Inland Empire All Star Classic Football Game

Inland Empire All Star Classic Football Game

and welcome to Grand Terrace High School
for the 34th plane of the Inland Empire all-star classic live here on Riverside
TV Tim hatch my name is pepper Fernandez we appreciate you joining us tonight for
this very special broadcast of the longest-running high school football
all-star game in the great state of California now tonight Tim it’s gonna be
a very special night for the players but also a new wrinkle to the all-star
classic this season as a couple local legends return from retirement back on
the sidelines coaching tonight in the all-star game what a great touch pat on
the great Barry Meyer RC coach legendary and also dick bruit legendary coaching
foe high and high school great runner both split not only the coach is what a
great opportunity on a beautiful campus in a beautiful California night for
these of these players for a snapshot of their careers this could be the last
opportunity for some of them to play and some to showcase opportunities for
people that are watching yeah there’s gonna be college coaches watching the
broadcast you can be sure and also college coaches roaming the sidelines
for guys who might want to sign college scholarships it’s the biggest game in
history that’s how they bill it it’s going down tonight at Grand Terrace High
School the very best from Riverside County against the top seniors from San
Bernardino County it’s the 34th annual Inland Empire all-star classic right
here on Riverside TV this is a live look at Grand Terrace
high school as we are set for the 34th annual Inland Empire all-star classic
San Bernardino cake on a Riverside County and my name is Bette Fernandez
joined by Tim Hatchin and Tim were kind of like right on the border between the
two counties so that’s gonna be a nice blend of fans from both sides because
we’re we’re centrally located so everyone can pile in here and check out
a great all-star game no it’s incredible we have players from as far down in
Riverside counties you can go great oak all the way up to Oak Hill and berry
area and a mix of all the above here celebrating this great night for
football in the Inland Empire we appreciate you tuning in to Riverside TV
tonight it’s gonna be a fantastic game it’s gonna be the river side County
all-stars wearing the red uniforms they will receive looking good in those kins
Sporting Goods adidas you knees in its San Bernardino kicking off wearing the
blue uniforms kicking off for San Bernardino County from Yucaipa high
school our number 14 Cameron beard one of the deep backs is Tyler Kinslow from
Centennial had the great fortune seen him play this year fantastic running
back great speed representing Centennial eyes like I said yeah between Kinslow
and octo vo October Cortese they had a great one-two punch in that running game
for Centennial high school this past season also back it looks like it’s
number 21 for the Riverside County all-stars and if I’m correct as we get
to know these guys throughout the course of this game I believe that’s number 21
Ashton auth Ament from Notre Dame High School and here we go beard is set to
kickoff or these San Bernardino County all-stars coached by the legendary dick
brew ik he’s countered by Barry Meyer Ottomans gonna field it around the 1 but
they’re gonna bring it out because Tim because this is an all-star game we want
to have fun we want to see a lot of points and we want to come out of this
healthy and we don’t want to see any injury so there will not be any running
the kicks back the punts those sorts of things not gonna rush the kicker because
we’re trying to keep you know get everyone out of here a hundred percent
and speaking of injuries up at the great Jim clover behind-the-scenes again this
year from the sport clinic putting on another fantastic show well of course we
don’t see anyone injured but if that was the case we got like the entire sport
clinic staff here so they’d be in good hands
I may go simulator on for a little rubdown in my leg and the Riverside
County all-stars will start from their own 20-yard line and that’s how we begin
the 34th plain of the Inland Empire all-star classic a little trickery on
the very first play of the game hauling in that pass deep downfield that’s going
to be number six Tyler Mosley out of Notre Dame High
School so the very first play of the game
Barry Meyers Riverside County Allstars tip deep into the playbook and it’s
Mosley on the touchdown goes for the double pass to Damien Williams from
grant Ayers who threw a bullet so here we are 16 seconds into this game and if
this is going to set the tone for the rest of the night it’s gonna be a wild
night is Riverside County strikes first eighty yards on the touchdown now the
point after you know before the game I wonder if the coaches got together and
said hey let’s have some fun and let’s open that playbook they certainly didn’t
waste any time is Michael Velasco out of Centennial High School boots it through
and here we go ATS 7-zip Riverside County and we’re only 16 seconds into
this game let’s see it there’s rate of 16 seconds
a score that would be four scores I mean you do the math over here I’m gonna sit
back and let you crunch the numbers as we look at a replay here Wow the great
pass what a fantastic pass yeah give credit to Mosley out of Notre Dame High
School taking it in for the touchdown that’s a fantastic start for Riverside
County but you know dick Brooks been around the corner a time or two here for
San Bernardino County don’t put it past him to also bring out the trick place at
some point tonight and you know the kids involved this I want to touch on this a
lot tonight is the emotional side of playing that last
game for a lot of them and they’re here to just enjoy that that the the feeling
of being out in the field another time think back to all the two days and early
morning practices and and the weight room and when their friends were all out
at the beach or whatever and this is a celebration today it’s an incredible
event so the kickoff Alaska at a Centennial High School kicking off to
the San Bernardino County all-stars let’s see what they do on their first
possession of the game following this kickoff big kick by Velasco sills into
the end zone out the back of the end zone and the San Bernardino County
all-stars will be coming out here from their own 20-yard line
and here’s again that replay check out a big block at the top of your screen buys
a little time for Williams and there is Mosley great effort here to shake off
that tackler as well hatched yes showing a little missed ability there that’s our
word of the day it’s ability it’s a word coined by the great Cullen hope miss
abilities at his word he says it’s your word I’ll take credit for it either way
it’s a great word miles Herrera at a red Linc’s valley your starting quarterback
here for the San Bernardino County all-stars Herrera trying to go to the
side of the field and complete he was taking a look over there at number 20
Damian Williams second down coming up from their own 20-yard line
and it looks like Herrera is already coming to the sidelines as we take
another look as he was feeling the pressure in the pocket looks like
Herrera is gonna come to the sidelines all of a sudden they’re gonna roll out
Zane Scarborough at a Haruma Hill so two plays two different quarterbacks maybe
part of the plan maybe Herrera took a little pop on the end of that throw
that’s great coverage too by davon Wilson from wrench verde on the corner
there no Rancho Verdes got some cover guys that’s for sure
so Scarborough from arupa Hills now in at quarterback is Herrera looks on from
the side keep an eye on Andrew Kallstrom out of
Aquinas lined up on his right hip scarborough a lefty and that is blocked
that pass it’s gonna be incomplete but a great effort there by Riverside County
to break into the pocket Jalil homes out of Moreno Valley get his hands up there
and blocking the attempted pass by Scarborough brings up third down third
and 10 now if he keeps switching quarterbacks this could be a thing like
the Brewers pulled on the Dodgers when they started a reliever for one inning
and then or one batter and switched him out throw him off right yeah great job
there by Jalil homes out of Moreno Valley so third and 10 coming up for the
San Bernardino County all-stars here at Grand Terrace high school Herrera back
in at quarterback is their platooning the cubies early on herrera feeling the
pressure flushed out to his right throws deep downfield and it’s nearly
intercepted great effort there by the river side County all-stars that’s davon
Wilson again davon Wilson so now we’re facing fourth down outruns beard out of
Yucaipa high school he’s on the punt here so the Riverside County all-stars
defensively doing what they need to do here on the opening possession for the
San Bernardino County offense and there was great pressure put on by number 47
Christian Pierre from Heritage on that play flushing Herrera out of the pocket
yeah Pierre is a special player for heritage they always got a lot of guys
coming out of their heritage high school big kick by beard fair catch off the
mint around his own 44 and that’s where the Riverside County all-stars will go
back to work and you know this year is again a celebration of the Inland Empire
successful teams teams that went to the semis or say aye finalists throughout
the brackets this year of all different divisions and they’re all represented
pretty equally here seven-zip Riverside County as they busted out the trick play
on the very opening snap of this one Nik Thornburg the hibbett high school
quarterback he went out there first for the Riverside County all-stars and looks
like we’ve got a new QB as well for Riverside County they’re gonna go deep
downfield that one is incomplete that’s Jacob Arledge out of Valley View High
School who’s now in at QB for Riverside County and they’re airing it out today
they want to put some points up and get people going back and forth I mean
that’s what all-star games are about right yeah if you want to win the
football game you’re probably gonna run quite a bit right you’re gonna play run
play good defense special teams all that stuff an all-star game we’re gonna air
it out we’re gonna score some points let everybody get out there for their moment
in the Sun or under the light barrage feeling the pressure rolls out to his
left goes downfield he’s got awesome it from Notre Dame off the mat the catch
cuts inside the 30 the 25 to 20 still on his feet off the man inside the 10
finally pushed out of bounds it’s gonna be first and goal for Riverside County
that was a great move by othman oh but a bad market I’m sorry they’re gonna put
him outside the 10 look like he was easily inside the 10 want to look when
the replay pops up but nevertheless first down from about the 11 but he was
avoiding tact there’s the way people avoid romaine lettuce in the supermarket now you can eat your lettuce hatch
slippery yeah autumn it’s a special player had a
huge year for Notre Dame so first and 10 now from the 11 have a bad spot I would
have put them inside the Tim that’s okay three receivers to his right hands off
here it all gobbled up around the line of scrimmage that’s number 22 the
tailback for the Riverside County all-stars on this Drive during coal from Moreno Valley
that’s great handles by a barrage on the snap snap could’ve been over his head
but you handled it you still got the hand off don’t worry n’cole out of mo valve talk
about a couple mo valve i keynes early on here second down from the 11 Barlet
hand off bottled up again give credit to that San Bernardino County defense up
front not giving him a whole lot to work with Malachi vipole ooh out of Aquinas
high school one of the guys in on the tackle vibe who was getting great push
on that on every play he’s in the backfield before they even get the ball
hand it off then Aquinas defense was fantastic this season they were one of
the tops in the area the pass from bar ‘glitch quickly out to his left hooks up
there with his receiver number 12 and Kenny Cervantes from Upland on the
tackle a great tackle good old-fashioned wrap
him up tackle Brennan Jenkins on the on the catch out of Beaumont high school
Bowman other great seasons been great year for ie football Beaumont made it to
the division 11 semifinals of the season as did him it as did citrus Hill as did
citrus psyllid Edison oh we had a bunch yeah we had a bunch but specifically in
division 11 we had him at an Beaumont same division both semifinal teams so
now we’re looking at 4th down and flags all the way around and we look at some
of the linemen out there like number 73 big mice McIntyre from Hemet 6-4 280
pounds it’s gonna push the offense back five
yards fourth down and looks like they’re gonna send out Velasco from Centennial
High School to attempt a field goal here nice time to remind everyone the
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Spa it’s a spectacle got all the the games and the rides of the food and of
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Inn it’s beautiful and there’s performances down there my daughter
danced and the performance down is she really yeah she was out the
festival of lights I love it Belasco Centennial it’s up and it is no good so
we remain at 7-zip and the San Bernardino County All Starz dodged a
bullet there yeah my daughter was down dancing at the stage beach on Main
Street between 9th and 10th over by the Chamber of Commerce a Ferguson dance
Center among several performers they bring youth groups out on the big stage
there that’s very cool it’s awesome to check out the festival
of lights also special thanks to our sponsor Riverside Downtown Partnership
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lights get a little food stroll around the Fox Theater catch a play you’ll play
kind of guy I am here we go with San Bernardino County
Allstars nothing doin there on on first down we
still have 827 to go here in the first quarter time is ticking and Herrera the
quarterback out of Redlands East Valley is making his way to the sidelines again
let’s see if he’s not coming completely off he’s actually talking strangely
enough to the former Rev coach Kurt brew ik who’s now at citrus Valley but he’s
the offensive coordinator for San Bernardino County
that’s very cool had a chance to work with the great cone Holt doing the radio
feed of that first game that Coach Brook didn’t have to take a bus to that’s
right it was a citrus Valley in La Quinta
was this yes so Herrera back out there in at quarterback for the San Bernardino
County all-stars completes the pass about five yards on that play meets
number three Devon Murray out of Cajon so a couple CBL guys and they’re testing
Devon Wilson out in this left corner and he’s coming up come come down I came up
aggressively every time here’s a replay here is Herrera finds his guy Murray it
was Devon Murray at five-five 175 he was one of those many explosive Cajon
receivers they had the past two seasons snapped Herrera the completion here that
should be good enough for a first down that’s that’s number two for the san bernardino
county all-stars as i’m the rosters were changed today so that’s why we’re kind
of figuring out who is who hatch you have the one that we were sent yesterday
right you got number two i don’t have a number two on my on my roster
