Indonesia’s Biggest Football Stadium!! (Gelora Bung Karno Stadium)

Indonesia’s Biggest Football Stadium!! (Gelora Bung Karno Stadium)

dang bro the bridge looks even better at night look at this this is a nice Stadium right here bro this is the gas filler procedure for the motorbikes right here [Music] no no you’re like hot dude indonesian said you didn’t like hot but yeah i just got a bunch of got a bunch of hot sauce in my bike because I went to ABC and they gave me three bottles but I haven’t tried it out only 27 so that’s two dollars for the full tank we’ll ask me about a week crazy good prices what you call rush hour in the city also golden hours nicely and we’re going through the buildings let’s do it [Music] look at all this traffic [Music] well this is like some New York City or Los Angeles traffic right here I’m new Jakarta was crazy but then no be equal to LA or New York it’s pretty dope though being on a bike this is why you get on a bike just look I can just go through a little bit easier than the cars you know cars are rock bikes are sand and you can just filter through on a bike [Music] look at this the main hall as well right here it’s called brand Indonesia I’ll probably go there after I go to the stadium [Music] [Music] uh-oh I’m in the rush-hour people now I was just in the trap and now I’m here outside the National Stadium should be cool man and this is the nicer part of town I think this bridge is super well built super well bill as if I know how to build a bridge but it looks really nice he’s good up through the people here here’s the bridge the architecture is nice and it was made for the Asian Games which is something like the Olympic Games for the region of Asia this is a nice scene talk about your car to traffic look at this [Music] yeah so I just rode my bike all the way through here my Airbnb is on this road boom boom boom and motorbikes is always man gets you through faster in a car I said it would take 40 minutes on my bike you don’t start one pack yet all the stadiums is lit up so this guy named Joe Cardinal he was the first president of Indonesia correct me if I’m wrong gate is just straight wide open lots of people just jogging around the stadium I’d say this is something America should take from Asian countries if in America they open the professional stadium some people just come and run around on the weekends a lot more people in your city would be healthy and it’s just dope let’s see if we can actually get inside this is a nice stadium right here bro look at this so this is where Parsi jie one of the most famous professional soccer teams from indonesia plays and that’s a nice feel right there I’m gonna see if I can go down there to fly the drone maybe you guys can see it better [Music] I just got out of the stadium hope you like that drone footage and guess what all these people are running and then this one guy was running looking at me like this and I was like why I’m just kind of looking at me and then he said Khan watching the videos what’s your name he thought low and you live in Jakarta how Valley of Jakarta so you live so you switch you work in Bali and Ricardo yes it looks like you come here every weekend to work out that thing every weekend starting this weekend but this is a place all nice well I don’t know where my where your office crew is yeah dude so it is actually popular for people to come here and run all the time yes yes basically yes good these people coming for because this you know all these yeah this is the business district so they have they take a break and they work out yes that’s dobro stadium legit located right near the downtown district so like my boy said people that work and a lot of other people from around the city will come here and do workouts with their friends just have a good time man it’s cool to see cities how the local people use it because now I feel more like Jakarta is my home I feel like Jakarta is another place where I can come back and I feel comfortable because I know people here from Airbnb I’ve met a lot of you guys and you’ve welcomed me in and I’ve seen what you guys do on a daily basis I want to come back I will know where to go and what to do [Music] all right my pondering for this video I just watch the trusses really nice bridge saw a stadium that’s brand new and a lot of these old there are a lot of these buildings look at that one our brand new looking all nice and I was just thinking and it was a profound thought at least to me so maybe it would be like to you the things that work in life the best things to be will never get old and I mean the things that are the most importance will never get old a lot of times we just update the outside of everything to make it look new but in reality the building is the same all right as long as it’s standing and it can hold offices where people can work that’s what it’s meant for it’s not meant to have all these life hey Jesus O’Connor oh yeah more people watch the videos that’s dope but what I was saying is the structural integrity of the building is the most important because that’s the job it was meant to do and I wanted to relate it to people so for us the best qualities to have as a person the things that you think about all the time love hope loyalty courage being somebody who others can count on helping other people so these are the structures of a human being that make the human good but a lot of times we like to dress the outside and say oh I wear a lot of nice clothes or oh I have a lot of money and then people mistake people get confused as to what’s most important and we have to get back to the basics being a good human being like a building being a good building is one that has a solid foundation and good structural integrity that allows the people inside to do what they need to do a good human being is one that has a solid foundation with good structural integrity like courage and morals and values and respecting other people and taking care of their family and it does not matter what it looks like on the outside if it has a bunch of lights or if it’s a bridge that looks really nice it matters that the bridge is standing and that people can walk across that’s pretty much it so if that made any sense to you just know it doesn’t matter what you wear it doesn’t matter what you look like and what people say about you it matters who you actually are I don’t know if the video is over if the video is over then that’s what I’m going to end on boom baby let’s go [Music] congratulations about friends you have made it to the end of the video if you like this type of content please subscribe if you want to follow me on social media and other than that I hope you guys have a great day and a great life I’m not gonna be able to meet all of you guys but if I could tell you one thing that is the most important thing that I have ever found in my life it’s this and I talk about it on my other channel you can check it out in the description I believe in Jesus Christ I believe that God had a son that died for us I believe that living according to the laws of the Bible is the best you could possibly do and this is where my joy and energy and faith and hope and peace and love come from absolutely without question and I’m trying to share these values with the world the only reason that I have this is because I found Jesus Christ a few years ago I started living according to how he said pretty much in the Bible and my life has changed dramatically from one of fear and doubt and worry I obviously still get these things now you know it’s normal but now I am filled with so much passion and purpose that it’s unbelievable and I want to share that with you guys to link in description for my other channel I’m not a preacher or anything I’m just a normal dude like you but if you need some encouragement I would encourage you to check out the channel that’s it end of the video y’all have one life remember to go for it it’s crazy you are living right now one day you won’t be so I would consider things before you don’t have breasts anymore that’s it I’m talking too long it’s the end of the video if you want to see more just subscribe peejoe [Music]

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  1. This is your daily dose of Recommendation

    Ini adalah harian Rekomendasi

    Gelora Bung Karno

    Also, did you forgot to click lock your helmet?!

  2. As a Bekasi resident, a city next to Great Jakarta area – which its traffic is horrible too, I always got my gastric acid thumps up to my throat after every traffic jams I experience. Dang!!!! It isn't nice view AT ALL!!!

  3. Org bule sangat menjunjung tinggi adat istiadat setempat dan sangat ber etika…. terima kasih atas kunjungan dan pujiannya

  4. Di saat orang luar Indonesia membanggakan pembangunan dan keindahan negara tercinta ini…
    Lalu ada beberapa orang yg lahir dinegara tercinta ini menghina negaranya sendiri, pembangunan di Indonesia dan menghina presiden Indonesia ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” inilah yg membuat Indonesia lambat untuk jadi negara maju ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

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