Indians Try Baseball For The First Time

Indians Try Baseball For The First Time

– If you guys ever come to
India and see a guy wearing a full baseball kit, complete with a cap, there’s a high possibility
that he’s an Eminem fan, he has nothing to do with the sport. – If you were a kid born in the ’90s, your first option as a
career would have to be to become a cricketer. – Cricket has a bit of class. – There’s more variety,
there are more options. – I really like it because I love making contact to the balls. – I’m pretty bad at
cricket, so I think I’ll be quite bad at baseball as well. – I don’t know much about baseball, but– – It’s like a big deal in the US. – I would assume it’s
a really tough sport. – I just know you hit the ball and you go across the diamond, through bases. – You just have one guy who’s chucking, the other guy’s hitting. – You have to hit it
and run, no matter what. – The bat’s pretty tiny. – The ball is lighter
than the leather ball. – I’ve heard that baseball
pitchers can pitch up to like 100 miles an hour or something. – What do you call the wicket keeper? It’s not a wicket keeper,
they’re very funny gloves. – After playing cricket for
like a good eight years, I really don’t think that
it’s going to be a problem. – I think it’s gonna be fun. – It’s going to be pathetic and shameful. – You can make it to B-team of Yankees, or the Red Sox for sure. – I have a feeling this is
not gonna work out all right. – I feel like a construction worker. – So how do I hold it? – Thanks baseball people
for making this helmet biased against people with long hair. – Ready for baseball. – Come on! – You know what, I’m just
gonna do this without it. – I’m scared because in cricket
we wear a lot of protection. – I can totally kill this man. – Hell dude! – What the f–? – There’s no bounce, like I don’t know where to start hitting you know? – Probably because we aren’t
playing on a proper pitch it’s not getting that feel
where you just hit and run for your base. – And then I run right? Leave the bat and run? – So this game clearly isn’t
as easy as I thought it was. – I am killing this! – It’s easy to connect. – To connect it’s a f– effort. – OK that touched. – Yeah! – He had that one coming. – Whoa! What’s the date today? I’m gonna mark it into my calendar. – Are you being specifically nice to me, or is this how it is? – He’s frustrated I’m telling you. – That was like two home runs man, easily. Come on. – Yo-ho-ho, my last
home run for this game. – So I just played baseball right now, and it was quite fun. – It was really, really
nice, like I loved it. – It’s not that bad, like
it’s kind of easy man. – I’m sure he was very nice to me, that’s why I could play. – Something which you see on TV is like, you’re doing it for the first time, and holding the bat and
shit, it was really nice. – I hope our little bit,
to you know try this out in India today kind of
encourages a few people to give it a shot themselves. – This is one sport
which needs to pick up, and which will pick up. – So I think baseball should
definitely come to India. It’ll give Indians something
else to obsess over other than cricket and
it’s so similar to cricket. – I hope I can give this another try soon.

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  1. U guys don't even understand basic play of the baseball. Yeah I can understand since baseball is the least favourite in india. But it was a good try though….. But for baseball u need better skill set to be atleast called a average

  2. Mene khub khela h, in rajasthan shekhawati area, baseball called "char kudia" (four marks). Same to same

  3. As someone who’s played baseball all there life and now play in college, it’s very dangerous to have someone play catcher without gear if someone is batting. It’s not the pitch you’re worried about, it’s a rip off the bat that will get you. You cannot react fast enough and I’ve seen it happen a couple of times where someone has tried to catch with no gear and they lost teeth or broke facial bones. At least put a mask on

  4. Maybe try competitive baseball next time. You know…. 9 players on the field, 400 feet dead center, 325 down the lines….. I want to see the results, not a BP pitcher throwing meatballs.

  5. Believe me in India that baseball bat is only used for group fighting…. Other than that maximum people doesn't know that is a bat and it's used in a game called baseball…😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. I got really confused with the title until i realized they meant ACTUAL Indians not the Cleveland Indians.

  7. Wow, they didn’t do badly at all for first timers. Though I guess playing cricket makes swinging a bat less of a new experience.

  8. the way cricketers hit six after six in IPL….if india starts playing baseball it will make USA run for home..

  9. Id like to see them hit a 90 mph fastball not a 60 mph fastball, like we are seeing. 10 year olds hit 60 mph in the U,S. Just stand in the box of a 90 mph fastball without running away, that's the hard part. this is a joke.

  10. I play baseball more than Cricket in video games it's kinda fun to play. I dunno why it's not in india. I hope that this game is really going to be fun when it's come in india.

  11. Long and curly hair boy …playing cricket for 8 years ….felt pathetic looking at him how he his holding the bat

  12. For first-timers they all did really well. This shows that while the body mechanics of swinging and throwing are different, the basic skill sets in baseball and cricket are similar. And I like they attitude of the tryers – all very positive and easygoing.

  13. I am Indian, I live in India and I love baseball. I watch MLB, my support goes to Red Sox and I really love it when they play with Tampa Rays or the Yankees. I also play the MLB based game, RBI baseball 19 on my android.

  14. I love videos like this, but there's sort of an inherent disadvantage to showing newcomers Baseball and Cricket. They're bat-and-ball sports with a very specific delivery motion for the defensive side. Getting moderate throws without the maximizing that comes from a pitcher's stance can make it come across as easier. Something goes when the person giving bowling deliveries is going easy. Helps them get into the sport, but it can give off the wrong idea at times.

  15. I played a junior varsity baseball game against a private school team full of Indian cricket players who transferred to baseball they hit like 6 homeruns and hit everything we threw

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