I have Chad Smith from Apple Valley let’s do it Chad Smith out of Apple
Valley 511 185 first down San Bernardino County Riverside goes to man coverage
herrera looking once again towards chad smith out of apple valley covered great
job by Jackson Turner from Rancho Verde number one yeah Jackson Turner one of
the top athletes in our area he’s also in basketball season right now as
Herrera was feeling that pressure got rid of the football
could not complete the pass second down coming up and what a story about Turner
going from wide receiver to quarterback yeah in that CIF championship game
against upland in Division two Jackson Turner playing quarterback which is not
his natural position another completion by barrage and a big pick up here by
Daniel fortune out of cajon third down and I’d say about four to go here for
San Bernardino County people bouncing off of him like the old asteroids game
he runs hard comes a low and hard Daniel fortune really burst onto the
scene last year at Cajon if you follow football in San Bernardino County
fortune did a little bit of everything for head coach Nick Rogers and the
Cowboys would you say that fortune is rich in talent good good fortune
Daniel fortune oh we got a guy jumping on third down offsides and that should be a first down
for Riverside County that’s one way to do it seven-zip Riverside County still
on top with 551 still to play in the first quarter
again it was that bizarre trick play to mostly from Notre Dame as you can see
offsides that was number 26 G little homes out of Moreno Valley the opening
play the game when emotions are running high great play Damian Williams throws a
double pass for touchdown Herrera throws it out to his right the
catch and it’s gonna be close to another first down for the San Bernardino County
all-stars that was number 15 keelon woods who was a great tailback for
Indian Springs and head coach Ed McMillan but really just a great athlete
just put the ball in his hands and we’re seeing him now play a little receiver as
well as we can see Herrera looks to his right quickly got it rid of the football
in just in time as he was feeling that pressure in Keylong woods will take it
out to close to a first down they’re gonna put him a little bit shy second
down and short coming up that was tough throw by Herrera with Kevin Foreman from
Centennial in his face you never won a Centennial Husky barren down or Hanyu
they’re too good into the game for San Bernardino County
at tailback Andrew Kallstrom again one of those
Aquinas Falcons the handoff this one’s gonna go to number eight which should be
good enough for a first down malachi harrison out of the Kuk rancho cucamonga
and that whole pile got moved there and we’re running the football a little bit
this looks like a traditional football game here run that football get the
first down I don’t know if you saw number 73 AJ storm from citrus Valley 63
294 pounds his helmet came off we’ll see the guy with the big flowing hair their
oath Harry I used to have hair like that you never take back in the 70s me and
Fabio I’m sure you did actually true story that you showed me a
picture of you when you were you were the Marines right Air Force Air Force
that’s what I meant thank you for your service
but you look like John Cena the wrestler that’s a true story still do downfield
in a big hit by the riverside county all-stars to break up that michael house
from north yeah Michael Hall is out of j.w north breaking up that pass he
lowered the boom on that receiver but I think they might get a yeah yeah there’s
a there’s a flag on the play hitting him up high the intended target was Xander
Witt out of Apple Valley no flag yeah they’re gonna wave it off
you’re gonna say that was a sub clean contact are you on the replay it was almost as if the receiver was
leading in with his helmet as opposed to the defender coming in going for that
helmet to helmet contact it’s pretty hard as it deepens back to pull back at
some point when you’re committed to a play I noticed that that’s been the
focus all year and protecting players and tackling correctly big run up the
middle a couple yards on the play for San Bernardino County once again
that’s number eight malachi harrison of rancho cucamonga Jalil homes again from
Reno Valley on the play they can tackle you know I see coach Abreu ik over here
on the San Bernardino County sideline he’s hard to pick out as the coach he
just has like a hoody on he’s got jeans on he’s got a helmet I asked I said
coach why do you always wear jeans on the sideline six I’m going to work
that’s what I wear when I go to work I wear jeans punch that clock grab your
lunch pail go to work passing complete by Herrera on third
down so here comes fourth down and Tim hatch my question for you is it’s an
all-star game you just go for it I say yes why not look where you’re at
you’re on their side of the field why not we have a team full of all-stars
let’s get after it so Herrera comes over and talks to
offensive coordinator Kurt brew ik the head coach at citrus Valley which again
I find amusing because that was his former head coach when brew ik was at
Rev now brew ik is at citrus Valley and coached against Herrera does that all
make sense that would be so emotional for the player especially and the coach
I love that dynamic there yeah so fourth down they’re gonna go for it two
receivers to the right two to the left Herrera he has his man and it’s gonna be
good enough for a first down in a couple more Daniel fortune out of Cajon turns
up field and he gets that first down as he finally pushed down to bounds around
the 30-yard line as we take another look Herrera there’s Daniel fortune gets up
the sideline good enough gets close to the 30-yard line
and Riverside pulled out all the plumbing kitchen sink it all for that
one that was a tough play tough throw so the fourth down opportunity pans out or
the San Bernardino County all-stars as they’re trying to dig out of an early
hole they’re down 7-zip with less than three minutes to play here in the first
quarter at Grand Terrace high school but in an all-star game is any lead-safe not
really and you know what we’ve had a we’ve had a great fortune as we play off
his name again and there is Daniel fortune on the far
side of the field but we’ve had the good fortune of having a lot of close games
in recent years even going back to some of those I think at Ramona high school
three or four years ago it came down to the final possession who had the
football last you know these guys are out here for a reason
they are the all-stars of the area of the Inland Empire and they play with
some pride and even though we’re not returning kicks and punts
you know they won’t prove their point and if you’re a defensive minded guy you
want to be will get your pride not letting the other team score and you’re
for an offensive guy you want to prove that you can get by the best a lot of
pride a lot of bragging rights on the line plus some of these guys have not
verbally committed to colleges and I can bet there are college coaches watching
the broadcast on Riverside TV getting another look at some of these guys who
were still trying to get some of that exposure some of that attention before
the the traditional signing day comes the first week in February
Andrew Kallstrom out of Aquinas bottled up and nowhere to go
Riverside County only the defensive line up front they were led by number 47 i
believe that is pierre once again out of heritage high school they list them at
six for 230 yes and then austin and that was Blake Sims from Santiago
oh he’s another good one Pierre seems in took about four different Riverside
County all-stars but they dropped Kallstrom that brings up third down and
about six to go so San Bernardino County not afraid to
run the football a little bit mixing it up dick brew ik Kurt brew ik running the
offense herrera he’s got time looks downfield and it’s
incomplete just a little bit in front of his intended receiver Xander wit out of
Apple Valley so another first fourth down situation
definitely going for it I love a good field goal but this is an all-star game
right you go for it absolutely Jackson turnaround the
coverage there again I believe he’s signed with Arizona State
I believe the U of A was one of the Arizona’s I apologize tears ona if
you’re listening for getting the wrong Arizona cuz I know that’s a pretty heavy
rivalry definitely you do not want to confuse those two schools in the state
of Arizona they’ll come after you so fourth down
we’ll see you San Bernardino County can convert once again they’ve already done
it once on this Drive Herrera he’s got an open man that’s Harrison out of
Rancho Cucamonga holds on to the football it’s gonna be very close oh
they didn’t give him a good spot I think it’s gonna be about a half a yard shy
hey if they’re gonna even measure I think they’re just gonna mark it short
he was shoved down by number 26 chileo holmes moreno valley’ whose name has
come up many many times well if you’re a college coach out there he’s one of
those guys to keep an eye on ya they’re gonna they’re not even gonna have to
walk it out they’re not gonna measure it is he’s gonna be just a little bit short
here’s the replay as harrison turns up field inside the 30 and let’s yeah his
elbow came down right along the 25 so now the Riverside County all-stars go
back on offense it’s gonna be Thornburg out of himmat in at quarterback once
again the brain receivers to his right including a pair of Notre Dame Titans
Ottoman and Mosley you know we don’t give enough credit out
to these lines into some big hosses out there William Smith from North at 511
274 so now sticking down for the Riverside County all-stars two receivers
the Thornburg’s left to to his right 144 still to play here in the first the
handoff and a couple yards up the middle for the Riverside County teams number 13
kV ante Patterson out of orange Vista in hatch you pointed this out they list
them at five to one ten that might be accurate looking at him from here I
would say yeah because on one roster I saw him at 210 but and it looks like
he’d fit right in the hip pocket of one of those linemen all Patterson was so
good for coach izzo mall and orange vista this season as they made it all
the way to the division 13 section final store burn feeling the pressure gets out
of the pocket scrambles up the middle across the 35 to about the 38 yard line
and that should be a first down a great run by the him at bulldog and there’s no
slide from Thornburg there he took it like a man he ran it like a fullback Thornburg 511 165 so the biggest guy in
the world but not afraid to get up the pass the next from he Dwarfs him yeah
Patterson was fantastic this season for orange vistas one of those teams where
you knew there they were gonna run the football nearly every single play but
until you could prove they could stop the run game in Patterson they just kept
going back to it as Thor burg goes deep downfield a little bit in front of his
receiver and it’s incomplete intend to receiver on that play was was
number eight Wayne Thomas out of San Jacinto and it’s funny Thomas ran right
into the arms of Matt Logan the Centennial head coach whose deep if you
look he’s got the very edge of the coaches box that’s Matt Logan out of
Centennial High School not too bad have coach Logan on your staff if you’re
Barry Meyer the head coach of the Riverside County team coach Logan looks
like you still loaded up plays fullback here Mosley’s all bottled up that’s
gonna be a big loss for the Riverside County all-stars looks like San
Bernardino guys snip that one out all kinds of Katyn massacre from you kite
but number 47 leading the way well they maintain their discipline didn’t fall
for it and just crushed the running back and that’s gonna bring us to the end of
the first quarter we moved to the second and hatch that early touchdown stands up
the very first play from scrimmage the touchdown by Mosley out of Notre Dame is
the only touchdown as we move to the second quarter and it’s 7-zip the
Riverside County all-stars so you want me to do the math on this I could do the
math and this a touchdown a quarter would be 28 points it slowed down quite
a bit right we were on pace for about a thousand points as we look at some of
the best plays from the opening quarter and it was Miles Herrera out of Redlands
he’s Valley had his team on the move big hit there there was no flag on that play
Thornburg out at him in high school was in as well and it’s been a lot of
defense in this all-star game so far big run by and Thornburgh up the middle that
was for a first down and then the play that we just saw Mosley out of Notre
Dame corralled in the backfield nowhere to go and a big loss Thornburg the
passin here was the first play of the game hatch yes
a little trickery here and a great job by Mosley not only to catch but also
after the catch to get down to the end zone yep Damien Williams hometown grant
airs Titan throwing that pass special thanks to our sponsor Riverside
downtown’s sponsor a partnership Riverside downtown org is the website so
please check it out see all the cool things that you can do
in downtown Riverside so we moved to the second quarter seven-zip the San
Bernardino County all-stars then went to wayne Thomas again from San Jacinto
yes missed him let him a little bit too much so the San Bernardino County
all-stars get to stop they need it here as the Riverside County all-stars will
send out the punt unit back to receive is Daniel fortune and it would be a lot
of fun to watch this guy return a kick it won’t happen tonight but Daniel
fortune is a very special player out of Cajon you know um I don’t know if you
knew I had a chance to coach against Coach Buick and the softball fields in
softball he was a great coach it guy was where were you coaching at Tim hat I was
just that the the nerdy Vista High School in Riverside and that was when
Coach brewer was at Kaiser correct yeah in softball softball teams were great
very well coached fundamental just like he’s football team’s off the mint on the punt from Notre Dame
High School no rush big kick by Ottoman end-over-end bouncing around takes a
Riverside County bounce to about the 30-yard line and that’s where San
Bernardino County will take over still looking for their first points of this
game with 11 47 to go in the second quarter
and speaking of Matt Logan I had a chance to catch the Centennial minor day
game and I don’t if you saw that play where the quarterback from Centennial
was so tricky with the ball that the referees blew the play dead yes
touchdown it went viral didn’t it I think I saw Twitter a lot of people were
sharing that video because it should have been a touchdown and I think that
would have changed the whole face of that game could be right so from the 30
San Bernadino goes back to work the reverse in it’s Daniel fortune out of
Cajon across the 40 to about the 45 finally pushed out of bounds that’s good
enough for a first down and Daniel fortune I I believe we’re
gonna be saying his name quite a bit as we move forward through the all-star
classic and Riverside pin their ears back on that when they were heading
after the quarterback and they were victims they were voiced by their own
petard on that play keel on woods hands it off to fortune on the reverse big
