Insane Futuristic Man Cave – The Skysphere

Insane Futuristic Man Cave – The Skysphere

If you combine a love of [treehouses] and mechanical engineering then amazing things are likely to happen Today I’ve traveled to Palmerston north to meet John O Williams. Who’s constructed a high-tech retreat that really looks like it belongs in the future you Get a john. Oh, hey guys again. How’s it going? Mate? Good things wow? [I] mean [that’s] really all I can say this is such an impressive structure, isn’t it oh yeah I guess you could [say] that how did you even come up with the idea to create this thing to be honest? I don’t [even] know where the idea came from I was just kind of sitting there And I had this idea this vision, and then I just did it [I] modeled it on a computer And then built it why she built a treehouse about five years ago, and I had a lot of fun building that it was fully out of recycled materials and I Completed that project tonight. I just wanted to Start something newer and bigger, so I got on the computer instead of modeling things and then started ordering materials And then I started building it. How do you go about building something like this? Where do you even start um so I basically just did some googling on online? Figured out how to do the foundation’s [I] don’t even know how to weld when I started buying the materials so I had to do a course in town and Yeah, and it all just sort of just fell into place. What’s the structure actually made off? So it’s eight new steel, so it’s thick to withstand an eight point five earthquake Wow as well as two hundred kilometer hour winds and I suppose you’d need that at being such a tall structure as you’re up here on the hilltop as well, and How did you [actually] go about fixing it [to] the ground? So there’s a 50 ton concrete slab under the ground that you can’t see Basically just those sheer weight of it holds it there so what’s this little hole [here] for so this is where the fingerprint reader is going so Basically just walk up and scan your finger and in it and knows you by your name. [I] can program about two [hundred] and fifty Fingerprints into it. Well. I’m really excited to see inside can we go overlooked yeah for sure you read away oh my goodness far out This is absolutely spectacular. What is the space what have you created this for what gave you the inspiration for this I? Don’t know. I just kind of wanted a space. I could stay the night in and also just hang out at the couch Tell me about some of the features that are up here so all the lights are control of my phone and The beer dispenser is controlled off my photos. Oh no it’s control what beer dispenser yeah, so and the arm of the couch is a [refridge] but it also has a Actuator that grabs you [beer] and serves it right to your hand hey, so just you can either just press serve or you can go beer please That is the coolest thing ever and there it is be as fond right up. Yeah should be cold perfect, what [a] neat idea [and] so Almost everything up here is automated. Isn’t it so how much can you actually control via that app? um pretty much everything I can I can even Tell it for a power update of the solar stuff so I can [get] power Power level [80] [87%] that’s your current power consumption you have approximately 132 hours Yeah, so you know if you need it start damming the lights or conserving energy actually using too much apps based on Android so using Bluetooth interface to A microchip and so that controls light stores music projector beer dispenser noise and various other [things] the door downstairs That’s actually mechanically controlled Via your app as well yep. Yeah, so right now You’d be all on your cell phone [to] shut the front door yeah, so I can just open up there and Now I can I can go main door closed So now the bottom doors closing. I’ve got a [I] got to make it a bit quieter. Just put some foam around it, but Yeah, the doors closing that is such a great addition. What a cool idea. Yeah and this is the lighting control, so [we’ve] got the four Zones and in the brightness and color so See you changing the color in here in brightness That is so fantastic that you can just control really everything in here from you. Yeah, yeah, then you can go lights off lights Deactivated [tuned] [okay] Zombie mode doors are closing good Luck [I] think one of the other things that I really am blown away by is the view I mean you’ve really got a panoramic view of quite stunning beautiful land [eh] How did you how did you find the spot of land for this to be located um? So that’s my that’s my old man’s farm right my parents place And I had to build a track for them in order for me to do this because they’re going to use a trick later on When I move this away, so yeah, so the intention is for this to be Relocatable yeah, it’s fully transportable really. How does that work and so my footing have built a trailer for it so I can actually lift the [50-ton] slab and move it all yours and so the bit here is [custom-made] as well Yeah, you can see the frame under there and a whole lot of stuff hidden under there great so a bit of extra storage when you need it – yeah, so this is a [kind] [of] the entertainment area you can Have some music [going] here. Have a boogie yeah nice, but also You can set up the projector, and this is this green here You can watch the cricket. We got high-speed wireless internet up here Behind here. This is all the brains of the operation is it [yes], so this cabinet contains? the large battery for the the Solar Power and also behind here is all the circuitry that controls Everything in the tower so in actual fact if you did one day want to turn this into a full-time Living space it wouldn’t actually be that hard would it no no I think I just make a little Shower module I’d probably put the bathroom down the bottom and maybe have an outdoor shower and the trees Yeah, and is is that your intention would you like to one [day] be able to live in this space? I think so, it would be cool. So above us right [now] is the star view platform right? Yeah, awesome Can we take a look at that? Yeah? It’s good, right This place is absolutely amazing Look at the view up here. This is absolutely spectacular wow, and So this, this is actually how you’ve mounted all of your solar panels onto these support members Yeah, so these are the solar strips and the cells are made in America real highly efficient ones and I can’t imagine a more perfect spot to Certain Star gaze. I mean this is this is really something spectacular, isn’t it yeah, it’s great Well [Jonno] to be honest. I’m a little bit lost for words as to what to actually say about this place That is absolutely fantastic You’ve put so much thought into building some really unique and incredible features. I have to congratulate you Thank you, awesome Thank you so much for sharing it with me what I love most about this structure is [that] it completely? throws convention out the window the sky sphere Brilliantly brings together technology and futuristic design and yet somehow still Manages [to] look perfectly at home and this beautiful natural surrounding all [Johnna] really needs now is a flying car We need more beer The text message be a request has been made more is hopefully on the way so that Will seem to come But it’s in it and sending it to me currently because she doesn’t get happy when they get the be request going to here

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  1. I would have put an elevator in the trunk. Sealed ones using air pumps to go up and releasing the air plus weight to go down. I was also worried about getting rid of all the beer until I saw the star platform. Easy to see that's where the used beer gets sent over the edge. 😎

  2. Illegal in most countries thanks to Planning Laws 👌
    Just remember, the Government knows best, and has your back 😉

  3. Just watching them go up by those solar panels made me turn green…I got butterflies for Bryce being up there…both guys for that matter….”HEIGHTS SCAREY”

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow!!! This guy is a genius. The beer dispenser is brilliant. Patent that before someone copies it. All this structure needs is an engine to fly away. Never seen anything so cool.

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