India’s 1st ever football Match in Ahmedabad | INDIA vs TAJIKISTAN | The EKA Arena transstadia

India’s 1st ever football Match in Ahmedabad | INDIA vs TAJIKISTAN | The EKA Arena transstadia

chhetri going to hit the ball and now chhetri’s coming forward Hello, Good Morning and welcome you all to the all new episodes of JK Vlogs So hope you all are doing great and yes finally the day has come that intercontinental cup is starting here at ahmedabad so today’s date is 7th july and there will be first match of indian team today so i already have my ticket bought online and i also have 3 extra tickets Guys, right now the time is around 6 and this is just the beginning and doing practice chants Now just think that people showing this much energy here outside then what will happen inside stadium Now just taking rest for some time because still 2 hours of chants need to be done in stadium so now let’s take a rest and we’ll continue later and here comes the Rutvij bhai So guys time right now is 5:56 and we will be inside within 2 hours now The excitement cant be expressed in words and lets ask him now so what do you think who will win today? See brother, our team india will surely win and tajikistan is also good team but our team is better and in this tournament if any team will win against india then it will be syria only Tajikistan would be easy today The match will be full of excitement thats for sure? sure……sure….. The match will be awesome and you guys already saw how the atmosphere here outside is created and this will not be like if India loose it will be silent and still this is practice chants and if we loose tonight still then it will loud and proud after that also because our love will not decrease, no matter win or loss this will continue this guys from blue pilgrims who showed this love came from mumbai, delhi, northeast and many other places who travelled here Guys, still here practicing chants and 1 hour more to go after sometime we will finally going in stadium and you can see here how much crowd has came together Guys, i’m finally here in the stadium inside and yes i was with blue pilgrims but i forgot to keep selfie stick in vehicle so had to go outside to put it in safe place and then to come again Thats why im little late here let’s go to that side where blue pilgrims are together and todays match is most awaited for me i was running while going out and to come back that’s why speacking slowly lets go to watch this match so guys time right now is 7:42 and still 18 minutes to go team is coming out soon but still preparation going on Guys,national team is out and national anthem also sung Now match is soon going to start guys, match started now and tajikistan did their first foul in 1st minute Guys, india got the penalty in the 3rd minute and sunil chhetri is taking the strike In 3rd minute only we got penalty you can imagine the feeling chhetri is now on strike and can he hit the goal or not? lets see and here chhetri’s coming forward and it’s a goal !! India scored the Goal Guys, 4th minutes are done and now scoreline is 1 for India and 0 for tajikistan and chhetri score that penalty and what a penalty taken it was Now tajikistan is on attacking and trying to cross the ball and the cross was saved by our players but dont know who saved that Game is fantastic still and 6 minutes are finished so 12 minutes are done and people here in transtadia trying to do mexican wave if its done successfully it will be delight to watch and here pass goes to rahul bheke and rahul bheke pass it to chhetri and ohh ! and chettri missed by just little bit distance Guys, 34 minutes are finished and Gurpreet singh sandhu did an awesome save 2 times Guys, 37 minutes and adil khan got injured because of foul done by Tajikistan But no card has shown to them and here udanta crossed to chhetri now chhangte pass it to rahul bheke and rahul bheke gave it to chhetri and goal !!!! Bro, how was the Goal?? it was beautiful, sexy & best goal i live it for the second time second goal for indian international team and words cant be expressed thats how the feeling this is my first match for sunil chhetri Guys, the 1st half ends there and scoreline is india 2 & 0 for tajikistan Both goals scored by sunil chhetri what a goals it was and one was assisted and the second goal was awesome Guys, 2nd half started now and now gurpreet singh is on our side and tajikistan is on opposite side now Now it will be more fun to watch and now im here with sareesh in stands Time now is 51′ minute and drizzling of rain also started and tajikistan missed a chance and mexican wave started again Guys, now time is 54′ minute and tajikistan got the corner lets see if it gets saved and here they took the corner and oh ! tajikistan missed it just a little bit Guys, 56′ minute and tajikistan finally scored against us Guys, 59′ minute and tajikistan scored the second goal also now india 2 & tajikistan 2 now the match gets more excited because 2 goals scored by both teams We need hatrick… sunil chhetri please score Tajikistan taking corner there Gurpreet singh saved the goal 64′ minute and tajikistan did the rough foul and goal missed by us time right now is 64′ or 65′ minute Guys, 71′ minute and tajikistan scored their 3rd goal also now unfortunately Now india at 2 and 3 for tajikistan Guys, unfortunately again tajikistan scored and now tajikistan 4 and India at 2 Guys, 79′ minute now abdul sahal is out and rowlin borges in match still 11 more minutes to go Hope 2 goals scored by our team If draw happens then it will be also enough guys, 83′ minute tajikistan tried to score a goal again but jerry saved it what a save…jerry..loved it Now, chhetri’s going out and joby justin coming in Guys, finally match ends here and at last tajikistan at 4 and India at 2 But still its a long journey to go so no problem because still other match are also there But still we love you INDIA Guys, unfortunately india loose but yes still we are proud of them that’s why we love you india we too So guys the match is finished now so everyone’s going home and i got here one die hard football fan also with me from highlanders brigade What’s your name bro ? I’m Gauridas so you had fun in todays match? You know hindi? yeah bro It was fun today. Yeah it was awesome and vibe was also great It was like i didn’t expected this much crowd in ahmedabad I didn’t thought that this much will be in ahmedabad It was really good here and people won our heart that’s for sure Our team also won our heart no matter we loose But no problem we are still proud of it because we proud of our team anytime Thank you bro. Hopefully we will meet again Hopefully we will reach finals then we will meet here at same place Then it will be fine too much Guys, the match has ended and our India loose India 2 & tajikistan 4 away team won the match it was bad luck but still match was awesome Because this type of match we never saw here in transstadia so lets end the vlog here and if you enjoy this video then don’t forget to hit that like button and if you are new viewer then don’t forget to hit that red subscribe button And here my friends are still together you can see so let’s end the vlog here Tata, goodbye, see you and do whatever you want to do

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  1. Hi bro,
    We already booked 2 tickets
    Nd only one name show in ticket.
    So any face problem in gate?
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  2. Really wonder Indian football getting good support from Ahmadabad😍 why you dont have ISL/I league club though you have good stadium and support

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