pick up there so another first down for the San Bernardino County all stars as
they mark the ball at their own 44 yard line and and I keep talking about the
size of the line out there Blackmon when I was playing high school football
weighed about 190 200 pounds you got 320 pound lineman out there running but
running and pulling we’re living in a different world Oh some trickery
Bernardino County all-stars Oh in the catch almost almost that was a great job
that was number 12 hey-zeus Guzman out of citrus Valley on the receiving end of
that and nearly a great catch on on that trickery play number three
Tyler Kinslow from Centennial back defending the old double pass back at
you man you know what I mean that was the same exact play that we saw at
County score on so it’s Herrera throws it out wide that’s number three for the
Evan berry all-stars yeah Devon Murray from Cajon OH
who spot almost brought it down yes great job defensively by number three
for the Riverside County all-stars Tyler Kinslow out of Centennial High School
had a chance to see Guzman earlier this year he was our Swiss Army knife player
the game he did everything offense defense for stitches Valley this year
you can see why he’s an all-star Herrera met in the backfield and nowhere
to go he is brought down and that will be a huge loss for the San Bernardino
County all-stars Blake seems in out of Santiago in first on the play check out
the replay here Herrera here comes the Blitz and nowhere to go seems him first
to the ball and brings him down and there’s that guy 26 to lo Holmes moreno
valley’ again so that’s gonna bring up third and 29
from their own 31 now so usually all-star games are
high-scoring got a little defense in this way hey cuz we got some old-school
coaches got Barry Meyer we got dick brew ik you’re gonna run some defense at you
and some outstanding defenders to herrera’s pass did he complete it
there’s yes great throw by Herrera up the sideline and he he hit number 28 for
the San Bernardino County all-stars to match do you have a 28 I’m searchin know
who Adam Vasquez out of Yucaipa kind of kind of gets lost here on the sidelines
but he did haul it in but that’s a fourth down well short about 1213 yards
shy of the first down marker so they bring on the punt unit back to receive
for the Riverside County all-stars it’s going to be looks like off the mint is
out there it wells number 13 kV on teh Patterson this ball is going up to
Patterson fair catch he’s gonna bring it in about the 19 and that’s where the
Riverside County all-stars will go back to work I was trying to you punted that
leave that was beard once again from Yucaipa
Cameron beard he’s a 6-foot 255 pound kicker Wow
he’s probably the first one down the field right making those tackles as well
great look at the Riverside County all-stars wearing red San Bernardino in
the blue we’re live at Grand Terrace High School which is again right on the
border you know maybe we’re getting fans from both sides coming out here to Grand
Terrace we appreciate you watching on Riverside TV the handoff up the middle
maybe a couple yards there in on the play that was number two coup Thomas
Kinslow the Centennial husky in an attack of
Sean Norwood for the valley view Oh wrong team
oops I thought I’d be pretty slick and get ahead of you there second down for Riverside County had
their hand off to Kim’s low a couple more yards so they’re getting little
chunks here but now it’s a third down and it looks like about four yards to go
and three kin flow is pretty amazing to watch and that fast break off in
Centennial runs yeah the running back position is
crucial for Matt Logan and that offense I know RPO is the popular thing right
now but the quarterback has got to make a decision and that running backs got to
be ready the handoff from barrage to Kinslow against nobody’s got his shirt
maybe that was a towel that’s gonna be Wells short that’s gonna bring up fourth
down for the Riverside County all-stars Oh give credit to San Bernardino another
another big stop that is his t-shirt that was pulled on his undershirt right
yes he’s reaching around he still can’t find it I think he’s just gonna rip it
off there’s Kinslow who got a hand on it was that vipole ooh yes I think it was
vipole ooh out of Aquinas and look if you look at the back field right now
kins Lowe’s got that his shirt it’s all tore and it’s hanging behind him Kinslow once again back in the day we
used to wear tearaway Jersey so I know if you remember those days look at that
there goes his undershirt someone’s gotta help him out someone’s gonna go
over there and tuck it in or rip it off or something right looks kind of cool on
TV though does it make you like he’s a warrior warrior yes
barrage completes that pass Reggie Rhett’s left from Centennial a little
bubble screen Wow Rhett’s laughs I had a chance to watch him in person a couple
times he’s a former quarterback converted to
receiver and just absolutely blew up and Matt Logan’s offense had a great year he
runs very precise route has great hands definitely has a future as a receiver
here Bart legend at quarterback Kinslow joins in the backfield two receivers to
the right to the left barrage looks up field that’s Jenkins from Beaumont High
School with the completion here and Jeremy Wehmeyer from East Valley on the
tackle 720 to go here in the second quarter as
we make our way towards halftime and things have definitely slowed down from
that auspicious beginning yeah we thought we were on course for a 100 to
80 game or something of the sort instead all of a sudden they flipped the script
on us we’re playing some defense barrage joining the backfield by Patterson this
time two receivers to the right to the left
Bartlett looks upfield he has his man it’s completed that’s to number 24 of
the Riverside County all-stars Sean Norwood Valley View
but Shawn started to go the wrong way a little bit he had momentum going forward
tried to pick up some extra yards ended up losing a couple Bartlett’s going to
his vallivue teammate Norwood here that’s program that’s had quite a run of
success over the last three years or so yeah they hosted a state championship
two seasons ago from their own 46 barrage feeling pressure on his shoulder
rolls to his left here it comes he throws downfield and it looks like he
was intercepted there is a flag on the play as well that was number one for the
San Bernardino team Jeremiah Edmond out of Aquinas but I don’t know if that
interception is gonna stand up here let’s see what the flag is Riverside
sure is bringing a lot of pressure coming up at half-time we’re gonna have
a special performance by Calista Rea Tibbles Cullen do we know is she’s
singing we don’t it’s gonna be very special
though I’ve been guaranteed the referees and the white hat we’ll talk it over in
fact I think the referees are wearing all-star classic hats as well I think
those are all-star classic hats but there’s only one white hat oh yeah those
are definitely all-star hats it’s a nice touch here for the all-star classic and
that interception will not go down in the record books because it’s nullified
by the flag and that’ll give a first down to Riverside County here’s a replay
here as barrage I can’t member feeling that pressure
moves to his left Edmond from Aquinas gets to the football but a flag behind
the play brings up first down for Riverside County bar llege the run the
pitch to kids low looks like he might have hurdle the defender great run by
kids low the Centennial husky and I think Tom’s kids was someone actually
helped him out because I don’t see the undershirt just hanging around there’s
Kinslow what a great look on the sideline oh yeah he jumped over somebody
Wow should we point him out no okay we’ll do Andre guiding out of Fontana
that’s who it was but he went down low to tackle like you
should and Kim so hurtle do like he was running 110 yard flat bar ledge pump
fake goes to the end zone it’s incomplete coach Meyer and his staff not
afraid to shoot for it all on plays which is fun for an all-star game coach
Barry Meyer from RCC and of course dick brewing as we had mentioned in our
pregame open you know coached it fo hai when they were when they were the team
in the coal country they were the team and then he went over to Kaiser and
really put that school on on a great foundation and and now Kaiser is playing
for a state championship tonight in fact Tim hatch I should be I’m gonna jump on
Twitter because San Gorgonio and Kaiser are both playing for CIF state
championships right now in fact they’re probably both
at halftime by now up in Northern California but one of the things about a
coach like Coach Buick is even though he ran into wing-t for years that was this
time his bread and butter he wasn’t afraid to change and adapt to the
changing times as far as offenses go barrage bottled up he’s brought down
great play by the San Bernardino County all-stars that’s number 48 Jeremy
Wehmeyer from rev great job there again defense kind of has been the theme
tonight after that crazy opening touchdown way Meyer bringing down a
barrage for the loss and you know as an all-star I like you said you have some
pride in your position and what you’ve done so I know these defenders don’t
want to see 150 score or hundred to 80 so fourth down they’re gonna go for it
and it’s complete and that’s good enough for a first stay still go finally
brought down around the 10 did that ball pop out it did aleem we’re going back
the other way with the San Bernardino County all-stars so Wayne Tom is out of
San Jacinto making a great catch and hacci was probably fighting for a couple
extra yards and that’s where the ball popped out and sometimes that happens is
you struggle for those extra yards and you try and pick up a couple the ball is
kind of floating around out there and there was enough tacklers that one of
them could just go for the Boggs to go tackle let’s take a look at the replay
here what a turn of events here as barrage hits the receiver again that was
number eight Wayne Thomas out of San Jacinto and the ball is ripped out who
do we give credit to cuz there’s a couple guys yep eight number eight
number eight for the San Bernadino team is the one that Malachi Harrison from
Rancho Cucamonga each yard the ball loose now San Bernardino County turning
is something going on off it’s Herrera airs it out deep he’s got his man it’s
Daniel fortune all the way down to the 40 of Riverside County the big pass play
and the San Bernardino County all-stars are back in business as we get closer to
halftime here trying to find the the equalizer what a tough throw to get
it over Tyson McDonald from Roosevelt back at safety and just squeeze that
into a postage stamp under pressure to look at the replay
Herrera steps up shows off the big arm and hits vaudeville fortune in stride
down to the 40 live update from Northern California from Sacramento and San
Gorgonio is trailing Rio Linda 28 to 14 in the third quarter we’ll bring you a
Kaiser score as well Herrera at short that pass a little bit short brings up
second down and we had another guy whose t-shirts ripped and hanging out out
there he’s gonna fix it those no that’s not fortune who is that
Devin Murray from Cajon no it’s another Cajon guy and number 12 – just a flag
football game looks like we got flags hanging out out there the way there’s
t-shirts are being ripped maybe she better t-shirts also another update here
on Kaiser they’re playing at Wilcox in Santa Clara and they are trailing 27 to
13 at the half Herrera dumps it off to Kel strim out of
Aquinas he’s got some blockers the 40 the 30 the 25 Kallstrom down near the
20-yard line and another first down for the San Bernardino County Allstars hatch
they’re finally get the offense going here on this Drive right before halftime
a great play great block by number 13 Xander wit from Apple Valley at the at
the end of the play tying up the corner on that side 318 and Counting here in
the second quarter but the first sustained drive for head coach dick brew
akin the San Bernardino County all-stars and you know it’s got to be tough cuz
they can’t use too much trickery to learn these plays just a basic
screenplay look at the size of those guys leaning out in front great block by
13 right there that’s your guy who is that the guy has the long hair I know
you already picked out your favorite guy because they used to have hair like that
the left tackle over here Matthew Branstetter from citrus Valley number 58
6-1 306 Herrera to keel on woods he’s a special guide inside the 15 the tank
Elan would still on his feet it goes in for the touchdown keelon was
at an Indian Springs gives San Bernardino County their first touchdown
in the all-star classic and what a tough throw here Herrera throws this off his
back foot Matthew Stafford style because he’s under pressure and he’s falling
back and he still gets that with enough force and own fun to it so at 234 to
play before the half Herrera to woods on the touchdown here comes the extra point
to even this one out Kallstrom runs back out for the extra point cameron beard
out of hashtag hyuk town as they call it Yucaipa kick is up
they don’t rush the kicker and that one is good so we are all even now at 7
apiece and if I could touch back to the hole bruit think coaching the Rev kids
and and the irony have seen him here in an all-star game I was at a school in
Michigan and I helped we built that new school and helped design the school did
the gym the whole thing pick school colors and then first time we played I
got hired by a different school and the first time we played him I was coaching
the wrong team get used to write as Woods goes in for the touchdown there
the first San Bernardino County score of this game that was a great Drive going
back to the long pass play from Herrera to fortune is kind of set it and they
mix things up very well and a screen pass that was the big play was that
screen because he had they caught Riverside pin and ears back and come
flying up Herrera to fortune then Herrera to Andrew Kallstrom on that
screen pass and then Herrera to Keylong woods the lone representative out of
Indian Springs matters in the fair catch out of orange Vista with 234 to go here
we’re all even at seven apiece I think this one’s gonna come down to the wire
again it’s a great game on a great night and the incredible facility is my first
time being here at Grand Terrace what a beautiful place now one of the great
stadiums here in the Inland Empire tucked in between I’d say Riverside and
Colton right is that fair to say yeah I know over the hill that loma linda right
over there san bernardino is just beyond the
freeway over there like hospitality area a great stadium here right on them right
on the border between the two counties so the Riverside County all-stars come
back out and you know outside of that first touchdown pass very first play
from scrimmage the San Bernardino defense has done a great job bar llege
back in at quarterback the valley view QB has his receiver that’s ret slap up
the sideline across the 30 let’s see where they market they’re gonna put it
at be 34 it’s fine and I love watching Rex laugh run his routes because as a
former quarterback he knows that the precision that’s needed to run these
there’s no wasted motion from him there’s no wasted steps very precise
route runner barrage feelings of pressure and the ball is jarred loose
