We’re here with the match-winner, Stefano Sensi! We’re live on Facebook too. Stefano, let’s start with the goal. It was a proper striker’s goal, the way
you got in front of the defender. It was a lovely diving header. My colleague Ilaria was saying you’re
going to have to change shirt number! No, no… I’m pleased with the goal because it’s
always a unique feeling, especially here. It was a move we’d worked on
during the week with the coach. I’m happy for the team because it wasn’t
easy: Udinese are a tough side. We created a lot but we need to be
more clinical and put games to bed earlier. You’ve had a great start, with
nine points from three games. Inter are now top of the table, for
a night at least. How does that feel? We’re taking it game by game. We’ll enjoy the win tonight but as of
tomorrow we need to get our heads on because we have another big match coming. The hard work in the week pays off. We need to stay focused and
concentrate on our objectives. There are plenty of nice comments
coming in for you on Facebook. You’ve definitely become a big
hit with the fans already! That’s great. It motivates me even more but
I still need to improve a lot. I can do that with the help of the
team, the training sessions, the coach… Thanks to everyone for the
compliments. I’ll try to keep it up! You have an intense run of games coming up starting on Tuesday with the Champions
League opener against Slavia Prague who won comfortably this evening. How important is it to manage your physical
and mental resources over this period? It’s going to get tougher and tougher from here… Yes, it’s getting tougher and we
have more matches coming up. It’s going to be a tough month. We need to stay focused and
conserve our mental strength. That’s arguably more important than
physical energy because it allows you to focus. Starting tomorrow we focus on that game. It’s the first game in front of our
fans so we have to do well. People are comparing you to Iniesta… How do you take those comparisons? Do they motivate you or do
they increase the pressure? No, it’s nice because it’s great
to be compared to Iniesta. It motivates me to do more. I need to keep my feet on the ground,
stay focused and keep working because we’re just at the start and we
need to maintain this hunger and intensity. Hi Stefan, it was another
mature performance tonight against a tough, physically strong side. You stayed focused for the full 90 minutes
and got a deserved three points. Yes, it was important to stay
focused for the whole game. As you said, they’re a physical,
counter-attacking side and they have a pacey striker
who attacks the space well. We had to be focused and get it right. We misplaced a few passes in the
first half and gave too much away but after the red card we
pushed hard and got the goal. We tried to get a second after the
break but we weren’t able to. That said, we did well to keep them out. Massimo? Hi, Stefan. Congratulations on the
performance and on the win. You knew there was a lot of space behind you
and that you had to avoid allowing Lasagna in. He’s a very quick player who
could have caused you problems. There are perhaps a few things to
work on, but you’re doing very well. How did you get on with Godin? It
was your first time playing with him. How important is his experience and what
contribution can he make to the defence? I feel good and I’m pleased to play
with top players like Milan and Diego. He has a lot of experience and is
one of the best defenders around so that makes things easier for
me in my position – I’m pleased. Another one, Massimo? In terms of the build-up play from the back Godin was getting forward
and got the assist for Sensi. Is that something you worked on during the week? Do you think the build-up play
from the back is improving? We gave it a go. The boss wants us to step up
with the ball and create when there’s space. We can still improve a lot on
that but we’re getting better and we hope to continue improving. Stefan, what impressed you about the
performance and what can you still work on? We’ve started well, with nine points from
three games, but there’s still a long way to go. There’s a great vibe around us and
we have a good group, which is vital. The desire is there to see so let’s
continue improving and keep this going. You did very well when you came on,
making a contribution and nearly grabbing a goal… Yes, I agree with that analysis! I’m pleased with my performance off the bench but most of all with a vital win today. Massimo? – Hi, Roberto.
– Hi. There are a lot of midfielders in the
squad, all with their own attributes. One of your biggest strengths is the way
you get forward – well done on the performance today. You had three shots, so that
feels like your biggest strength. Are you at your happiest in a four-man midfield? I don’t think it’s about systems or formations but I do like getting forward and
trying to create chances and score. I’m happy – I had chances but unfortunately
they didn’t end up how I hoped. The most important thing was to win. Clearly, something has changed from last year. What do you make of the team’s build-up play? You seem to be moving the
ball differently from the back. It doesn’t seem to matter if there
are three central midfielders or two. You seem to rotate a lot during the build-up play. Is that something you work on in training? Yes, definitely. We spend hours on the
training pitch working on our movement. We still have work to do – sometimes
we’re not in the right position and at times we’re not thinking as one yet but I definitely think we’re on the right track. One from me, Roberto. Yesterday Conte said that he will need the
whole squad as the games stack up. You looked very confident when you
came on – you’re all doing your bit. We have to. Some players play less but there are
25 of us, so we’ll all get a chance to play. The boss has total faith in us so we
have to repay that when he calls on us. That’s your third win – they’ve all been
different, as the coach has been saying but they’ve all been deserved: this team
is solid and has a clear identity. Yes, it’s a big win for us. Whoops! His earpiece has fallen out! Let’s sort that out. There we go. Yes, it’s a massive win for us.
We needed the result today. It wasn’t easy but our goal was to get the win. We need to keep working hard for the games to come. Massimo? – Hi, Kwadwo.
– Hi. You’ve played in a back five before
so knew what the role entailed… How is your role different to last year? You and Candreva were very wide,
standing almost on the touchline. Is that what the boss wants or is it
something you’ve brought to the role? I played in that position a couple of years ago. He wants the wing-backs to create width
and get into one-on-one situations. He wants us there when we’re defending too. Wing-back is a really important
position for this team because we have to do well
in both attack and defence. That’s part of our game. You’ve been a part of great sides
that have won the Scudetto. Where can the team improve and
how much does it need to improve? Obviously you have to close the gap with Juventus
and Napoli, who finished above you last season. How much does the team need to improve? We’re on the right track. We have a winning mentality. We can still improve a lot because we’re
a new side and we still need to gel. Right now I think we’re doing
well and are on the right track. Last one from me. I wanted to ask you
about two new signings: Sensi and Barella. Tonight was their first start together.
What did you make of them? They did very well. It was Barella’s first game here. He got a booking in the first half
and we couldn’t take risks so he came off for the second half. They both played very well. It was
a good performance from them.

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