(car horn blows) – It’s our final day in Oregon. We leave in three hours and yet, it’s the most beautiful day. Barely any wind, beautiful sunshine. We’re gonna go over to the
University of Oregon campus which I’ve never been there before. And we have a friend, his
name is Tyrell Crosby. He’s a senior on the football team. Really good lineman. One of the best offensive lineman
in all of college football and he’s a fan of our channel. He’s super cool. We actually met him in
Utah a little while back, like before last season. So I guess it’s been almost a year. And since we’re here, we just
asked him if we can see him. He’s in between football training and school classes right now so we’re gonna run over there
real quick and meet him. And then we’ve got an awesome day planned. We’re gonna go see Peter Hollens. So Eugene, Oregon, let’s go see what Eugene, Oregon is all about. And we made it, look at
this big guy right here. Lincoln go stand by him. Let’s see this. (Tyrell chuckles) Okay, last year you lifted
Lincoln up like no problem. – Oh no, no. – [Dan] Let’s see. (laughs) (Lincoln screams) (Dan laughs) That’s awesome, that’s what you do like whenever somebody
scores a touchdown, right? It’s like.
– Yeah. – You just lift them up.
– Lift them up. – This is our first time
at University of Oregon. Tyrell’s gonna show us um, I
just wanted to see the duck. This is not the Ohio State University but they do have the duck. Do you know the story, like
why are they the ducks? – Not really. I know they used to be
called the Webfoots. – [Dan] The, wait, the what? – Webfoots. – [Dan] Webfoots? – Yeah.
– Look at his foot. The Webfoots. I heard it’s just because
there’s lots of ducks here. Been here since, uh. – 2016.
– Oh! (laughing) So where do you play football? – Uh, it’s just like right over there. – Can we like see the football
facility, is that cool? – Yeah, we could do it. We do it all the time. – The University of
Oregon’s like the bomb. If you don’t know much
about college sports, here’s the one thing you need to know. University of Oregon has a
tight relationship with Nike, and so their gear, their uniforms, everything, their facilities, top notch. – Yeah, their uniforms are awesome. They’re so cool. – They’re the best. Like how many different
uniforms do you think you’ve worn in four years? Probably like? – A new one every game. – Every single game, a new
uniform or a new setup. Like that’s how cool Oregon Ducks are. If you didn’t know, you know now. Best dressed in all of college football. (rhythmic techno music) Holy smokes, this place
is so stinkin’ cool. This is Marcus Mariota Sports Performance, wait Marcus Mariota? You were either like his blindside in the National Championship. – For half a season. I was switchin’ left and right tackle. – [Dan] Okay, but you were his lineman in the National Championship game, as a freshman,
– Yeah. – for Marcus Mariota. And now the building is named after him. (techo music) Alright, well we’re just
gonna go on the field. – [Man] I’m surprised there
not like a retinal scanner that just like. – Oh, we have thumbprints over there. – Oh ya do.
– Look at that door, it just opens. Look at that giant O. – [Lincoln] Giant O. – [Dan] Oh I thought it was a real one, they just like stored it
over there in the corner. Okay, so explain this real quick. During a game, is the locker
room back in that area? – Uh, it’s further that way, it’s off– – [Dan] So it’s not in this building? So you have to go through this tunnel, go out there and all the way around? – Back up, yeah. – [Dan] Okay, so that’s why
the ground feels squishy, ’cause you’re wearing your cleats. (squeaking)
So it’s gotta feel nice. – [Lincoln] Whoa! That’s cool! (clanking) – [Dan] What does it say? – [Tyrell] Do something. That’s the new like, slogan. – [Dan] Do something, I like that. That’s like– – Yeah! – [Dan] Settin’ the bar a little low. Do something. It’s there or nothing. Oh boy. – [Lincoln] Wow. – Oh man. Look at this place. I’ve seen it before on TV but I’ve never been to a game here. Oh! Feels nice. Turf does not feel like
regular turf, it feels like soft, like grass. I don’t know, it sounds weird
to say it feels like grass but most turfs are really really hard and you feel like if
you’re gonna fall on it, it’s gonna use some
sort of like road rash. This really really soft like fine hair. Here’s the deal. This is Korey. – [Lincoln] He took his shoes off? – He just finished his senior
year at BYU running track. Korey’s gonna run from the 100 yard line, Lincoln’s gonna start on the 50 and we’re gonna see who wins this race. Who you going with? – I’m going Lincoln. – Korey’s pretty fast. He was second team All
American a couple weeks ago in the 400 meter hurdles. (chuckles) That’s pretty far though. There’s Korey right there. There’s Lincoln right here on the 50. Yeah, start on the O, right in the center. And you’ve gotta go right
down here to the finish line. Are you ready? On three. One. Two. Three! Whoa! I don’t know that he can catch
you, but he’s fast though! Wah! Whoa! Pluh! You were on him, you made it to the 15! 15 yard line. It was a good effort. That was a tough task. – I got tackled in the end zone. – [Dan] There you go, well. Nice work, nice work. – Woo!