it’s recovered by the riverside county all-stars but a great job by San
Bernardino’s I believe that was number 39 they got his hands on the football
alejandro navarro out of Donn at Lugo Navarro doing a great job but Riverside
County able to fall on the football and recover Barr Lynch to Mosley up near the
40 about five yards on the play and we could talk about the defenses here
defensive backs are closing on these plays very quickly they’re making sure
there’s not too many yards after catch happening there were some very good
secondaries in the County of San Bernardino this year
between a blender and cajon and Aquinas you know and they’re missing Sanji and
kaiser you know Sanji and kaiser would have guys in this game tonight but
they’re up north playing four state championships both are trailing right
now we’ll bring you an update big run by kids low up the middle across the 40
down to about the 38 yard line Thomas Kinslow right up the gut of that San
Bernardino defense man he squirted it through there like it’s like soap in the
shower you just shot right out of there hard to pick up so I use it out of a
pump bottle you know what I mean let’s have the bar so I’m hold fashion you’re
the hand off Kinslow again a couple of yards on this one with 1:22 to play
before the half here’s another name you’ve said quite a bit today Jeremy
Waymire from revenues Valley way on that one here’s the replay barrage hands it
off to Kinslow you know if you got a centennial running back in this game you
got a chance they’re like you know what they call USC tailback you yeah
Centennial just cranks out the tail backs and how about the linemen that are
there pappa breaking those holes open and I keep talking about the beef and
the big guys and and how quick they are they’re agile and and back in my day a
230 pound guy was big and you know right now 230 pounds is kind of a undersized
linebacker great look at Grand Terrace high school a fantastic crowd and a big
audience online as well watching on Riverside TV and remember this game will
live forever so you can take this link you can share to your family and friends
especially those that might not live here in the City of Riverside or the
Inland Empire for that matter check out some of these great players it’s in him
to colleges to college coaches would love to see this game the completion by
Bartlett’s just a couple there brings up third down we’ll see if the San
Bernardino County defense Tim hatch can can bow up here on this what looks to be
maybe the final possession of the first half and keep this game tied as we go
into the break and that’s Wayne Thomas again from San Jacinto 6 6 195 great
sighs for receiver bar ‘glitch to his right there’s rest laughs out of
centennial behind the screen to about the 25 that’s gonna be a first down as
they inch a little bit closer who knows we might have a field goal to take us
into the break you know it’s impressive to about
Rhett’s laughs is you never see him get hit hard he slips through the gap there
and he gets brought down but you never see a guy get it with a full run tackle
at him he’s a big guy 2 6 2 bar ledge goes to the end zone he’s coming right
out and it’s broken up good job defensively by San Bernardino County
patrolling very deep into the endzone you can see they tried to throw a jump
ball here for 6 695 receiver towering over them yeah Frankie Macias at Oak
Hills just got his hand enough to to obstruct the receiver just enough to
break that pass up 38 seconds on the clock
38.3 to be exact second down still plenty of time for
Riverside County take a couple more shots at the end zone he’s looking for a
retz laughs yeah there’s the flag yeah I thought his hands we’re on rets laughs
before that ball got to him so pass interference and will breathe new life
into this Riverside County all-star Drive 31 seconds to go before the break
and again I’d like to talk about Rhett’s laughs and the pattern he runs his
routes are incredibly precise he’s like a surgeon out there doctor rets laughs
that’s it I presume pass interference in Riverside County with 31 point five
seconds left which seems like an eternity now before we get to halftime
they will have a couple more opportunities to grab this lead before
we hit the half definitely a penalty there
yeah hands on Rhett’s laughs before the ball had reached him so we’re looking at
first down now for the Riverside County all-stars just outside of the 10 they’re
gonna mark it about the 12 yard line so they can still pick up another first
down before the end zone Barlow Volvos has this pass intercepted great job
there by San Bernardino counties big number leave that’s 46 down there that’s Eddie Chang out of citrus Valley
well hit him right in the chest that would have been a big defensive
play three receivers to the left one to the right 27 seconds to go second down
for Riverside County barrage feeling the pressure little shovel pass out to
Kinslow met at the 10-yard line big hit there not much doing that was number 20
Damian Williams out of Grand Terrace laid some helmet down and he stops him
at the 10 you know we refer a lot to the sizes
these guys and how big and not tall but someone like Kinslow he’s 510 195 and
that’s that’s kind of a small for tailback if you look like Division one
level and a lot of these guys they don’t have the measurables you know they don’t
they don’t have that that that size that pops out at you but you watch them play
they play with a lot of heart they play with a lot of desire yeah there’s
Kinslow number two in the huddle there’s a look at the San Bernardino County
all-stars as they can i rehearse what they want to do on defense on these
final couple plays with 18 seconds to go you know Centennial’s had a tradition of
having small tail backs but they usually have pretty big offensive lines than
those tailbacks just kind of hide behind those guys and they see the hole and
they just explode through that specifically I’m thinking of a guy named
romelo Goodman who played about five years ago man he was probably four five
four five five but he was explosive and he would hide behind
Vianney talam I vow and Cameron hunt those big offensive linemen and he was
very good and that’s what I do when I go to family events it is Thanksgiving I’d
behind my in-laws and then you explode the hole that’s right I grab that turkey
with the skin on it right to the front of the line that’s right
getting their hip pocket and follow him so we’re looking at third down with 18
seconds to go from around the ten they could still get a first down here
Rhett’s laughs to the right trips to the left bar llege there’s Thomas Thomas out
of San Jacinto can he get to the end zone he’s fighting his way finally
pushed down great job by San Bernardino County eight
seconds and the clock is still moving that might be the final play no timeout
yes oh they call a timeout with six point four seconds actually I think
they’re gonna measure two because that could be a first down I don’t know if
it’s a mute point at this point Thomas great catch for a second I
thought he was gonna get to the end zone great job defensively by San Bernardino
County to stand him up they will measure because it could be a first down which
would be huge because if it is a fourth down you’ve got one shot at the end zone
if it’s a first down with six seconds left you might get two you might squeeze
into place Tim to quick plays Jeremiah Edmond from Aquinas denied him at the
end stood him up and laid him down but right here I would say look for a lob
look for something in the corner you got six six Wayne Thomas out there
you had six three Reggie ratzlaf out there on the two sides and they’re going
against DB’s that are a few inches shorter than them quite a few look out
for that a little lob maybe a pick play to get to the lob so we’ll see what they do here in these
final couple of plays it’s been an entertaining and competitive first half
you know for my own selfish reasons Tim I I never want to see a blowout in an
all-star game I wanted to be a battle in fact the last blowout we did and and I
think I think it was the Riverside County versus Orange County or the IE
versus the Orange County game all-star classic that’s centennial no Corona High
School a couple years back the IE blew out Orange County but here we go
it is a 4th down bar Laird is there’s the favorites laugh it might be a little
too deep he’s out of the end zone incomplete so San Bernardino counties
defense rises to the occasion they get the football back turnover on downs with
4.9 seconds left if your San Bernardino County do you
just air one out just for fun I’d say yeah why it’s an ulcer right so it’s one
of those quick backs let him catch and get some yards after the catch because
if you’re Riverside you got to get back in that prevent you called it Tim the
fade tourettes laughs which isn’t a bad idea just a little long in the corner
very well defended too though you know if this was but this was a league game
and this was big a league Inland Valley League River Valley League you know of
course you need take a knee and you get into that be into the locker room
feeling good about a seven seven tie but it’s an all-star game maybe you just air
one out just for fun yeah let’s see well they’re not necessarily lined up to do
anything crazy here but you just never know it’s it’s coach brew ik right he’s
got some tricks up his sleeve they’re gonna take a knee and that’s how we head
into the half Wow it’s seven seven here at the break
at Grand Terrace high school both these teams I mean Tim it’s only seven seven
but we’ve had a bunch of big plays in this game there’s been a lot of action
we’ve seen just about everything happened here we’ve had almost
interceptions fumbles blocked plays and here we go as we look at some of the top
plays you know again the theme tonight has been the defense but there has been
some big plays Keeneland woods on the reverse to Daniel fortune out of Cajon
high school big pick up there and there’s Miles Herrera out of Redlands
East Valley the double pass Devin Murray from Cajon deep downfield but broken up
nice play there by Kinslow out of Centennial to break up that pass and in
the other two the kids shirt was ripped all over the place but he was still had
some big runs coming up the completion the strip and that was a big play to
force that ball loose as San Bernardino County defense has done well in the red
zone keeping Riverside County at bay the deep
pass down field from Herrera to Daniel fortune that was the big drive this is
the scoring drive for San Bernardino County the pass out to keel on woods
he’ll take this one to the endzone keel on woods ties the game
seven apiece and that’s where we head into the break Riverside County seven
and San Bernardino County seven so again Tim it’s it’s been an entertaining and
competitive first half we just don’t have a lot of points to show for it
right now it’s been a lot of been don’t break defense yes yep so some of the
stars on defense Jeremy Wehmeyer from Reb his name’s been
coming up over and over Giulio Holmes moreno valley’ both these guys have been
outstanding from the linebacker position and but it’s been a fun game because
we’ve seen a lot of things happen so we are tied at 7 Mosely out of Notre Dame
the touchdown for Riverside County and keelon woods out of Indian Springs High
School the one score for San Bernardino County so we are tied at 7 here at the
break at Grand Terrace High School on the Riverside TV we’ll take a quick
timeout as well when we come back we’ll rejoin you live from Grand Terrace High
School for the conclusion of the 34th annual Inland Empire all-star classic GOT JUNK too big for the trash can
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stuff are personal you know and I take a long time doing that make sure just lay
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the train it took probably a week people say you know you can sell these you go
on eBay or whatever and so on not if you like work I’m retired
you know when I was in Fleetwood they they had a charity called Rosie’s kids
and they used to do little fundraisers and stuff all year long to get enough
money to buy clothing and food and stuff at Christmastime and so I thought I
suggested well maybe you could throw a toy in a tube you know with it for the
kids one year we ended up with over 600 toys and we gained somewhere 5,000 or
more I forget exactly to gear but we helped a whole bunch of kids families
and stuff I’ve been giving out toys for kids and charities and stuff for years
and I know when I was a kid I had a stick I know I grew up in the depression
so in Brooklyn and that was tough and I can remember that and I didn’t have
anything so I want to make sure that and almost any kid I see I give a toy I
do this in sort of on the side to give to kids and see what the reactions are
and always tell them there’s no batteries because they’re always playing
with the electronics and tell them that day and we are at the
half here just set to kick off the third quarter at Grand Terrace High School in
its Riverside County seven and San Bernardino County 7 here at the 34th
annual Inland Empire all-star classic it was an eventful first half and like we
had mentioned hatch not a lot of points to show for it I think in large part to
the San Bernardino County defense who was able to get some stops in the first
half with Riverside County approaching the red zone here was the first play
from scrimmage as Moseley out of Notre Dame shakes off that defender the double
pass and he goes in for the touchdown that was what 16 seconds into the game
Velasco has Centennial had a opportunity for a field goal missed there so it was
still 7-zip and in Keylong woods out of Indian Springs late in the second
quarter before half-time gets in for the touchdown and that brings us to this 7-7
that throw was so impressive by a rare there he had two guys in his face and I
liken that to Matt Stafford cuz of his arm angle and he threw off his back foot
but still had enough heat on it to get it to woods so which could get
the corner and turn it up for a touchdown so we are set to kick off the
third quarter once again we appreciate you watching on Riverside TV if you
haven’t already give the City of Riverside Facebook page a like or
subscribe to the youtube channel we’d really appreciate it
good sized crowd out here I know a lot of people you know it’s hard this time
of year right there’s there’s holiday events going on we have we have Sanji
and kaiser playing four state championships in Northern California
there’s a lot going on but there’s a good sized crowd out here Grand Terrace
yes the festival of lights there’s there’s basketball tournaments there’s
TV events and plays and there’s such a vibrant area of different things to do
with your life but a great crowd today by the way at the festival of lights Tim
don’t worry the mini donuts are back they’ve got the mini donuts which is
always a crowd favorite yes yes my god foodie right I’m kind of a foodie yeah
kind of yeah my daughter when she performed the other night down by a
Chamber of Commerce we stopped for a hot chocolate in each
role oh it sounds delicious right about now we do love walking around Mission
Inn and the the different animatronic things and one of my bucket list things
is to spend the night at the Mission Inn I’ve never done it before I’ve never
