Inside Anfield: Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool | UNSEEN footage from away day

Inside Anfield: Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool | UNSEEN footage from away day

Mo Salah is fit, but only
for a place on the bench, Andrew Robertson does start though, and the
only change is that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who has made such a big impact in recent
weeks, gets his start inside that front three. You OK? Hi, Jürgen, welcome as usual. Hi, Jordan, how you doing, son? You guys have been fantastic. Hey, how are you, OK? Alisson! OVER PA SYSTEM: Crystal Palace! PALACE FANS: ♫ Glad all over! ♫ Yes, I’m…glad all over ♫ Baby, I’m…glad all over ♫ Glad you’re mine. ♫ ♫ Watch him defend and we watch him score ♫ He’ll pass the ball, calm as you like ♫ He’s Virgil van Dijk… ♫ ♫ Glad all over! ♫ Yes, I’m glad all over.. ♫ BOOING No changes, Liverpool. Let’s go, please, boys. Come on, boys! PALACE FANS: Yes! ♫ We support the Palace, Palace, Palace ♫ And that’s the way we like it,
we like it, we like it ♫ Whoa-oh-oh-oh ♫ Whoa-oh-oh-oh… ♫ LIVERPOOL FANS ROAR ♫ Liiiverpool, Liiiverpool ♫ Liiiverpool, Liiiverpool. ♫ Jürgen, this team never know
when they’re beaten, they keep finding ways
to win football matches. So I don’t want to compare it to other games
where we won late or whatever, today was absolutely unbelievably difficult,
the boys came back from everywhere, for other teams as well but for us especially, coming from Arabic parts of the world,
landing on Thursday, playing on Saturday, and an away game at Crystal Palace,
which is difficult anyway! It’s always difficult for us. We scored
the goals and that’s absolutely important, and we fought hard, and you cannot
get 37 points after 13 matches with always being brilliant, you just have to
be there all the time, be annoying, never give up and all these things,
but you cannot only win the brilliant games. I’m completely fine with that – we know we can
play better, we have to and we will.

100 thoughts on “Inside Anfield: Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool | UNSEEN footage from away day

  1. I didn't know we have such a good relationship with Palace. 😂 is here we are going to shop next not in Southampton anymore?

  2. Nice try Palace! Everybody is playing out of their skins to try and defeat us! They all want to beat the European Champions! Never heard an atmosphere like that at Selhurst before, I suppose we should be flattered! C'mon you Reds!

  3. สุดตียยยยยยนนนนนนนน หมาแดงอย่าเห่าเดี๋ยวพี่เป่าหมาดิ้น

  4. Title should be “Liverpool’s Palace “ 😂🏆 Liverpool is winner of champions league and premier league this year

  5. Look at well from 7:00, this woman steals in the games look well she takes a cell phone and a wallet. The club must arrest this woman

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  7. For those folks who think the Title should not be inside Anfield
    No matter where the game is being played by Liverpool football club, Inside Anfield is the title for marketing purpose , more like a brand for this channel
    So do u understand bitches?

  8. the players going into the ground looked like they were going before a firing squad – or were they just putting there game face on……….

  9. If only palace were as gud as their ULTRAS jesus they really give it their all,megaphone the lot,thought it was dortmund for a second there

  10. Palace always give us a good game.And selhurst park always has a brilliant atmosphere. There are good team quite underrated. But as always,we find a way to win and bag all 3 points.a few years back we would of lost or drawn these games but not no more.ynwa.

  11. Hi guys. Just a quick reminder…God, Jesus and Heaven but also Hell exists don't forget pls… Stay in the light and if you're not there yet, ask for the light. Pray.
    Idolise God bcs that's the reward you are actually looking for without even realising it… don't idolise football or "stars" all over the media. They are all same as you 🙂

    Much love.

  12. Safe standing really needs to be implemented in the Premier League now. The fans always stand, and when a goal is scored, they just fall over each other. I don’t know whether the law makers are waiting for someone to die before anything is done.

  13. no goal decision lesson learned – foul your opponent is a bad thing 😁
    scoring against LFC – if you score against we just score 1 more.. or more 😎

  14. Let the cameras focus on the ground where the match is on play…you guys are focusing much on the fans/spectators and you don't show us replay

  15. The standing LIVERPOOL fans surging forward after their goals was scary. Must improve stadiums so this is impossible to happen and keep all fans safe. Please CRYSTAL PALACE get this sorted before a fan is badly hurt.

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