– That was your workout for the day.
– Yeah dude. – We’re about to see what’s inside of the Oregon training facilities,
it’s gonna be awesome. – [Dan] Go see it buddy, go get ’em. Oh boy. Whoa. We got some trophies. Marcus Mariota right in front. What’s this? A trophy. Another trophy, Pac-12. (light rhythmic music) (beeping)
(clanking) – [Lincoln] Whoa! (laughing) – [Dan] Surfing Duck. This is the old weight room. Not being used as much. The cool one, the new one is in here. – [Lincoln] What, there’s a boxing ring? – [Dan] What? What’s the boxing ring all about? – [Lincoln] You can like go like this. Whoa! – [Dan] There you go,
that’s how you do it. That’s how you do it. Look at the ceiling. – [Lincoln] That is cool. – Turns out this is the
sports science room. It’s where they do the
stuff like you see on ESPN where they test your body out
and do all the crazy tests. And then we got some sort
of like sleeping pods. Massage tables. – [Lincoln] Oh! – [Dan] Sandy Beach. Is anybody in here? – [Tyrell] (chuckles) Nah. – Okay.
– But yeah. – [Dan] Wait, so these are like– – [Korey] Relaxation? – [Tyrell] Yeah, so they can
just like sleep in these. – [Dan] Since you can’t see it as well, but this is a sleeping pod. There he is, sleeping in a sleeping pod. (giggles) – Whoa!
– Oh whoa, whoa, okay. Okay, we got some stars.
– No they’re ducks. – [Dan] Oh they’re not
stars, they are flying ducks. (laughing) Oh that’s cool. (upbeat music) Shoes. Gloves. Jordan’s, what you had
Jordan’s, those old school ones? Oh my gosh. Jumpman. Duck on the back of that one too. I like this one with the duck smiling. You gotta have lots of cleats. They don’t look around. Lights. Mighty Oregon right there. This one looks like, like marshmallow or some sort of DJ face. – Whoa.
– Oh boy. Look, little miniature ducks. Old school, this is old school. Lincoln he just said that just the furniture in here is a $100,000. Is that right? – Yeah, this whole section’s a $100,000. – [Dan] This whole section is $100,000. Lincoln you probably want
to stop kicking the stuff. Come on man. – $100,000?
– I don’t have that kind of money to be buying a
new bouncy pillow ball. Okay, we’re going into a room here. It has all the rings
and the noise simulates how loud it actually is in this stadium, in the awesome stadium. (cheering and screaming)
It’s buildin’ up. I hear it. Green. – [Overhead Speaker] Defense! Defense!
– Gettin’ loud. – [Overhead Speaker] Defense! Defense! (upbeat music) – Tyrell Crosby. Look at that, he is on the
board with the Heisman Trophy. Although because you were
an offensive lineman, you should’ve been like right
here or like right there. I think you needed a little closer spot. These are the Hawaiian Islands. Oregon knows how to do it. I’m sorry, nobody else
can do it like this. This is the Hawaiian Islands because Marcus Mariota is from Hawaii. They made this awesome trophy with all the players names on it. – [Lincoln] I’m sittin’ on the Big Island. – [Dan] You’re sittin’ on the Big Island? That’s right. Okay, what are, why are there
a bunch of flying ducks? – So each duck represents
someone who’s been drafted by the NFL. – [Dan] All of these,
not just the black ones, the silver ones, the
green ones, all of them. Look at all of them. – These ones the actual difference is, is a Hall of Fame player. This one will be Dan Fouts. – [Dan] Okay, so with
the different head on it. Oh it has their initial, who they are. There’s another Hall of Fame. – [Tyrell] And it goes by first
round to the second round. – [Dan] First round to second. Okay, I see it, I see it. Wow. Look at this room. I mean, let’s just put
in a fancy room here just for no reason. Just other than we can. – So (clears throat) in the bathroom they have tiles of our rings. – [Lincoln] What? (laughing) – [Dan] It’s like these little tiles. – PS4s and three Xbox Ones. (laughs) – I’m losing my mind.
