a manager for me. It was his whole identity perfectly summed up in one side for all time.

  11. The best team since Sacchi’s AC Milan? Ancelotti’s AC Milan would like to disagree. That team was devastating.

  12. Guy has milked all he can out of playing defensive football; now his tank is almost empty. Clueless about attacking football; can't defend against good attackers these days.

  13. Saya ingin inter kembali dilatih sama jose mourinho. Sblm pelatih masa depan inter oleh diego simeone. Itu mimpi saya. Taktik mourinho cattenacio nya di inter berjalan 99% mulus.

  14. If you look deeply, actually most of them are so underrated and being ignored so much by media:

    Milito – the most criminally underrated striker ever, such a shame Maradona always kept him in the bench during world cup 2010

    Sneijder – Being robbed at Ballon d'or 2010

    Cambiasso and Stankovic – People acknowladge their ability, but whenever comes to great midfielders, people always seem forget to talk and include them

    Maicon, Chivu and Julio Cesar – Same case

    Zanetti – Although everybody know that Zanetti is Inter's legend, but people seem to underlook him and it's same case as well, whenever people talking about club legends, people always talk and praising about Totti, Giggs, Gerrard, Buffon, Maldini, Xavi, Puyol, and Terry…

  15. Tahun 2010 berbekal treeble dan finalis piala dunia sneijder gak jd pemain terbaik dunia. Tp tahun ini modric hanya punya medali juara liga champions dan finalis piala dunia bisa jd pemain terbaik dunia

  16. The fact that he won a champions league with Porto and inter, instead of Real Madrid, Chelsea and United just proves how important it is to have grown man in the dressing room. Maybe I’m a bit harsh with Chelsea and Real Madrid , as they were extremely unlucky never to grace the final between 2004-07 and 2010-13. My point is, Mourinho was and still is the greatest tactician master in world football, regardless if you like it or not. The thing is, it is much easy to get the trust from players like zanetti and stankovic, two players that would die for him, instead of pogba and Lingard…How can United fans dream about winning the league with these bunch of immature lads? Yes, he brought pogba in, but still, pogba is supposed to be a leader and a great player, but he is more worried about making an Instagram post instead of fighting for his manager and the badge. Football nowadays is just dogshit, there are so few leaders left out there, and in this inter, 95% of the team were leaders! It is such a shame what it has become

  17. The greatest back four I have ever witnessed, I play football as a hobby and play as a CB, watching the defensive masterclass of this team in the champions league gave me goosebumps, I have never in my life looked up to defenders as much as that back four during Joses treble winning team, especially against Chelsea and even more so against Barcelona.

  18. People who think his tactics are entirely dead are ignoring the real issue at United- personality clashes. His tactics worked fine, and they won United three trophies, got them to an FA Cup Final, and finished them 2nd in less than two and a half years. It’s his personality, not his ability that might make him untouchable by a big team.

  19. A football club could be success under jose if you give him the best defensive CB partner, solid DM, clever no 10 and strong no 9 each season and the rest do the job at their own position as best as they should. Attacking styles Jose almost relying on direct football which are long ball and counter attack. Team like barcelona, man united or any team that known as attacking philosophy not suit jose. Jose weaknesses is he always blame the players when something he demand didn't delivered by players the big name like pogba, ronaldo, ramos even hazard can't accept this and most of players give up and do not do well each match. we can see this normally in third season which is jose season's syndrome everything went wrong.

  20. The key to this team was BALANCE.

    Right footed players playing on the right or right central. And left footed players playing on the left side and left of centre.

    It maximises the width of the pitch with players going in their natural directions and opens and exposes teams with players playing on the opposite side to their strong foot.

    A great system. But finding quality left footers is hard.

  21. 1. Pick a club with oodles of cash to spend. 2. Buy physical baddasses in their prime. 3. Set players against each other so club resembles CoD battleground. 4. Unleash these dogs of war to nullify opposition's strengths. 5. Win by a goal or two and pull up the drawbridge. 5. Snear in press conferences. 6. Win ugly. 7. Boast. 8. Walk away leaving next manager with a chalice containing more poison than a nest of black mambas. 9. Repeat. 10. Repeat. 11. Get done by own ego in Doctorgate. 12. Stuff up at Man Utd having to use players bought by others. 13 ?

  22. Sneijder deserved the ballon d’or in 2010. Milito who was a beast that year didn’t reach in the top 20 ballon d’or Lmfao what a joke

  23. UEFA Champions League final winning side: Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Samuel, Chivu, Zanetti, Cambiasso, Sneijder, Eto'o, Milito, Pandev. Stankovic as sub. One of the finest sides to ever grace the pitch. Sneijder conned out of a Ballon D'Or and Lucio, Zanetti, Eto'o and Cambiasso all deserved top 10 places. What a team.

  24. even though he wasn't in the squad, Inter wouldn't have won the UCL without Zlatan. Zlatan came to Inter in 2006/07 and won them 3 league titles. The club sold him and had lots of money and Samuel Eto. Zlatan gave Inter momentum for a champions league title.

  25. But I didn't get one thing,why was left cam playing as a defencive winger even though the lb didn't push high up

  26. He maybe could’ve replicated a similar thing with United in 16/17 but Zlatan rarely put his chances away.

  27. Mourinho needs to return to Inter Milan or Porto. Make the game more exciting again. Its boring seeing the same 4 teams win Champions League every year.

  28. I think the main reason why he won the treble was that he found an Inter with big balls. There were true players who played with their heart and give everything for their coach.
    If you had seen Inter's counterattack was one of the best aspects of their game-play.

    Ps. BIG LIKE for this channel, I'm officially a fan.

  29. Every kid nowadays forget defending is hard when opponents keeps on attcking. Eg: Simeone tried to defend 90min but failed terribly this year vs juve. To defend you need players who don't lose confidence and have strong mentality. In 2004 euro greece beat the mighty Portuguese by defending and parking the bus. Defending is an art which many players couldn't master.

  30. Ok, but the best teams in Italy after Milan's Sacchi were Juve '96 and Ancelotti's Milan (2003-2007).

  31. Arguably his best team ever. That team was full of prime talented system players glad they won everything that year because they quickly fell off soon after that.

  32. This is what Jose was trying to avhieve with Utd…if only Woodward gave him the cash to do what the F he wanted

  33. I don't think I have seen a more solid well put together side than that 2010 Inter, they were virtually unbeatable…!!!

  34. Jose will achieve even more and he will be on top again one day. Mark my words. I am a mit biased, because i really like him as a manager, but i really think that he will be champion again. He is legend and genial tactician.

  35. It’s ironic how The Best Team ever…let it sink…is also the most underrated and less talked about. I have seen the flare of Ronaldo the Phenomenon, Vieri, Crespo, Ibrahimoviç, Adriano, and still for me the best striker to have ever played for Inter is Diego Milito. Let’s not forget Maicon and Cambiasso, the best of all time in their position!

  36. How lucky is eto'o. Won the treble at barcelona. Had a fall out with gaurdiola. Went to inter. Beat his old team and pep and won the treble again. Most clubs dream of one treble. He won it twice. Best african footballer of all time imo

  37. What is the point of bringing 'Pep' or 'Barca' in the comment section. Clearly this is not a comparison video. Useless Bunch of jealous fans or I call them Barca haters.

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