done it I love you we’re a motel 6 family but see what’s hard is when you
when you live here locally in Riverside in the surrounding areas you know what I
mean when you live here it’s a difference like you need to have a
reason to you know go stay at the Mission if you’re coming from out of
town which I had done once before I move down to the Inland Empire we’re actually
visiting and we stayed at the Mission Inn but I think I’ve stayed there
probably three or four times I’ve heard the rumors are that it is haunted
is that what you’ve heard yes I have but I just know that it’s a beautiful place
I’d love to spend the night there it is on my bucket list that and buying a jeep
those that’s your bucket list stay that I have at the Mission Inn and buy a jeep
that’s two of the items and I wish not to share the rest here we go kickoff of
the third quarter it’s gonna be Riverside County kicking do San
Bernardino County Daniel for genetic Cajon fields it but again you can’t run
the kicks out no kickoff returns no punt returns nothing of the sort on special
teams keep everybody healthy and injury free tonight ignorant errors high school
you know that tells me that there’s a lot of pride out here to is when I see
guys a little low chip eNOS a little talking after plays tells me that there
is some competitiveness out there this isn’t just a first show all-star game
and again there’s a handful of guys who were likely playing their final high
school football game ever and there’s a handful of guys who will go on to
college and maybe this is their opportunity their showcase to get some
of that much-needed attention to get it to get a scholarship or there’s a lot of
things out there preferred walk-on I mean there’s a lot of different
scenarios where guys could play at the next level and Zane Scarborough will
start the second half at quarterback out of Hoopa Hills for San Bernardino County
Scarborough the lefty airs it out down field he’s got Daniel fortune and
Scarborough took a big hit on on the back end of that play
by the aired it out just a little bit too wide if you’d have thought it up the
field fortune had it had a couple steps on him on the defensive back and it was
Camden Carmen at a Riverside Polly breathing down his neck out comes
Scarborough as he heads over to the sidelines and he’s actually gonna go
back out he was just talking to see dos marinas marinas is the head coach for
her Rupa Hills and he’s on the staff for head coach dick brew ik so at least you
have that familiarity between marinas and his quarterback head he had a chance
to call their game release year with the great Cullen Holt and Harappa Hills and
he’s a dynamic quarterback he can run he can throw there’s a little bit of
everything the Scarborough still in at quarterback
for San Bernardino County second down another pass play that one’s broken up
and Scarborough again takes a big hit in the backfield as does the receiver
before even seeing his number I’m gonna guess that was Pierre for the Riverside
County all starts with a big hit on Scarborough though his number 26
actually got there first Pierre he’ll hold on the play yes you know Holmes
again Holmes in Pierre we’ve said those names quite a bit tonight you know we’ll
have an MVP award at the end of this game hatch it wouldn’t be too crazy to
say it could go to a defensive player oh absolutely I mean on both sides we’ve
had Jeremy wehrmeyer and from Rev on the San Bernardino side we’ve had
Giulio Holmes and you know just the slew of defensive backs that are out there
that are playing great so third down for San Bernardino County scarborough’s out
though he’s joined in the backfield with kel strim and keel on wood here comes
the Blitz and we were gonna be jumping offsides others saying that sits against
Riverside County it looked like someone on the offensive line for San Bernardino
jump but he must have flinched on someone who jumped offsides by Riverside
County but you know Riverside a little bit of movement I think in that neutral
area too might have touched some money up there but they’re ready to play
Riverside is bringing it on the defensive side they’re laying the
leather to him as we used to say in the old days the leather hats right the
leather helmets third down third and five woods in motion
Scarborough took a peek out of him now he dumps it off to quell storm that’s
gonna be a first down Andrew Kells to matter of Aquinas across the 35 close to
the 40 good job by scarbrow to hang in there
and then dump it off to Kel strim he looked at woods a little bit on that
wheel route coming out of the backfield but looked him off like you said and
then how about the lining out there leading away blocking on that always got
to give love to the line they they make it go right Branstetter from citrus
Valley so he looks to his right took a little peek at woods then he dumps it
off to Kel strim in the big block downfield even though Branstetter didn’t hit
anybody upfield on that he’s 300 pounds running out there faster than I could
run right now I think just the fact that he was running downfield guys were
probably getting out of the way first down for the San Bernardino County
all-stars two receivers to the left to the right Kel strum from Aquinas joining
Scarborough out of her Rupa Hills in the backfield
Scarborough feeling the pressure goes down field nobody there and complete and
that’s one of the dangers of an all-star game I think they might add a
misinterpretation on a route some confusion well that’s the challenges of
an all-star game and it’s and specifically the coaching staff when you
only have four practices together maybe keep things a little bit simple right
you know so guys we’re all on the same page for the all-star classic then in
Riverside look you have back there as a safety you’ve got Jackson Turner from
Rancho Verde one of the best athletes in the Inland Empire yeah I’m taking a look
at this second that’s a scary secondary for the
Riverside County all-stars tyler Kinslow out of Centennial Jackson Turner looks
like he’s playing safety here out of the Rancho Verity high school got some good
ones out there for Riverside County davon Wilson also from Rancho Verde the
handoff from Scarborough to woods it looks like it’s scooped up no one –
barely knew what was going on here and it’s in for a San Bernardino County
all-star touchdown Ervin Jones from Heritage it looked like they weren’t
exactly sure what was going on there but Jones out a heritage the presence of
mind Tim – just simply scoop it up and run the other way I don’t know how
surprised he was Bobby showed up Jones goes in for a touchdown it looked like
the exchange from Scarborough tequilana Woods was muffed and there was Jones
curve and Jones on a heritage and Riverside County takes the lead 13 to 7
with 1048 to play Velasco from Centennial
on for the extra point the hold the kick and they not yes it is good so 14 is 7
Riverside County jumps back on top how telling is that that we have a defensive
touchdown with all the offense we’ve seen here’s a replay here was the
exchange Scarborough trying to hand it off to woods ok we were just talk about
the miscommunication right it will put all-star game and try to get everyone on
the same page and how many plays do you you implement during the week and
there’s another look at it – and and Jones the big guy had help downfield he
had some blockers just in case but Jones takes it in for the touchdown the
heritage patriot I think elan woods thought that beat some play-action he
was surprised the ball came to him and he was gonna run a bubble route out
there we were out I should say irregardless or regardless whichever way
you want to say it the defense scores depends how you’re
looking at it right so 1048 in the third quarter in the Riverside County
all-stars are back on top so San Bernardino County who has not led in
this game yet so how long was that scoring drive the two touchdowns for
Riverside have been quick single plays oh my goodness you’re right first play
from scrimmage and a defensive touchdown here is that kicked by velasco’s sails
out the back of the end zone so I’m going to say their average scoring drive
is 12 seconds yeah people are gonna look at this box score at the end of the game
it’s gonna be a wacky box score big time stats not a lot of scores yet some great
numbers looking down at coach brewer can his coaching staff as we mentioned Curt
Brooke the head coach at Citrus Valley he’s the offensive coordinator coach
marinas the head coach at her roopa hills he’s out there as well looks like
her eras back in a quarterback now coming out the back of his helmet is
that a piece of somebody’s t-shirt it might be kids lows the rest of kids
Lowe’s undershirt or bandana one of the two herrera hit deep in the pocket it
looked like the ball might’ve came loose for a moment but it’s still gonna belong
to san bernardino county several guys in on the play I tell you Herrera has been
very impressive on the way he stands in on these drives now feeling the pressure
hit guess who it was Jalil Holmes once again out of Moreno Valley who’s making
his case to be the MVP I’m simply going by ya whose name are we seeing a lot
hatch we’re saying Jalil homes all night long at a Moreno Valley
Jilla Holmes has been in the backfield more than the running back seems like
he’s feeling right at home 10:04 and County here in the third
quarter two receivers to the right for Herrera – to the left
telstra menthe his right hip finds his man completes the pass turns up field
that’s number two for the san bernardino county chad smith pepper valley
now these Apple Valley had a great season this year as we would say sneaky
good in in Division five brings up a third down now for San
Bernardino County third and long after that big loss on the play by Jalil homes
out of Moreno Valley and you look at her heirs listed at 511 195 but he’s just a
warrior the way he stands in there he’s been hit several times today has he
released the ball and even took that sack but under pressure steps up in the
pocket can’t get loose and he’s brought down once again so the San Bernardino
County team they’re trailing by a touchdown but their defense continues to
make big plays and keep them in this game here’s a replay as Herrera was
certainly feeling that pressure number 27 Kevin Foreman from Centennial both
these defense going back and forth like it like prizefighters here the kick by
the San Bernardino County all-stars that’s beard and he’s just gonna boot
this one Patterson the fair catch on his own 42 and that’s where the Riverside
County all-stars will take over so again it’s been a display of defense so far
both for San Bernardino County and Riverside County and a defensive
touchdown ironically hatch is the difference in this game right now and
you said it earlier with four days to practice how many things can they go
over how deep can they go into plays and options and audibles and and changing
things up because you have guys that miss practice they play basketball that
you do other things and and you know it’s tough to get them on the same page
and tribute to both coaching staffs because we’ve seen some execution of
some good plays so here we go Thornborough got a him at high school
and at quarterback for the Riverside County all-stars Thornburg out to Mosley
from Notre Dame he has the lone offensive touchdown for the Riverside
County all stars here nice catch turns up field close to a first down he
was dragging that it’s back like the last o sheet at a white sail they were
fighting for Thornburg Mosley watches he gets him
down there and just drags and drags him are you a black friday kind of guy with
all the big sales had absolutely nine i believe in internet shopping there you
go the carry that’s gonna be short of a first down as well there’s still about
two yards shy with third down coming up getting the carry therefore the
Riverside County all-stars is Dorian Cole number 22 from mobile yeah number
22 Cole they’ve got some great tailbacks there Cole Kinslow Patterson
oh and he’s tripped up in the backfield great job by San Bernardino County to
prevent a big run there that was number 57 for the San Bernardino County
all-stars ty keel Oh Kabana out of Silverado and again
marveling at its size 6-foot 325 but he’s quick enough to get into a
backfield and stop 155-pound back so fourth down right around a mid field
they only need a couple of yards to get another first they’re gonna go for it trips left three receivers to the left
one to the right Cole in the backfield set up behind Thornburg fourth down for
the Riverside County all-stars the snap Thornburg’s got time goes downfield and
the pass is complete the big completion up field by Riverside County Wayne
Thomas on the catch and that’s a first down the drive is still alive again that
his stats have to be eye-catching for colleges at six six 195 big target good
hands now Wayne Thomas is making a case maybe for the MVP award as we kind of
talk more about it here in the second half oh the pitch look like a little
shovel pass they’re gonna say incomplete that could have been very dangerous
again kind of go back to that miscommunication thing with an all-star
game and and how complicated do you want to make it going into a an all-star game
like this now Thomas has shown himself I like the way he catches the ball away
from his body so he’s not using his body to shield anything there
won’t be any misses he’s got big hands soft hands for a big fella second down for Riverside County in at
quarterback now his barrage they went from Thornburg to barrage the handoff to
Cole to about the 30 it’s about three yards on the carry
I can’t help but feel that Riverside setting something up here with those
runs so we play action maybe a toss out to the tall receivers again yeah maybe
trying to lull him asleep a little bit right with the run run run run run and
then big pass now Thor bergs back in there so that was interesting
Thornburg to borrow legit quarterback now back to Thornburg got a him at high
school thorn Brooks got time passes looking for Mosley incomplete a little
pop pass on the seam route they’re trying to get between the seams in the
zone he had him just overthrew it a little bit 603 on the clock fourth down
coming up and Tim we’re gonna roll out Velasco they’re gonna go for a field
goal attempt here on fourth down that’s a pretty long field goal see where
they’re gonna the hold is gonna be about the 36 so a 46-yard field goal attempt
by Velasco at a Centennial High School no rush the kick is up does it have the
distance and it’s just a little bit short
maybe yard or two short well at least you can say honestly we
won’t see any fakes no not on special teams now I was talking to coach Brewer
before the game he said listen we’re not gonna rush the kicker we’re not gonna
rush the punter you know none of that’s gonna happen but let’s say they call for
a fair catch and they finally buffed the catch then that ball is live that’s a
different story as we look at a replay here in just a little bit short velasco
so close to that crossbar if he’d add one more energy bar this morning
just one more you got a lot of energy tonight Tim how many do you eat quite a
few that and the am/pm hamburger on my way up only the best for you right yes
fortune Attica ho-oh big hit here on the sideline holds on to that football he
held on that was a big hit Lake seam soon from Santiago yeah we’ve said his