– Okay. – I don’t understand.
– Video games. Video games, Madden, NBA 2K. So when does this thing get ramped up? It’s pretty quiet in here right now. – Um, usually like when
more kids don’t have class. – Pool table.
– Pool table. – Wait, what?
– On the bottom, that’s a duck engraved. – [Dan] Of course it’s a
duck engraved, hand carved. – [Tyrell] These are all Oregon. And then these are
different Pac-12 schools. So there’s ASU, Utah, U Dub. – Knock those guys out. You don’t play in this year though. Okay, I didn’t notice this earlier but we just found the practice facilities. I didn’t realize how high we are. Look at this, not one
but two giant football practice facilities. Blame no one. Make no excuses. Do something. – There’s a grass field too. (chuckles) – [Dan] And of course the grass field. – And then that’s our
indoor practice field. – [Dan] What, that’s all
the indoor practice field. Okay, football stadium,
indoor practice facility, outdoor, two giant ones, and
a grass field down there. – This is where I want to go to college. – He’s ready, he’s ready, sign him up. Where’s the coach? So if you ever wondered,
like you probably watched some big recruits and they go to a school and they sign and your just like, why did they choose that school? Or why did he do that? When you go on these campus tours, if you’re a recruit,
you can go all around, look at everything and you can get wowed. These facilities are pretty cool. Duck wings on the roof, of course. – Even the ping pong balls. – [Dan] Oregon ping pong balls. Welcome to the theater room. Of course, you gotta– – Right, every single one. (laughing) It’s like soft and squooshy. – [Dan] It’s soft and squooshy because this is the same type of leather that they use in Ferraris. Ferraris, look at that. That’s like 30 Ferraris of leather. Aw, I don’t know why but I really like. Aw, I don’t know why but I really like it. It’s super soft. – If we have a night game,
they’ll play movies in here for us during the day. – During the day?
– Yeah. – [Dan] You just come in here and chill. And so what does the opposing players’ locker room look like? Is it just a dump? – It’s so bad. (laughing) – [Dan] No Ferrari chairs in
the opposing guys’ locker room? First question, uh Lincoln you– – Ow! – [Dan] (chuckles) Those are lights. That’s what they have to look at when they’re doing interviews. Alright first question. How’d you feel about your performance? Why did you fumble the ball four times? – It was six. – [Dan] Here’s the entire room right here. Those are chairs. And that’s where the interviews are. And then over here’s where you do individual interviews if
somebody had a really good game. Check it out, these
things come off the wall. – [Lincoln] And this is all
made out of football leather. Of course. – [Dan] Football leather on the walls. Of course, why wouldn’t you? It’s a football place. This is the locker room. We made it in. Everybody’s stuff. This is your locker. – Wow. – [Dan] Are you seeing somethin’ Lincoln? Do you see that? – Oh whoa! (laughing) – Dude, we are in the locker room and it’s been there since last year. That’s cool man, thanks
for puttin’ that in there. That’s super rad. Look at this, everybody’s locker. It is just clean, just clean. Ooh, it comes down. Showers. Stadium. You can like look outside
when you’re taking a shower? Is that kinda weird? – It’s a little weird. – [Dan] And what kinda locker room is it if you don’t have a barber shop? – I don’t understand this. – [Dan] You don’t understand this? – [Lincoln] It’s so cool. – [Dan] If you’re gonna play football, you gotta come to Oregon. It’s pretty ridiculous. This is where we leave Tyrell, Lincoln. We gotta go. We have a flight to catch. Tyrell thank you, you’re awesome. – Of course.