name a couple times number 35 the linebacker for the Sharks
there’s fortune number ten for cojones got that tinted visor here’s a replay
here is Thornburg or excuse me Herrera just leaves it for fortune and then
seems in at the very end boom like launched out of a bullet out of a gun
the way he closes on the ball which is bizarre cos seemed sent as a Santiago
guy but he’s got a Centennial logo on his helmet only in an all-star game yep
fortune wrapped up nowhere to go Tyler Kinslow on a centennial brings him down
very well played by Kinslow kept him in front of him didn’t let him get the edge so 14 to 7 Riverside County on top by a
touchdown with five minutes to go here in the third and we’ve got a final from Northern
California Kaiser has fallen in the CIF Division three a championship game
losing to Wilcox of Santa Clara 41:27 the final great run by the cats but it
comes to a close tonight and also Rio Linda hanging on to a three point lead
against San Gorgonio with less than three minutes to play in the five
double-a state championship game that one will be going final very soon
fortune hands it off and Riverside County did not buy it
that was pierre once again out of heritage high school roaming around the
back field they sniffed that one out tim hatch and nothing doing for san
bernardino county on this offensive drive that’s another name we’ve said
several times yeah Pierre all over it well he got
sucked up into one earlier on reverse that was a pretty big play for San
Bernardino so I don’t think he’s gonna fall for it again the punt by beard out
of Yucaipa it’s gonna take a San Bernardino County bounce and it’ll roll
into Riverside County Territory finally down around the 45 and that’s where
Riverside County will take over another final score from Northern California and
it’s going to be Rio Linda as your five double-a state champions as they edged
San Gorgonio by a final score of 38 to 35 so Sanji and kaiser falling tonight
in state championship games when the experience for those teams and those fan
bases though chance to travel up north and use football as a way to travel and
get out of the area and that’s my love about sports and congratulations to both
programs and getting that far as talking to actually both head coaches coach
Cardosi at Kaiser and coach McClure at San Gorgonio this was an opportunity for
some of these players to make their first-ever flight just going up to
Sacramento or the Bay Area you know just getting out of the area and experiencing
something new the handoff to Paterson what are
they listed matt is at five 210 he’s still tough to bring down and and I
don’t there’s not any disrespect towards him but he looks like somebody’s little
brother and then Sandlot football game just they let him play and but he’s so
quick he’s so good 309 to play barrage has his man far side of the field and
it’s complete that’s number 24 for the Riverside
County team and that is the beauty of sports allowing kids to do things that
they might not have done in their lives before I took a team up to university of
Pacific few years ago as we went through the grapevine when my players thing for
said coach thank you without you I never would have left California see and
that’s a special moment right whether you win or lose the game and I said
here’s the bad news we’re still in California history less geography lesson
as well yes as Patterson takes it down to the 20 and here comes Riverside
County on the move once again and he’s also one of those backs that it’s hard
to get a good hit on him because he’s always moving his feet are always
churning those feet could churn butter way they keep moving so a first down
from Riverside County bar ledge fakes the handoff takes off on the run but he
is brought down it’s gonna be loss of maybe a yard or two that was number 48
in on the play for the San Bernardino team Jeremy Waymire there’s your guy Tim
hatch out of Redlands East Valley I wonder how many chances a Patterson’s
gonna get a look because like we said that not the non measurables you know
looking at his size barrage look like he was trying to find a retz laugh on a
screen and it’s incomplete that’ll stop the clock 144 to go here in the third 14
to 7 Riverside County but they’re on the move as they are on the edge of the red
zone here trying to go up by another score
and this is where San Bernardino’s defense is buckled down every time we
get into the red zone who recite marches that was Norwood out of Valley View on
the far side of the field it’s gonna be shy of a first down here comes fourth
down and Tim I hate to sound overdramatic but this is kind of a big
fourth down you know I got a feeling we’re gonna have to see a pick six to
get another score it might be one of those nights looks like Matt Logan takes
a couple steps onto the field has a quick conversation with Jacob Arledge
the quarterback and bar ledge heads back onto the field two receivers to the
right two to the left Patterson in the backfield with him
barrage has the time goes to the episode is there a flag and there it comes has
to be that’s the second time red sloth has gotten loose deep that penalty has
been called on him on a possible touchdown I think physically he’s hard
to contain he’s built like a linebacker but he runs like a receiver
yeah and he’s just kind of a mismatch he’ll take a look at the replay here is
Barr llege took a shot at the end zone on fourth down and Malachi Harrison out
of Rancho Cucamonga was the man on the coverage that’ll give Riverside County
eight first down they’re gonna spot the ball on the it’s like about the 8 yard
line the 7 yard line maybe the seven and a half first down
for Riverside County handoff Patterson gets a couple near the 5 brings up
second and goal for Riverside County you know as slight as he is a frame again
you won’t see anybody get a big hit on him because he’s always moving and
sliding and not to call him like Barry Sanders back in the day very safe oh I
remember Barry Sanders all right nobody ever hit him hard because he was always
moving second down is we’re inside the final minute of the third quarter
Barr llege fakes the handoff goes up the middle
drilled around the gold line and stopped just short big run by barrage Jacob
Bartlett got Valley View to a CI of title game two seasons ago in a spot in
the state finals there he goes inside the five by which is a pretty good sized
quarter back to at six to 205 the handoff Patterson and he’s crossed the
goal line and there’s the touchdown signal Riverside County lights up the
scoreboard once again here at Grand Terrace 20 to 7 with the extra point on
the way I think it’s only fitting to that Patterson got into the end zone he
had worked so hard he he did all the work time to get paid at the ends and
that was a very workmanlike drive by Riverside very efficient very
time-consuming – yeah that just about ate up the entire third quarter there’s
only 2.4 seconds left on the clock so they’re gonna have a two-touchdown lead
as we head to the final frame the kick by Velasco is good but as we said before
in any all-star game is any lead-safe not really we’ve seen some wacky things
happen in the IE all-star classic but I tell you what we’re not gonna see a
kickoff return for a touchdown not tonight
here’s a replay as Bartlett hands it off to Patterson lunging forward across the
goal line and in for the touchdown one of the thing that works in his favor is
he so low to the ground already when he runs yeah when he runs low he’s lower
and it’s hard to get leverage on him as a defensive lineman at 300 pound or 260 so here we go the final seconds of the
third quarter Centennial’s Velasco on the field kicking to fortune on the
other end as well as Xandra wits out of apple valley can’t run the kick out
though but they’re gonna let Velasco kick anyways alas go the kick from his
own 42 fortune at the goal line so would you say fortune has his wits about him
if you’re talked about Sandra Witten yes we have to amuse ourselves it’s gonna be
very late into the night here I didn’t have I’m hungry I’m tired I didn’t have
an ampm burger like you did it was fresh – only made three hours before this
fresh I’m sure it was I’d rather go to the festival of lights and have some
mini donuts and sip on a hot chocolate but get a nice hot general special
thanks to our sponsor tonight Riverside Downtown Partnership you can visit them
online for more information Riverside downtown dot org the perfect weekend
getaway in fact my wife did that my wife and I before we move down to the Inland
Empire we had ourselves a little weekend getaway in downtown Riverside we went to
the Mission Inn and there’s a great Italian restaurant that’s worked into
the Mission Inn night the name of it escape we’ve eaten there before as we
did the walk around the festival of lights there’s a great place right up
the street that has fantastic pot stickers like pot stickers I do I’m
trying I’m thinking over here as we look at some replays remember that that was
the handoff from scarbrow to Keylong woods that got away and the touchdown
return which gave Riverside County the lead and that was curvin Jones out of
Heritage and in San Bernardino County just simply could not get much going
offensively Herrera brought down the field goal attempt by Velasco just a
little bit short there kept it a 14 to 7 game little misdirection by San
Bernardino County as we return to live action it’s keelon woods on the far side
of the field that’s the play they scored on earlier they’re just Reed
visiting it get white words out in the edge six yards on that play and I can’t
say enough about Herrera how impressive he is different arm angles under
pressure she’s still getting the ball off with some pop to it and he’s seen a
majority of the action here tonight but I do have to wonder whose t-shirt is
hanging from the back of his head now he’s on different teams than Kinslow who
had the ripped undershirts on I’m thinking it’s not his I hope not unless
they’re close friends that’d be okay second down Herrera off the fingertips
of fortune that’s incomplete what they’re trying to do now is get one of
those quick backs out of the backfield one-on-one with a linebacker because
Riverside has moved up into a man coverage and you’ve him on the run with
a linebacker chasing them you’d be in good fortune he’ll be here all night
but would you be necessarily out of the woods with keel on woods see what it did
we would we would be like the Penn & Teller of Riverside hatch if we went out
there and did a stand-up act it would be magic you are too much I’m her the first
time I met you I think you wrote me an angry email that’s a true story I think
you did never yeah I’ll share in a moment
Herrera it’s a fortune it’s broken up that was on third down as we are now in
the fourth quarter and San Bernardino County trying to climb out of a 14-point
deficit Tyson McDonald in on that play rivers really really got some size on
the skill positions Jackson Turner 63 takes McDonald 6-2 you know what the
safety spots and the corners a good size oh and they’re gonna punt because
they’re on their own it’s about the 26 yard line so and
there’s still 11 minutes left so if you go for it here and you don’t get it that
might be just giving the game away but they’re gonna punt here they’re gonna
let their defense hopefully do their job get a three and out and still have
plenty of time to come back from a 21 to 7 hole beard on the punt out of Yucaipa
big kick my beard patterson waving for the fair catch no it’s behind him it’s
gonna take a favorable roll for san bernardino county they’re gonna down it
around the 26 yard line and that’s where Riverside County will take over no I
think I came out and covered one of your games to him a long time ago and I don’t
know if I called you or referenced you by the wrong last name do you remember
this it was like Tim hutch or Tim something but it was not an angry email
it was a funny angry email I read it in an angry Tim hatch voice in my head no
never never it was a sarcastic humorous is that what
it was yes I do remember it I don’t know I I
can’t recall what I what I called you though yeah but it wasn’t Tim hat she
was like Tim hutch or something yeah the handoff for a couple here for Riverside
County pushing the pile for it for four yards I was in the old Big Daddy days
that’s right Kinsel Oh out of Centennial with the
carry there with 10:45 and County so if you’re Riverside County there’s no sense
of urgency here you’re gonna run that football you’re gonna watch that clock
just melt away second down for Riverside County
Thornburg in at quarterback tosses it out to Moseley across the 35
nearing the 40 that’s gonna be a first down for the Riverside County all-stars
Mosley out of Notre Dame having himself a nice game absolutely that was a great
tackle too by malachi harrison rancho cucamonga wrapping him up those are like
long handoffs those those those short quick throws
like that give him the running back those speedy receivers a chance to get
out space and operate Thornburg Dillon at quarterback with Kinslow Thornburg
there’s the big receiver out of San Jacinto for a nether Bay
gain that’s Wayne Thomas six-foot-six he takes up some yardage with his strides
this yards after the catch has been pretty impressive and with the exception
that one fumble he’s been lights out today
Wayne Thomas a star at San Jacinto you can see why they made it to the division
7 CIF southern section championship game in fact they nearly knocked off citrus
Hill and League play this year the snap gets away Thornburg’s gonna fall on it
and just in time that might have been the turnover that the San Bernadino team
was looking for yes I’m didn’t even need something big to happen here
they had the defensive players to make it happen there’s a replay Thornburg
kind of took a little favorable bounce it didn’t get away from him
it was a good snap he just took his eyes off it for a second
913 and County in fourth quarter 21 7 Riverside third down here again I’m
always overdramatic but a big third down here Thornburg down the field Thomas
makes the catch cuts inside still moving finally brought down inside the 30
Wow that was a great throw hit him in-stride
and again for a big guy his hands are so soft and he catches the ball out away
from his body which allows him to tuck it in and you know there’s no ricochets
or anything couple mountain pass League guys getting together Thornburg and
Thomas the hands long handoff to Kinslow leans forward to get a yard on the play
2nd down coming up another efficient drive by Riverside mixing up passing the
run replay here Thornburg Thomas yeah you put that ball on the money and
Thomas tucking it in this time yeah he’s one of those receivers where the first
guy to the ball is not gonna bring him down he can take a couple of defenders
he carried him about 5 extra yards second down just about eight minutes to
go here in the fourth Riverside County marching down the field Thomas
turns up a couple more third down and now and third and about I would say
about three if my math serves me correctly and see where they co up that
time that was Caleb Murphy from San Jacinto number nine cuz Thomas was on
the outside the two of them were together over there nine and eight or
rights hurry at six forty two forty we got San Jacinto Tigers running wild in