– Good luck this year. Win it all, win the Pac-12, win the National Championship. Unless BYU’s in, which that’s
probably not gonna happen. So win it all. We’re stoked to see you man. – Thank you. – [Dan] Alright high five. Oh, to the wrist. (uplifting music) And we got some swag. Peter Hollens. ♫ Nuz ann sul ♫ Fent a lok ♫ The misty mountains ♫ Sweet the sound – We found his office. It sounds like he’s filming. I’m guessing this is it because all I see is this stuff. Here, here. – [Lincoln] I see him. – [Dan] I see people. Yeah. Doesn’t look like they’re filming. – [Lincoln] Just go in? – [Dan] No, just knock. Slightly. Maybe a little louder than that. ♫ Danielson – Hello.
– Hi. – Hi all.
– Is this the place? – [Peter] How’s it going? – [Dan] Dude, nice set up. Can I vlog in here? – You can totally vlog in here. I do not put my face everywhere. That was not my fault, didn’t do it. I blame it on my wife. – [Dan] (chuckles) Okay. This one, this one I condone though. – [Dan] Oh, this is beautiful. So who did these? – So she’s 13 years old. This girl is 13. I think one of these, this
is a different person. – [Dan] Wait, so these are
fans that made these for you? – Yeah.
– Oh my goodness. – Oh I’m sure you get
that stuff don’t you? – We get some art. I don’t want to say negative
things about you guys. You support us really
well but I think we need to step up our art game
here a little bit. (laughs) Look at this. With a pencil. – Right?
– What? – [Peter] People are so talented. This makes me even feel
like I should never really do what I do for a living. – Okay so Peter is a, you guys know that he’s a super talented musician. If you haven’t seen his stuff, we’ll put a link in the bottom and you can go check it out. But he’s incredibly smart, business savvy, but he’s also super helpful. You see this sign right here? Collaboration is greater than competition. I’ve never been good
at this greater thing, that means greater right? He is starting this thing
called the Creator Academy. – It’s about like teaching
people the right way to create so they can do it
and actually make a living. – [Dan] Yeah ’cause
being a musician is hard. I talked to a YouTuber the other day that had a song in the top 10, put a song out there and
they were doing really well, and then they told me behind the scenes, “You don’t make as much money
as a musician as you think “when you’re just putting
music out on like iTunes.” And so Peter has a great business model where he’s able to
utilize YouTube, Patreon, every avenue as possible,
but he’s like sharing that with musicians and with people
that want to become creators and want to take their musical talents and hopefully make a business out of it. And so they don’t have
to go work at Starbucks, which is a great job, it’s a great job. – Do what you love for a living. – Do what you love. We’re gonna go film something right now for the Creator Academy. – To help people,
– Yes. – like you. Pick you up by this. – [Dan] Check it out. Fancy microphone. Another microphone. Gold Play Button, we will
not cut that in half. – Well that microphone’s
cool over that one. – That one is super cool. There’s a lot of cool gear in here. A lot of things, I’m looking around going, man what’s inside of that thing? Okay, we have got to go catch a flight. So Peter that was fun. Thank you for the interview. I’m excited to see what comes out of this. Next time we’re gonna cut
something open with Peter. We’re gonna fly back to Eugene – Let us know.
– or he’s gonna come to Utah. – What should we cut up? Should we cut a microphone? Should we cut a me? (laughing) – No people, unless it’s April Fools’ Day. So let us know guys. We gotta find something. Alright we made it to the airport. We have like 15 minutes
until our flight goes. Lincoln is already off,
probably on the plane. I had to figure out some rental car stuff but we are headed home. Excited to see the girls. I hope you enjoyed our
Oregon trip, we had fun. Peter Hollens was great. Oregon campus was amazing. Clausen Oysters was amazing. Go Daddy video was fun. So super fun trip. Now it’s time to go home and
enjoy two weeks of family time. So see you guys, thanks for watching. Lincoln, I made it. Thank you. Where do I sit buddy? – Right here. – [Dan] Wait, I thought I got the window? (upbeat music)


  1. Ok so I know this is like really latr but here is a tip for the greater than or less than thing. Thug of the sign as an alligator and the alligator is allways going to be facing the bigger number because he is hungry and when you are hungry you always want more food!

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  3. I only lived an hour away from that growing up and I never visited it. But Oregon wasn’t that great when I was growing up, not great until after I graduated high school. My hs first song music is the exact same as the Oregon fight song music.


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