this place right now and look how the size advantage they have on those
defensive backs on that side third down Thornburg hands it off to Kinslow that’s
gonna be another first down for Riverside County and now we’re
approaching the 7-minute mark here in the fourth quarter look at the size of
those receivers between off the mint Thomas and six three six four and six
six so then you got Kinslow at running back
when things are all spread out it’s like pick your poison right the orberg goes
on its own and it’s incomplete I think there was a Miss read there between the
two of them that time Thomas to say throw me the ball again let’s go yeah
you could probably go right back to that play try your luck with it looks like it
got between confused between a stop route and stopping go route back in our
day they just call that a buttonhook the old buttonhook second down 651 to go
Oh high snap Thornburg collects it but it’s gonna be a big loss it could have
been a lot worse to match yes Thornburg who had the presence of mind to bring
that football down so at least at least it’s not a turnover but it is a big loss
for the Riverside County all-stars Kaden master from you kite by closing in on
that play number 47 21 to 7 Riverside County with
the lead can they hold on here at Grand Terrace high
school third down Thornburg last time it’s her V inside the five and that’s
gonna be close to another first down and yeah he’s gonna have it so it’s gonna be
first and goal now for the Riverside County all-stars now it’s desperation
time for the San Bernardino defense they need to stop here to keep it within
shouting distance after San Jacinto between Thomas and Hervey oh my goodness
– big-time receivers for the for the Tigers of the season you got the six six
Thomas going at 195 and her via a 240 you’re talking about outweighing
defensive backs by 4050 pounds with the speed to get by him – we got a timeout
on the field with 541 first and goal coming up for the Riverside County
all-stars and I think they want to make sure they they punch this one in now if
you’re San Bernardino you’re getting in the huddle saying okay you know what got
you here you’re all-stars we ispeed we got quickness let’s not be silly on a
pattern or like fall for a fake just everyone do your assignments follow
through on your assignments let’s see what we can do need to stop on the flip
side there’s the Riverside County all-stars with Matt Logan and been
calling the shots for head coach Barry Meyer Matt Logan’s long time defensive
corner old friend of mine named Dan herring oh yeah Oh Dan we played
basketball together for many years and he was a defensive lineman at Norco high
school really yep you guys go way back the old buttonhook days
yes leather helmets fourth down that it was not a first down so that’s why they
wanted the timeout this is a very big play oh and a bad snap
Thornburg scoops it up and a big stop by the San Bernardino County all-stars John
Clark from Los Osos coming up big on that play Wow okay so here’s the deal
now that was fourth down San Bernardino County gets the football back
with five thirty six to go here’s a replay Thor burg I don’t know look like
maybe it took a bounce off kins lows back I wasn’t sure exactly what happened
there but bottled up in the loss and that was on fourth down because if you
go back to the the previous catch by Hervey it looked like he had a first
down apparently not a good spot on the football a big stop we could be back to
that confusion on the play too cuz kids feel kind of crossed in front of him as
the snap was coming in so a first down for San Bernardino County need a big
play there’s Kallstrom out of Aquinas gets to
the sidelines that’s good kins low on the tackle on that stops the clock at
531 the other Kinslow there’s two of them in this game Thomas and Tyler out
of Centennial again look at those defensive backs from the Riverside group
really incredible incredible athletes size and speed yeah just took a step
forward into the the line backing unit got some good ones all the way around curving Jones totala from heritage yeah
doubt Allah seam sin out of Santiago or in the Centennial logo on his helmet
which is still throwing me off Thornburg excuse me Herrera completes
the pass it’s gonna be a short pickup and Riverside doing a nice job keeping
everything right in front of him that was gerald durrell Calhoun on the tackle
from North Gate double yeah that’s pretty simple now I mean strategically
on the Riverside side of the things he’s gonna keep everything in front of them
don’t let anything get behind my third and eighth Ben don’t break let that
clock run that’s their friend right now so third down they’re gonna need some
big plays coming up to keep this thing going Herrera rolls out to his right
evades want a Clure evades another one throws up field was it intercepted was
he still in play I’ve yet to see a signal yeah I’m looking at the referees
as well that was davon Wilson they could say he was out of bounds when he picked
that off the putter wanted to go out there beard at a Yucaipa I think they’re
calling them back because well it’s fourth down you got to go for it four
minutes to go Sammartino called him out here’s the
replay here is you know he was flushed down the pocket Herrera did a good job
to keep this play alive as he was heading towards the sidelines yeah he
was well out of bounds but a great effort there by the riverside county
all-stars davon Wilson out of Rancho Verde do you remember a quarterback from
Centennial few years ago nee Martinez yeah he was his first name I really
can’t remember his first name but that’s who rare reminds me of Herrera with his
about same size he’s got a great arm strength and speaking of Dan herring
there he is in the huddle there that’s your guy yeah back when I knew him he
had a little more hair and it was red but you know coach herring they’re
looking good in the shorts looks like he could still play a little softball so here we go fourth down
call me overdramatic but is it right this is the play this is the game is
that a real treat what was that that was like I can see it okay
I thought they were exhorting the defense like like like a rally horn yeah
like come on deep it’s here we go fourth down Oh keel on woods balls popped out
of his hands it doesn’t matter if there’s recovered or not that was fourth
down and with four 32 to play that might have been it they were going for a
little double reverse action but if you’re Riverside you knew it was
desperation time and if you just followed your plan and stayed your lanes
and fulfilled your responsibilities it would come your way eventually here’s
another look at the replay yeah keel on Woods was trying – yeah – Daniel fortune
and now Riverside County goes back on offense it was unfortunate that play did
not work out now they’re definitely deep in the woods deep so here we go
Riverside County looking to punch one into the end zone they throw to the end
zone that’s bar llege you know one on the other end it’s incomplete second
down coming up if you saw the play I’m gonna go
he threw a little pump fake in there so I think it was supposed to be a stop and
go or a post corner and I believe the receiver didn’t communicate well or
didn’t we’re not in the same page and he kept running up to the post and the ball
ended up in the corner at the conclusion of this game we’ll head down to Cullen
Holt on the field we’ll hear from the winning coach and the most valuable
player in this game and I don’t know Tim it’s kind of hard to say at this point
um you know I would like to say the effervescent Cullen Holt well here goes
Cole from Moreno Valley and he goes in for a Riverside
– County touchdown Dorian Cole and that puts the lead at 27 to 7 with the extra
point all the way so Dorian Cole scores we saw Patterson with a touchdown all
right so I’m gonna say this again that offensive line the beef is opening up
some holes and they’re giving protection to the quarterback the Riverside
offensive line as a group could be MVPs yeah because we have four different guys
with touchdowns for the Riverside County all-stars velasco’s kick is up and it is
all good we had Mosley from Notre Dame he had the first touchdown of the game
and then the defensive touchdown Irvin Jones at a Heritage then we had
Patterson with a runny touchdown and then we just saw Dorian coal from a
Reyno Valley with a touchdown so it’s kind of been spread out a little bit
here’s a replay as Cole goes right up the middle stays on his feet and gets
into the paint 28 to 7 with 423 to play you have guys like Donovan Otero out
there from orange Vista you have Alejandro Escovedo
from North opening up big holes Ulysses Oberto from poly between the three of
them that’s about 900 pounds some beef sounds like my in-laws at my wedding I take it you’re not close
oh very close very close we’re in the same room we’re close what do you mean kick-off coming up by Riverside County
with 423 still to go they are just four minutes and 23 seconds away from
hoisting the championship trophy once again going back to last year the
Riverside County all-stars won that game took place at Centennial High School
with Matt Logan as the head coach of the Riverside County all-stars besting Nick
Matheny from Summit high school can we talk about who puts on the all-star game
like the great Jim clover yes absolutely as we should Jim clover has spearheaded
this effort I would say even more so since the
passing of dr. Jerome wall Jim clover has taken this under his wing and really
made this all-star or classic blossom into something very very I would say
special to this local community the Inland Empire the city of Riverside and
it’s something that we’re all very proud of and Jim is a very giving guy he’s
really heavily involved in Riverside area and Riverside Community he runs the
sport clinic which caters to athletes from the more I’m sure you’ve spent a
lot of time I have with him before school hours they see athletes they see
him on weekends and Jim is just an incredible Gifford in the Riverside
County area matter of fact he’s treated me several times for old age injuries
when he used to run the old buttonhook I did I was a great buttonhook runner
first down Saint Scarborough out of Harappa Hills back in at quarterback for
18 on the clock Scarborough the lefty looking to Devin Murray it sails a
little bit high brings up second down might see a little bit of stiffness
there from Scarborough he’s not played a lot of minutes a lot of plays but you
know he’s coming in winging the ball yeah if you’re San Bernardino County
just air it out let it fly right take some chances here yep why not it’s that
time might as well try and hit something deep maybe a the short route and let one
of those speedy runners get it and run second down from the 20-yard line
keel on woods and Scarborough in the backfield three receivers to the right
kind of bunched up one to the left bunched stacked could look at
Scarborough here has time in the pocket throws downfield I think that was like
there a stop and go route 228 that was Jaden Williams out of Centennial High
School on the coverage Adam Vasquez from Yucaipa at receiver
and I think again a miscommunication because Vasquez just stopped and didn’t
go and the ball was thrown out little further than he should have been they’re
down as Scarborough comes over to talk to his head coach at Haruka Hills Eidos
marinas very dynamic offense this year for Ruby Hills great season very strong
season made it to the playoffs it’s another beautiful Stadium out here too
by the way Hooper Hills it is fantastic Stadium one of the newer
schools in Fontana so here’s third down oh here comes the pressure Scarborough
tries to dump it off almost intercepted by CSUN and now fourth down you could
make a case for seeps in as the MVP they were trying to set up a screen there but
unfortunately when you set up a screen they’re supposed to be the little room
and Riverside didn’t give him any room at all they read that play very well so
fourth down here’s how I think it’s gonna play out they’re gonna punt down
by 21 with four minutes to go I think coach dick brew ik is a realistic man
they’re gonna punt to Riverside County and knowing Coach Meyer and coach Logan
and the rest of the gang on the coaching staff on the opposite side there a
couple run plays later and we’re gonna call this a wrap here at Grand Terrace
high school and despite the score being what it is we’ve seen some action some
excitement on both sides we saw a defensive touchdown saw some wacky trick
plays the very first play of the game we thought we were in store for I don’t
know 50s or so these are score the 70s but that
defensive side on Riverside County has been incredible
led by Giulio Holmes from Reno Valley urban Jones from Heritage who scored the
defensive touchdown seam sin we’ve been talking a lot about him out of son Tiago
and a lot of pressure up front on the quarterbacks for San Bernadino so first down coming up they’re gonna
run out Thornburg out of him at high school he’s back in at quarterback
oh there’s also Cayenne bars from Maria to Mesa at 63 to 74 on the line we’ve
tried to shout out as many linemen as we could forced into a hurry on that one is they
would call that statistically in the NFL second down coming up for the Riverside
County all-stars again hang with us here on Riverside TV at the conclusion of
this one we’ll send it down to the field get all the reaction here is Riverside
County is now three minutes and 54 seconds away from wedding the 34th
annual Inland Empire all-star classic the handoff Patterson got one or two I’d like to point out her down by
religion Thornburg have done a great job managing the game on the Riverside side
of things yeah cuz they’ve in the truest sense of the word they’ve really
platooned tonight it I would say the playing time was split right down the
middle and both were very effective third down for Riverside County 3:20 and
the clock is counting fakes the handoff goes out to field the Thomas that’ll be
a first down to the 45 of San Bernardino County with that forward progress and
Thomas has been the go-to receiver for both quarterbacks yeah Thomas has had a
great game if they hand him the MVP trophy although he does not have a
touchdown I would not be surprised so another first down for the Riverside
County all-stars with less than three minutes to play two receivers to the
right to the left bar Lidge I saw a Notre Dame helmet I want to say that was
off the mat because Moses here on the near side and the receivers all the
receivers on the Riverside team have been very effective and impressive
Ratliff Thomas Mosley off the mock yes yes
they’ve all had their time to shine that’s why it’s so difficult for this
most valuable player award because it’s been spread out and I’m sure that was by
design by the coaches because they want to get everyone involved they’re all
good they’re all Allstars there’s thornbird the Hemet bulldog
engineering this last offensive drive Mosley juggles it brings it in gets to
the sideline you give Mosley credit for two catches on that one is that how it
works he caught one ran a couple steps caught it again here’s a look at the
replay Thornburg to Mosley there’s the first catch yep here comes and 140 and Counting here third down coming
up about a yard to go for a nether first down for the Riverside County all-stars Thornbury go feeling the pressure here
it comes with somehow he Wiggles out of that he picks up a first down he’s still
on his feet across the 30 the 25 the 20 and thornbird a great run Wow
he’s not ready to give up Tim hatch he’s showing a lot of heart out there and
again it goes back to this might be their final game ever some of these guys
will play in college some of whom won’t they might be soaking in every last
second of you know putting on the pads putting on the helmet enjoy this check
out Thornburg first he avoids the sack he eludes that and then he takes off on
a big run and how can you tell a kid like that we don’t need to score you
know it’s you know I mean we’re winning by whatever you want them to finish up
oh he wants a touchdown yeah Thornburg to the end zone
miscommunication yeah nobody on the other end that was number 4 Jaden
Williams out of Centennial who’s listed as a defensive back but I think the I
ran him out there maybe they’re trying to get him a touchdown so we got several
receivers we got three to the right one to the left they’re still going for it
there they want to get one more in they want to get another guy a touchdown the
handoff Patterson inside the 10 rolls for two gets a couple more yards they’re
gonna spot it about the 8 yard line so second down from the 8 and we’ve got
less than a minute to play they’re gonna wind up that clock and the clock is
moving now under 50 seconds to go they’re gonna take another shot or two
of the end zone I can feel it Thornburg pump fake to the end zone and
that was Williams from Centennial and it is good Thornburg finds number 4 Jaden
Williams out of Centennial who’s been playing defense
but coach Logan ran him in there and now he’s got an offensive touchdown
you know you never know he might be showcasing him for somebody who’s
watching you know a college scout might want to say can we run him on offense
you know a lot of players the position they play in high school won’t be the
one they play in college so the touchdown by Williams here comes the
extra point you know it’s always kind of a wise decision if you’re the Riverside
team to load up on some of the Centennial guys right you can’t really
go wrong 31 seconds velasco’s extra point is good and it’s 35 to 7 so it has
been the Riverside County all-stars with 28 unanswered in the second half and if
you watch this again they’re just wearing them down and and the receivers
are little bigger than the defensive backs of San Bernadino check out
Williams sky to the DBS Tim Wow great catch in the corner of the end zone
presence of mine to have his a feet down great job we used to practice that play
when I was a kid in the streets of Detroit
you had to put your feet down on the curb before you hit the car is that how
it works and you didn’t want your quarterback to leave you out too much
that car would take you out would you go in the huddle and say I’m gonna run the
the old buttonhook guys right look for me yeah I’ll be open to the sideline
gotta stop that clock and these were parked cars by the way not moving thank
you for clarifying what I envisioned it III assumed the parked cars but yeah
you’re right if they were moving cars we weren’t that quick though I’ve seen you
move I know you weren’t that quick so we got 31 seconds to go it’s 35 7
Riverside County the kick by Velasco again fortune can’t bring this one out
it’s gonna run it anyways just for fun and what’s Kinsler do and he’s got like
a downfield blocker kids look who’s on the Riverside County team was running
downfield like he’s gonna pick up some blocks for fortune on the other team
yeah well they’re having a little fun with it now as time winds down and
that’s what it’s all about I mean 20 years from now we’re probably not gonna
remember the score but these kids are gonna remember individual plays and
their experience here at the all-star classic and I will remember my chance to
work besides the great pep Fernandez and Cullen Holt
one more time this year you’re way too kind now it’s been a great experience
all year had a lot of fun so 31 seconds to go after San Bernardino County
watches aired out a couple times right let it fly look at those defensive
linemen from Riverside though they’re ready pressure again oh yeah Herrera
finally gets rid of the football to fortune he’s cutting back across the
field fortunes still on his feet across the 20 he wants to make a play here
trying to get forward for a couple more yards pushed out across the sideline
around the 27 yard line you saw that block there in the
backfield that’s a good block and that should do it
final seconds tick off the clock and it is final from Grand Terrace High School
as the Riverside County all-stars defeats San Bernardino County by a score
of 35 to 7 Tim correct me if I’m wrong you we’re tied at 7 at halftime 28
unanswered by Riverside in the second half it started with that defensive
touchdown and then the floodgates open big win for Riverside County here in the
all-star game back-to-back wins going back to Centennial High School when Matt
Logan and the team won on their home field so big win here as Riverside
County in the red kins sporting good uniforms knocks off San
Bernardino County in the blue uniforms tonight so when you look at the local
legends the local coaching legends in this game
Barry Meyer out of RCC the head coach of the Riverside County team getting the
best of dick brew ik the former fo high and kaiser legend and the san bernardino
squad momentarily we will go down to the field we’ll hear from we’re hoping to
get the head coach would be Barry Meyer in this case and the most valuable
player I see the MVP trophy and the championship trophy down there at
midfield so we’ll we’ll wait for the official announcement so I kind of like
Wayne Thomas I’ll have to say you know what I’m gonna pull off one of my one of
my half of my head set here so I can see who they announces the MVP because Tim
we’re not privileged to that information quite yet they haven’t ran it up to us
so we’re gonna have to wait and see like everybody else if you’re watching on
Riverside TV who the Most Valuable Player of the 34th annual Inland Empire
all-star classic will be you’re right if they if they say Thomas out of San
Jacinto it just announced Riverside County and
congratulated them on winning the longest-running high school football
all-star game they each get a championship hat it’s
kinda like the Super Bowl right you know you put on the championship hat you pose
for the pictures you pose with the trophy I’d like to get a hold of one of
those hats they look pretty sure I mean the
referees got a hat right so everybody everybody got a hat down there so we’re
gonna go down to Cohen Holton in just a moment and try to get some live reaction
from the field as the Riverside County all-stars are getting me celebratory
hats after winning the game tonight 35 to 7 and they’re posing for the pictures
and with the trophy as well because Tim going back to the fact that they’re
gonna remember this game for for a long long time and this whole experience with
practice you know all this week and getting to know some guys that maybe
they really didn’t know that well a lot of these guys they kind of shut down
when the season ended they had to reload again and get back into shape to play
this game because it’s a serious game this wasn’t just a fluff all-star game
like the NBA all-star game where they let people score and they each score 200
points this was a serious all-star game play for a lot of pride oh here’s the
MVP award they’re set to announce it as the train sounds the horn that that’s
real trained by the way I think they just named Kervin Jones at
a heritage so we were talking about a defensive player winning the Most
Valuable Player Award and it makes sense he had a defensive touchdown and he was
involved in a lot of plays and his play did change the action of the game it
changed the whole momentum of things and he was just an active player on the
defensive side today so big win 35 to 7 I see a lot a lot of kids out there on
both teams Tim you know taking photos and pictures with not only their
teammates on their high school team but guys just on their all-star team that
they got to know this week through the all-star banquet and the practices that
I was fortunate enough to coach a Riverside County basketball all-star
team once composed of Dwight Leonard Tony Snell on the same team and it was
an incredible experience and you spend a little bit of time together and he
formed some bonds so it’s a great experience all the way around all right
we’re gonna toss it down to Cullen Holt who has live reaction looks like he’s
with head coach Barry Meyer Cullen take it away we’re here with coach Barry Meyer in
coach 35 to 7 talk about the effort of a defense that came together in just four
practices it’s amazing like I said the banquet last night just a great group of
young men not only did they represent themselves but they’re their schools in
the community and just very very happy to work with them very proud of coach
talked about in office do we move the ball up and down the field with everybody because you mentioned a great
group of players talk about a great group of coaches some real legends
including yourself what was it like to be able to coach alongside them again
well when I was contacted about coaching the game I said if I can pick Matt Logan
and Dan and his staff and then added some of the other coaches I just tried
to surround myself with great coaches and stay out of their way and that
worked out well the crash went smoothly all week and and it was really an honor
for me to work with such a great group of coaches awesome coach thank you so
much congratulations Irving Jones is around here somewhere
the MVP for tonight but for now back to you guys all right great stuff Colin we
appreciate it yeah yeah Barry Meyer of the winning
team tonight the Riverside County all-stars we’re gonna try to go back
down and get the MVP as well as they’re still taking a lot of photos
Tim this is an opportunity that family members don’t want to miss they’ve got
to make their way down from the stands and they run out there because they want
to get these photos that will you know instantly go to Instagram Twitter
Facebook all those social media platforms too because they love to to
share this experience that they’ve had at the 34th annual Inland Empire
all-star classic the game of a lifetime for some of them and for the families
especially like we said earlier these are the parents and the siblings who’ve
driven them to games they’ve traveled you know they’ve done all these
different things alright let’s go back down to Cullen Holtz he has more he has
the MVP curve in Jones out of heritage Cullen MVP of the game now rumor has it
when you scooped that ball up and scored in the first half that was your first
touchdown ever yes sir how did that feel for you it felt great you know like the
atmosphere everybody’s just coming up to me it just felt good I love celebrating
with my brothers like we all came together in one week I love these guys
I’m like I’ll cherish this moment for everyone like everyone I love these guys
one last ride in high school football great group of coaches really just a
bunch of legends what was it like be able to play for them it felt good like
the coaches know what they were doing every time we came out we just listened
to everything they had to say came out we get the job John you personally had a
great game with this defense allowed just seven points against the San
Bernadino all-star team with all kinds offensive studs talked about the effort
of the defense the defense aside we just came out
pounded offense you know it just came out there looking like dogs every single
down never gave up and I just love the spirit I love the animal in them love my
guys kirpan thank you so much congratulations getting MVP in your last
high school game that’s awesome thank you back to you guys Pepin Jim all right
excellent stuff as always Cullen down there congratulations to kurvin Jones
the MVP from a heritage high school and again it was so balanced tonight
offensively we had a feeling Tim that the MVP might go to a defensive player
absolutely the defense is dominated even though there was a lot of big numbers on
the offensive side if you said they came up with several stops in the red zone
and we had a lot of names coming up over and over and over Kirkman Jones being
one of them congratulations to him and he changed the tide of the game well I
know a lot of players now posing with a championship trophy if you play for the
Riverside County all-stars 28 unanswered points in the second half to get the big
win tonight at Grand Terrace High School 35 to 7 let’s take a look at some of the
action in this one because it was it was a fun one it was close and again we had
a lot of big plays just you know we didn’t have a lot of points to show for
it at least in the first half in the second half Riverside County doing
enough to really pull away late in this one I know we’re gonna look at the final
score and see 35 to 7 but I feel like it was it was closer than that absolutely
and actually I would think the San Bernadino kind of dominated the first
half offensively they were moving the ball back and forth and then Riverside
just kept making stops at the opportune time and then they kept it right there
at 7-7 then second half that defensive play opened things up and the floodgates
open and Congrats the head coach Barry Meyer coming out of retirement and and
getting the big win tonight it was a fun-filled game here was the first play
from scrimmage the double pass and Mosley out of Notre Dame High School
goes in for the touchdown we thought well the seats were still cold oh we
thought we are in store for a wild game here the field goal attempt no good and
they keel on woods out of Indian Springs that come to find out this would be the
only San Bernardino County touchdown of the game as woods goes in for the score
we are tied seven and a half and there’s curve and
Jones look at the Motorin Jones goes in for the touchdown here Velasco try to
very deep I think we calculate what 46 47 yards just a little bit short from
Alaska and then caveat II Patterson out of orange vista goes in for the
touchdown durian coal from Moreno Valley he added a touchdown on the ground and
you can see this riverside county lead began to grow and that’s how we get to
this 35 – 7 is the final score from gran Terrace high school Tim it’s been a
pleasure it’s been a lot of fun tonight it’s blast I appreciate you giving me
the opportunity to work with the staff here and a great game to watch – and a
big thanks to Cullen Holt down on the field we’re gonna wrap things up from
Grand Terrace high school as the Riverside County all-stars are still
celebrating on the field as they win the 34th annual Inland Empire all-star
classic by a final score of 35 to 7 for everyone at Riverside TV in the City of
Riverside we appreciate you tuning and make sure you like the Facebook page and
subscribe to the YouTube channel because they do a lot of stuff beyond sports a
lot of cool things at Riverside TV my name is pepper Fernandez and we’ll see
you next time here on Riverside TV final score from Grand Terrace Riverside
County is your winner thirty five to seven good night everybody

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